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Amblers FS008 Combat-style Black, side zip safety boot.

It has a steel safety toe cap and penetration-resistant, steel midsole.

The outsole is lightweight, cushioning dual density PU - this is also shock absorbing and antistatic. It can withstand 200C temperatures.

Thsi Commando- style safety boot is made with a water-resistant leather and fabric upper.

The lace and side zip (YKK zip) allows quicker and safer access while still giving you excellent ankle support.

The FS008 has a handy pull-on loop on back. It has a comfort Padded collar, tongue and lining.

It is ideal for harsh weather conditions.

Certified to EN ISO20345 S3 SRC norm



Cofra Police S3 Metal Free Safety Boot with side zip

Cordura is a high performing fabric, it provides durability and excellent resistance to tears and punctures.

Its durability is many times higher than nylon, polyester and cotton. Light,easy to maintain and quick to dry when cleaning.

Cambrelle, 100% Polyamide lining, breathable and abrasion resistant. It keeps your foot dry and comfortable, and warm .

Soft-Bed footbed is soft and comfortable polyurethane; the patters of the lower layer guarantees shock absorbing action and excellent grip

The upper absorbs perspiration and leaves the foot always dry.

100% Metal Free

Top return Composite Toe Cap resistant to 200j, non magnetic, great in secure areas where metal detectors are used.

Complies to EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 HRO SRC



Honeywell Bacou Magma 6246151 Black Leather Side Zip S3 SRC Safety Work Boots

Water-resistant, full grain leather upper, lined and reinforced with padding.

Padding to protect the ankle bone against lateral shocks.

Poromax® lining is a breathable, 3D absorbent and quick-dry interior lining.

Large pull-on loops and Lateral zip with built-in leather watertight bellow.

Non-metallic - 50% lighter than steel 200J SPACIUM toe cap in injected polymer.

Flexium anti-puncture midsole: non-metallic, made with high tenacity textile fibres is light and flexible.

Dual density polyurethane Outsole - PU 2D.

High slip resistance (SRC)- due to well defined cleat design, wide, deep and self-cleaning.

Honeywell Bacou Magma Side Zip S3 SRC Safety Boots conforms to: EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 HI CI SRC safety foorwear standards.


Was £68.61
Jallatte Jalarcher JJV28 Metal Free Toe Cap & Midsole Safety Boot with Side Zip Quick View
Best Seller

Jallatte Jalarcher JJV28 side zip, metal free, water-repellent safety boots.

The JJV28 Jalarcher is made from top quality materials: 2mm leather, Vibram sole, FleXtane pierce resistant midsole, Confort tech insole.

The Jalarcher gives you long lasting protection in any weather.

Padded collar with Pullstrap and retroreflective tape at rear – for extra safety.

These boots comply with the highest of safety standards and are certified to EN ISO 20345 S3.

Featuring ankle impact protection- a circular gel insert covering your ankle bone.

The Jalarcher has an odour eating, shock absorbing, perforated, anti bacterial, Confort Tech insole.

Lace and zip – for quick access and egress, yet with all the benefits of lace up ankle support. (to reduce twisted ankles).

The Jalarcher uses a unique Black leather upper for water resistance.

Metal Free: Composite safety toe cap & pierce resistant Composite midsole.

Vibram outsole which can withstand 300 Degrees Celsius; anti scuff toe protective toe cap. Ladder grip treads on the outsole

Excellent value for money.



Honeywell 6246221 Energic Men Safety Boots

Metal Free Boots with Side Zip

The Energic safety boots have a modern design, resistance to extreme environments and strong adhesion to all types of surfaces, also provide long-lasting comfort.

Dual density PU sole lightweight yet hardwearing and ideal for use in a variety of environments.



V12 VR620.01 IGS Avenger Safety Metal Free Side Zip Black Boot

High-leg safety boot combines a quick on-off zip-side and a non-snagging lace system to provide good ankle support and a fully adjustable fit.

A strong moulded scuff cap protects the vulnerable toe area, and anti-scuff heel protector increases the boot’s life.

Part of the new V12 IGS range, this boot features a rubber outsole inspired by tyre technology, the IGS sole unit features a unique hexagonal tread ensuring superior traction, ladder grips offering firefighter levels of safety and a re-designed heel strike pad delivering exceptional water dispersal and increased cushioning underfoot.



Goliath Groundmaster Combat Safety Boot

Combat-style safety boot provides top safety rating, great durability and superior comfort.

Water resistant full grain leather uppers and moisture wicking lining throughout.

Padded collar and tongue for more comfortable and firm fit.

Bellowed tongue will keep dust and debris from entering the boot.

All key seams double stitched for long life.

Steel toe cap protection tested to 200 joules impact and Steel midsole penetration resistant to 1,100 Newton.

Dual Density Rubber sole: exceptional abrasion resistance and ideal for environments where oils and solvents are used. Heat resistant to 300°C contact.

Goliath Groundmaster Combat Safety Boot conforms to: EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 CI HI HRO SRC.



Amblers AS995 Pillar Men Hi-Cut Safety Boot Metal Free Waterproof

Brown lace up safety boot ideal for heavy duty agriculture environments.

Full grain water-resistant leather upper with deep padded collar and gusset tongue.

Highly breathable waterproof membrane keeps feet dry whilst wicking sweat from inside the boot.

Thinsulate lining ergonomically designed for outdoor working conditions

A hardened TPU moulded wedge wraps around the upper at the heel, providing additional support and heel stabilising

Moulded scuff cap reinforcement for added durability

Side zip and pull on loop allows for quick changing

Composite toe cap protection tested to 200 joules impact

Penetration resistant composite midsole plate to 1,100 Newton

Removable Memory Foam Footbed

300ºC heat resistant rubber sole with front toe bump.

Energy absorbing heel


Conforms to: EN ISO 20345 S3 WR CI HRO



The full grain, Water Resistant Leather Upper provides a barrier to all weather conditions.

High lace up style with a robust YKK zip for a comfortable fit and reliable support in rugged environments.

Complete protection with Steel Toe Cap Resistant To 200 Joule Impact and Steel Midsole Plate Resistant to 1.100 N Puncture.

Desma ® direct injected PU/Rubber outsole for supreme grip and energy absorption.

Heat Insulation and Padded Collar.

Fuel and oil slip resistant Double Density Polyurethane/Rubber Outsole.

Conforms to: EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 HRO SRC



Roots RO60304 Cherokee 9" Side Zip, Black Safety Boot

The Multi-layer, lightweight fibreglass 200J Toecap & Midsole gives you full protection, but keep boots lightweight (composite safety toe boot).

The technical insoles are top quality, made from breathable, absorbent material - giving you superior user comfort.

The outer sole is also slip resistant - lowering the chances of any incidents. The outsole has ladder grips.

The reinforced scuff cap also helps prevent accidents.

Used widely in the oil and gas sector, as well as construction sites: the side zip and lace combination gives you excellent ankle support, and quick access.

Manufactured with a Dual density PU outsole that is heat resistant up to 170°C.

Conforms to EN ISO 20345 S3 Safety Standards.



Leopard II Side Zip S3 Safety Boot

Leopard is a zip and lace, high leg boot.

It makes the perfect alternative to the traditional rigger boot - as the zip gives easy access and the lace gives best ankle support.

It has a high bellows tongue and padding - to keep out dirt and extra comfort.

Moisture-wicking lining for daylong comfort.

Grain leather upper and Nubuck is used for tough, supple uppers with good breathability, comfort and long life.

Fibreglass wide fitting safety toe caps and Composite mid-sole protection


Was £79.99
Amblers Safety

Amblers FS008 Hi-Cut Side Zip Safety Boots

Hi-top safety boot with steel toe cap and midsole protection.

Water-resistant leather upper and dual density PU sole.

Secure fitting lace-up front with quick access side zip.

Superb traction passing SRC slip resistance tests.

Amblers FS008 Hi-Cut Side Zip Safety Boots conforms to EN ISO 20345:2011 safety footwear standards.

  • Penetration resistance
  • Antistatic
  • Water resistant upper only
  • Toe Protection
  • Energy absorbing seat region
  • Slip Resistance : On ceramic surface with 'soap' and on steel with glycerol
  • 21396-34269


    Unbreakable 8105 TRENCH-MASTER Ankle Safety Boot with Rhino ridge bump cap & kick plate.

    100% Waterproof, Metal Free safety boot.

    Side Zip for easy access & quick release.

    Penetration resistance midsole up to 1100 Newton, Anti-Static and Oil Resistant.

    Unbreakable TRENCH-MASTER: certified to European protective footwear standards EN 20345:2011 and S3 rating.

    Safety protection tested to 200 Joules impact composite toecap protection. Ergonomically designed and flexible, made using Full-grain Leather.

    Up to 300C heat resistant outsole! PU / Rubber Sole

    Trusty HyGrip Himalayan sole: SRC - Slip Resistance Outsole provides protection and balance, stability and more durability.

    Handy for use by security and airport guards



    Side Zip Waterproof Leather Safety Boots Sievi Solid XL S3 Steel Toe Cap ESD

    It has been become a proven favourite, since first adopted by BP on their North Sea rigs, over 10 years ago.

    Steel mid-sole resistant to 1100 Newton nail penetration, Steel toecap shock resistance 200 Joules and compression resistance 15,000 Newton.

    Water repellent Permair Protector upper leather, with fabric (rather than fur) lining on the inside. This gives it better resistance against oil and chemicals than normal leather.

    Excellent slip-resistant properties - Sole is resistant to oil, fuel and many chemicals.

    Antistatic design discharges the static electricity accumulating over the body. The tolerances of the resistor are100 kiloohms ... 1000 megaohms.

    ESD provides a safe and controllable method of discharging the static electricity accumulating over your body.

    The limit values of ESD footwear resistors are stricter than with normal antistatic footwear (100 kiloohms ... 35 megaohms).

    ESD can avoid damaging extremely sensitive electronic equipment.

    The FLEXSTEP sole structure designed by Sievi provides the footwear with good energy absorbency which prevents shocks from causing damage to feet knees and back.

    Used widely across North Sea rigs.

    Conforms to: EN ISO 20345: S3 & ESD standards.


    Was £92.72

    Sievi Solid XL+ Warm Fleece Lining S3 Side Zip ESD Steel Toe Cap Safety Boot

    Upper leather keeps its shape and is water-repellent. Its water resistance meets the requirements of the EN 345 standard. The reversed zipper is more durable than a traditional one and prevents dirt from accumulating on the zipper and footwear.

    Warm fleece lining and a felt insole with aluminium layer keep feet warm.

    Flexible FlexStep® sole that is anti-slip even in sub-zero temperatures.

    Steel midsole Prevents sharp objects from penetrating through the sole and its resistance to nail penetration is 1100 Newton.

    Steel Toecap Protects toes from falling objects and compression. Its shock resistance is 200 Joules and resistance to compression: 15,000 Newtons. It has an external toe scuff protector.

    Safety footwear equipped with Heat Resistance symbol can be worn in hot environments. The patent nitrile rubber sole withstands heat up to 300 °C.

    Footwear equipped with antistatic design discharges the static electricity accumulating over the body. The tolerances of the resistor are 100 kilo Ohms - 1000 mega Ohms.

    Light and snug ESD boots are a controllable and safe method of discharging the static electricity accumulating over your body. The limit values of ESD footwear resistors are stricter than with normal antistatic footwear (100 kilo Ohms - 35 kilo Ohms). Wearing ESD boots, you can avoid damaging extremely sensitive electronic equipment.

    Warm lining Footwear equipped with this symbol can be worn in cold conditions. The material keeping the cold out is lamb's wool /artificial material. In addition, part of the range is lined with effective Thinsulate® fibre.

    The sole structure designed by Sievi provides the footwear with good energy absorbency which prevents shocks from causing damage to feet, knees and back.

    Has a useful side zipper, for ease of donning, and extra safety.

    Sievi Solid XL+ Warm Fleece Lining S3 Safety Boot conforms to: EN ISO 20345 S3 ESD Safety standards.


    Was £99.70

    This Portwest boot has excellent slip resistance due to the PU/RUbber outsole.

    It also have ladder grips for climbing stability.

    This boot provides comfort and ankle support, all while remaining lightweight.

    It is breathable and waterproof to keep feet dry in various conditions.

    It Includes a YKK zip, padded collar, triple stitching, moulded footbed, wide fit, and padded bellows tongue.

    It conforms to EN ISO 20345 and IEC 61340-4-3 (CLASS 3) safety standards.



    Wenaas Oilmaster 2 Side Zip Safety Boot

    This is a lightweight, comfortable, yet highly technical ankle protection boot

    Thinsulate lining for warmth and comfort.

    It is unique as a zip/lace up ankle boot, in having Electro Static Discharge (ESD) for extra safety.

    A highly popular and comfortable lace up safety boot, by Wenaas.

    Heat resistant sole with small rubber grit/studs for increased slip resistance (Active-grip), non-metallic nail protection and toecap.

    Oilmaster 2 is ESD certified - protecting you if working in explosive areas and with sensitive electronics.

    MSF is an Ankle Protection System consisting of a pressure-balanced, protective red foam/gel against your ankle bone, and the shock absorbing material PoronXRD


    Was £70.33

    V12 VR620 Avenger High Leg Side Zip Safety Boots

    A high-leg boot VR620 Avenger is based on the best-selling Bison model.

    To ensure good ankle support and easy on-off - side zip with half bellows combined with a lace system.

    V12 VR620 Avenger incorporates a scuff cap for increased boot life.

    Unique slip-resistant flexible rubber sole is lab tested on multiple surfaces, Kennedy grating to ensure superb grip and stability.

    Light weight Safety Boot: composite toecap and midsole make it an ideal boot for a wide range of industries and environments including Rail, Utilities and Construction, Oil and Gas industries.

    Water resistant and breathable Upper made from full grain leather with reinforced stitching and bound bellows tongue edge for extra strength.

    Padded, moisture wicking and highly breathable Lining - warm in winter and cool in summer.

    Wide fitting composite Toecap with thermal insulating is tested to impact of 200 Joules.

    Shock absorbing footbed with air channels to wick moisture and reduce heat and odour.

    Flexible woven composite Protective midsole - resistant to 1100N.

    3D clever combination Sole is made of 3 densities of polyurethane and Rubber.

    Heat resistant to 300°C Sole, ensures high slip resistance with Multi-directional tread which ensures good traction.

    Conforms to CE Specification EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 HRO SRC safety standards.



    The Portwest FD01 Tractionlite S3 HRO, zip and Lace.

    The FD01 provides excellent ankle support and is extremely comfortable.

    This ,strong> lace and zip safety boot is Waterproof, breathable and lightweight.

    The PU/Rubber outsole gives superb slip resistance - so it can be worn in many different surfaces.

    It includes a YKK zip, a padded collar for comfort.

    Triple stitched seams; a kick off pad for ease of removal.

    This boot conforms to EN ISO 20345 safety standards.



    Wenaas Forma Oilmaster 1 Side-Zip Safety Boot

    Original Wenaas Oil Master 1 Offshore Safety boot - the best zip & lace safety boot for bigger feet?

    Lace and zip closure boots, full grain water resistant upper.

    Non-metallic, composite toe cap, which is 50% lighter than the traditional steel one.

    The full bellows tongue and the unique integrated ankle support system improves stability and safety.

    Nitrile/PU sole, L protection nail protection - Metal free, chemicals and oil resistant can also withstand 300ºC (1 min.) contact.

    Bump cap to extend safety and durability, Shock absorption in the heel area.

    Conforms to: EN ISO 20345, S3 protection.


    Was £61.66

    Amblers Safety FS994 Men's Safety Boot with PU coated leather, water-resistant synthetic upper, breathable waterproof liner.

    Hi-leg bellows tongue construction, padded mesh lining, Composite toe and midsole, protective toe guard and internal metatarsal protection.

    Reflective stripes, antistatic construction and energy absorbing heel.



    Roots Iowa Ro60303 9" Side Zip, Black Composite safety Toe boot.

    The Multi-layer, lightweight fibreglass 200J Toecap.

    Texon Midsole gives you full protection, but keep boots lightweight.

    The technical insoles are top quality, made from breathable, absorbent material - giving you superior user comfort.

    SRC slip resistant sole lowering the chances of any incidents.

    Used widely in the oil and gas sector, as well as construction sites: the side zip and lace combination gives you excellent ankle support, and quick access.

    Roots Iowa is heat resistant up to 300C.

    Conforms to EN ISO 20345 S3 SRC HRO Safety Standards.


    Was £100.74
    Pezzol Magellan 762 Men's Side zip S3 Waterproof Safety Boots Black Quick View
    Hurry – low stock

    The ultimate work boots, featuring the most advanced technological solutions such as IDROTECH® water resistant upper.

    BIO-ERGONOMIC® toecap for the best comfort, TXZERO® anti-puncture mid-sole and THINSULATE®.

    B400+PROTEX®linen ensures thermal insulation and full breath-ability.

    Extras include side zip with waterproof protection and padded tongue for extra comfort.



    Magnum Cobra 8.0 Waterproof Soft Toe Side Zip Boot M800484

    Magnum Cobra 8.0 M800484 Boots with side zip are a sturdy and hard-wearing footwear.

    MagnaShield leather and Denier nylon, designed offer excellent protection from the weather, as well as their non-metallic reinforcements providing a safe shell for your feet.

    Their unique hybrid Waterproof upper gives excellent water repellence, UV protection which over time will damage the integrity of the footwear.

    Magnum Cobra waterproof membrane inside the boots help to increase the threshold of the water-proofing, to keep your feet warm and dry.

    Magnum Cobra 8.0 Boots come with a sturdy contour moulded AVE Footbed and composite shank lending you that extra bit of support whilst working.

    Excellent slip resistance and much better fit adjustment.


    Was £62.30

    Cofra Off Shore S3 HRO SRC Safety Boots

    Manufactured with a water repellent leather keeping feet dry.

    The footbed is constructed from soft scented polyurethane.

    Exceptionally comfortable material, making the boots perfect for long hour days.

    Toe cap is resistant to 200 J, granting superior protection.

    The Toe cap and protective midsole are non-metallic.

    Cold protection boots, Insulated against low temperatures.

    The thermal comfort inside the footwear is granted thanks to the special polyurethane compound devised to give high insulation.

    COLD DEFENDER PU/nitrile rubber Sole - resistant up to +300 C and to low temperatures up to -25 C.

    Cofra Off Shore S3 HRO SRC Safety Boots conforms to: EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 HRO SRC safety standards.


    Was £59.66
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    Side Zip Safety Boots

    Side Zip Safety Boots

    Side Zip or zip and lace safety boots are the Future! Side zip safety boots give your feet the best ankle support (thanks to high leg lacing support); yet they have a handy zip to allow the wearer to get in/out of them quickly.

    Side Zip Quick Release: The side zip is a key safety feature: you can remove your boots easily, even when wearing gloves. If your boot gets trapped, the safety side zip allows your feet an easy exit. The V12 Vtech Defiant Black Side Zip Safety Boots is a perfect example of this.

    The side zip safety boots are almost as handy as rigger boots, but they are much better for your ankle: side zip safety boots like the have full ankle support (whereas with rigger boots and wellingtons you have the risk of twisting your ankle ? due to their loose fit).

    For us, they are a no-brainer: side zip safety boots are the future if you care about your own safety and health. Our range of side zip boots is extensive: the V12 defiant is Jallatte Jalarcher is arguably the best seller across the UK.

    the V12 Defiant is most popular on oil rigs, as is the Wenaas Oil master; The Sievi Solid XL Fur is the neatest, warmest and original side zip safety boot.

    The Caterpillar Supremacy is by name and nature the supreme side zip safety boot. It?s a lot of boot. Magnum Stealth Force side zip is mostly used by police and security officers.


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