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Jallatte Jalaska J0266: possibly the most popular, premium tan safety rigger boot in the UK

The Jalaska J0266 by Jallatte: it has a high density, cushioning, dual density PU outer sole. The sole is also abrasion resistant.

The sole is also hydrocarbon, oil and grease resistant.

The Softane comfort mid-layer sole gives you progressive shock absorption.

The AP23 natural tan leather upper is premium, 2.4mm full grain leather. It is 3 x times more oil and water repellent than standard leathers.

The Jalaska comes with a Steel Midsole and steel toecap. It is fully antistatic.

This is an iconic, premium safety rigger boot, used widely within construction & oil sectors, worldwide.

We also stock the fur lined version of this boot : Jallatte Jalartic Rigger boot.

Certified to EN ISO 20345 S3. Made in France, proven all over the world.


Was £92.89

Arvello Men Safety Rigger Boots Metal Free Fur Lined

Durable and reliable rigger boots, provide safety and comfort of use.

Featuring an eco-fur lining to offer better insulation against cold, they are also scanner safe and suitable for metal-free work environment.

Energy absorbing heel.


Dr Martens
Full grain water resistant leather, with resilient water resistant fabric (Enduralon). Non-metallic logo eyelets and fastenings. Industrial strength cord lacing. Cosmo HBR Waterproof Membrane and quilted B200 Thinsulate. Removable Smartmask PU Cushioned Polyurethane Midsole with a Smartmask Puncture Resistant Midsole. Heat Resistant to 300 degrees. Padded Collar. Padded Tongue



V12 Lynx Low Cut Metal Free Rigger Metal Free S3 Safety Boot

V12 Lynx Low Cut Metal Free Rigger S3 Safety Boot is made from a full grain supple cow hide water repellent upper.

Composite toe cap and midsole offers excellent protection that is also lightweight.

This boot is metal free making it very light on your feet, especially if its worn for long periods of time during the day.

It includes durable pull on loops, pneumatic back for comfort when flexing or walking.

Twin shock absorbing footbed is shaped to support and support the foot.

Complies to EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 HRO SRC safety standards.


Was £81.3

Beeswift Ctf28 Tan 3M Thinsulate Lining Rigger Boot

Manufactured with a water resistant leather upper keeping the users feet dry.

Oil resistant soil prevents/lowers the chances of any slippages.

Provides exceptional protection from impacts with a 200 joule steel toe cap & steel midsole.

Keeps the users feet warm with 3M Thinsulate lining.

Beeswift Ctf28 3M Thinsulate Lining Rigger Boot conforms to:EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC safety standards.



Amblers FS124 Unisex Pull On S3 Safety Rigger Boot

The Amblers tan safety rigger boot, fur lined, with steel toe cap is perfect for protecting the wearer in numerous working settings and environments.

It incorporates anti-static, slip resistant properties along with heel energy absorption for comfort during long periods of standing.

Manufactured from polyurethane dual density sole and smooth action leather upper, they are also water resistant.

Pull on loops make it easy to fit.

Complies to EN20345 safety standards.



Centek FS334 Unisex Safety Rigger Boot

These classic tan safety rigger boots are produced using a tan leather upper.

Comes with side pull on loops.

Tough double density polyurethane sole unit which delivers good traction on a wide range of surfaces.

Perfect for use on construction sites these unisex safety riggers are ideal for both men and women in the workplace.

Toe protection is provided by a safety steel toe cap and steel midsole which is designed to protect the underside of the foot from penetration of sharp objects.

This boot also includes faux fur lining for extra comfort.



FS209 Amblers Water Resistant S3 Safety Rigger Boot

FS209 is a water resistant safety rigger with steel midsole and toe cap.

Benefits from its functional draw-cord and easy adjustable cord-lock, stop water-drops and debris getting in to the boot.

The hard wearing double density polyurethane sole extends to offer bump cap protection against abrasion and the upper is protected at the heel.

The sole is antistatic and delivers first-class energy absorbing qualities in the heel strike area, decreasing daily foot-fatigue.

Large unisex size range.

ISO20345 safety standards



Amblers FS143 Men Steel Toe & Midsole Safety Leather Rigger Boot - Tan

Amblers FS143 is a safety rigger boot with steel toe and midsole that is both slip resistant and anti static.

This full grain leather boot is waterproof and oil resistant, and conforms to ISO20345:2011 standards.



V12 Tomahawk Waterproof S3 Safety Rigger Boot

V12 Tomahawk Waterproof S3 Safety Rigger Boot has a tan vintage leather rigger boot with triple stitched seams.

Thinsulate lining is a temperature control material which is designed to keep feet warm even at -20°C and cool in hot climates.

Steel midsole, prevents sharp objects from penetrating through the sole, resistance to nail penetration is 1100 Newtons.

The pull-on loops are heavily reinforced for strength..

The new rugged ankle support/protector and padded ankle help to provide stability.

Heat resistant up to 300°C for 60 seconds.

This boot comes with a waterproof, breathable lining, to keep feet fresh and dry.

V12 Tomahawk Waterproof S3 Safety Rigger Boot conforms to: EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 HRO SRA safety compliant.



Amblers FS97 S5 Safety Rigger Boot

The Amblers FS97 Safety Rigger Boot comes with steel toe and midsole protection.

PVC sole with energy absorbing heel and wide tread for use on a wide range of terrain.

Comfortable faux fur lining and soft leather rim with leather pull loops.

Ribbed metatarsal and heel protects the upper foot and heel area.

Resistant to many different minerals such as vegetable oils and fats, animal by-product, manure, disinfectants and various chemicals.

Antistatic construction.



Amblers FS95 S5 Safety Waterproof Rigger Boot

Pull-on loops allow the wearer to put on or remove footwear with speed and ease.

Dual density ribbing on the upper provides added protection to the shin bone, ankle and heel where brambles or debris can be hazardous.

Steel Toe Cap protection tested to 200 joules impact and Penetration resistant midsole to 1.100 Newton.

Warm-lining suitable for cool conditions or high activity levels. This degree of insulation would best serve those participating in activities that are more rigorous.

Material: PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride is a water resistant polymer, simple to wipe clean.

Outsole resistant to minerals, vegetable oils and fats, animal by-products, manure, disinfectants and various chemicals.

Resistant to 90°C heat, oil, low concentration acids/ alkalis and solvents.

Amblers FS95 S5 Safety Waterproof Rigger Boot conforms to: EN ISO 20345 S5 SRA.


Amblers Safety

FS90 Black Rigger Safety Boot from Amblers with impact and compression resistant steel toe cap.

Anti-static rigger boot with an energy absorbing heel.

Amblers FS90 rigger/wellingtons are made with waterproof PVC upper.

Safety Amblers footwear comes with penetration resistant steel midsole.

Slip resistance SRA standard for resistance against slipping on ceramic surfaces covered with water and cleaning products.

Textile lined boots for extra comfort, will keep your feet warm whilst working outside.


Delta Plus

Devon Fur Lined S3 Safety Rigger Boots from Tiger Steel

Tiger Steel popular style rigger boot offers outstanding protection and value for money.

These hard wearing S3 Safety Riggers are extremely comfortable and versatile.

The fur lining traps in heat and the thumb straps to top of boot allow for easy donning.

Steel toecap and Pierce resistant steel midsole come as standard.

Energy absorption of seat region, dual density PU outsole.

Tiger Steel Devon Fur Lined S3 Safety Rigger conforms to: EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 WP safety footwear standards.


Was £38.92

Sterling Apache AP305 Brown Leather Safety Rigger Boots

The Apache AP305 is a top of the range, safety rigger boot.

Made from oiled leather, these boots offer maximum water resistance.

Padded ankle area and TPU heel guard for stability.

Dual density polyurethane outsole with anti-scuff toe guard.

Steel toe caps, steal mid-soles and a padded ankle region ensure your safety.

S3 and WR, SRA rated, these Sterling Apache AP305 boots conform to EN20345:1:1993.


Amblers Safety

Amblers Safety AS249 Cadair Waterproof Rigger Boot

Hardwearing waterproof Rigger boot from Amblers Safety.

Rigger Boot with 200 Joules steel toe cap and Steel midsole penetration resistance 1100 Newtons.

Amblers Safety AS249 Cadair are made using fully waterproof Crazy horse leather upper.

Breathable waterproof membrane and moisture wicking mesh lining.

TPU oil resistant outsole.

PU scuff cap and anti-static and energy absorbing heel.



Amblers FS223 Waterproof S3 Safety Composite Boot

FS223 is a hardwearing industrial boot benefiting from a Goodyear Welt construction.

All-weather boot crafted with a fully waterproof Nubuck leather upper with leather pull-on loops.

Safety protection is given via a lightweight composite toe and midsole.

Features a rubber toe guard. Flexible, comfort padded upper.

Antibacterial footbed. Antistatic and energy absorbing rubber sole unit.



Cofra Castle S3 Safety Rigger Boot

Extra strong rigger safety boots in the classic tan colour with a faux fur lining to offer superb cold insulation: the perfect outdoor safety boots.

Eco-fur lining, highly insulating, breathable, abrasion resistant.

Pull-on loop allows the wearer to put on or remove footwear with speed and ease.

Rubber bump cap toe reinforcement for extra protection and duration.

Steel midsole penetration resistant to 1,100 Newton and Steel toe cap protection tested to 200 joules impact.

Evanit® footbed, made of EVA and fabric, antistatic, anatomic, holed. It guarantees high stability thanks to its different kinds of thickness in the plantar area.

Dual density PU sole lightweight yet hardwearing and ideal for use in a variety of environments.

Cofra Castle Cold Protection Safety Rigger Boot conforms to: EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 CI SRC standards.



Cofra New Tower Rigger Boots S3 SRC

Cofra New Tower is a tan rigger boot with water repellent, printed leather.

It is anti-shock, antistatic, slip resistant, and has protective steel toe caps and mid-soles.

Best suited to engineering & maintenance jobs and the building industry.

It guarantees high stability thanks to its different thicknesses in the plantar area.

Certified to EN20345 S3 SRC standard.



Amblers Safety FS142 Safety Rigger Boot

Amblers Safety FS142 pull-on safety rigger boot comes with steel toe cap and midsole protection.

The lined upper is fully water resistant, and the integrated scuff cap shields the toe giving a longer boot life.

The dual density PU sole means the FS142 is not only comfortable, but very hard wearing.

Water resistant upper keeps feet warm and dry.

Conforms to EN ISO20345 Safety Footwear Standards.



Rodo Blackrock Fur Lined SB-P Rigger Boot

Safety rigger boots, used widely within construction.

For extra comfort, the inside is lined with warm synthetic fur.

Black Leather upper triple stitched for extra strength and Fur Lined for extra comfort in cold weather.

Steel Toe Cap protection up to 200 joules and Protective Steel Mid-Sole.

Wide fitting safety boots with dual density PU sole lightweight yet hardwearing and ideal for use in a variety of environments.

Comfortable rigger Boots with fully moulded and removable insole.

Blackrock Fur Lined SB-P Rigger Boot complies with safety rating EN20345 SB-P SRA.



Portwest FT12 Men Steelite Rigger Boots Pro S3 CI HRO

Innovative rigger design, manufactured to the highest safety protection standards.



Portwest FT13 Men Steelite Rigger Boots Pro S3 CI

Innovative rigger design, manufactured to the highest safety protection standards.


Amblers AS1008 Unisex Polyurethane Safety Rigger Boots Cold Insulated

PU rubber safety boots with to -20ºC cold protection, fully waterproof and with full safety specifications.

Reinforcement added to critical areas to improve duration and impact protection.


Secor 45720P S1P Safety Unlined Rigger Boot Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Secor 45720P S1P Safety Unlined Rigger Boot - Tan

This Secor 45720P S1P safety rigger boot offers excellent value for money incorporating all the basic Unlined Rigger boot safety features.

The high leg tan full grain leather upper combines flexibility and durability.

This boot also offers the additional benefit of an External Scuff Cap for additional protection to the leather when kneeling down or where the foot may come into contact with abrasive materials.

Secor 45720P S1P Safety Unlined Rigger Boot come with Anti-static Dual Density Polyurethane Sole.

The shock absorbing cushioning dual density sole comes with Steel Midsole and 200 Joule Steel Safety Toe Cap.

Conforms to EN345 S1P European Standards.


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Safety Rigger Boots | Waterproof Rigger Boots

Safety Rigger Boots

A safety rigger boot is a particular type of pull-on boot, like a leather wellington, which is widely used in the United Kingdom.

The king of all the tan rigger boots is arguably the Jallatte Jalaska from sizes 4 - 14.

But if you want a brown, furlined rigger boot, we also recommend the Apache brown rigger boot

The "rigger" name comes from the fact that they were standard issue for workers on the offshore oil rigs in the North Sea. Nowadays rigger safety boots are worn by most types of manual worker as a general purpose work boot, because of the ease of donning and comfort.

Safety Rigger Boots popularity is increasing due to their practical pull-on system: normal safety boots have lace holes which get full of muck and clay when on site; also laces themselves can be a bit of a safety hazard sometimes (trip hazard etc.).

All our safety rigger boots are certified to meet the EN ISO20345 European and UK standards.

"The HSE banned rigger boots on construction sites" is an incorrect rumour that has circulated for a while.

Is it true? No. The HSE did not ban them.

Rigger boots comply with the required safety boot tests, EN ISo 20345. However, some house builders did ban them on their construction sites, as well as some shoe types, because they wanted workers to wear zip and lace safety boots instead.

Rigger boot buyer considerations:

1. Lack of ankle support: Rigger boots are loose fitting. That flexibility means there isnt great ankle support (vs a zip and lace boot which has excellent ankle support).

2. Open top of the rigger boot: This allows cement to fall into the rigger boot, causing abrasion and cement burns. The close top Ambler safety rigger is a safe solution; or A padded top rigger (such as the CAT Olton ) minimizes that concern.

Against that, and in favour of rigger boots are: the benefits of

1) easy donning and doffing - no laces to trip over.

2) the ability for rigger boots to be waterproof.

3) Many rigger boots are entirely metalfree!

Consider the waterproof rigger boots: the V12 Tomahawk waterproof Safety Rigger Boots and the Dunlop Purofort Rigair waterproof rigger boot or the Amblers Green Waterproof rigger boot and the Stanley Waterproof rigger.

For metal-free or non metal rigger boots, consider the V12 Lynx metal-free rigger boot

The choice of safety boot is almost entirely down to the individual - it makes sense to have closed top boots on building sites with falling debris - but rigger boots are still increasingly popular, EN certified safety boots.

Safety Rigger Boots have been given numerous upgrades and developments over the years, ensuring an even better choice of boot for construction work or the oil sector.

Leading Brands in Safety Rigger Boots

We believe we carry the best range (30+) of Rigger Safety Boots on the market, ranging from £22 up to £140, including the best-selling, proven comfort of the Jallatte Jalaska, as well as the all-terrain, Goodyear welted V12 Tomahawk rigger safety boots.

The Dr Marten's ladies rigger boot, the Rosa, is our ladies customers' favourite. As a ladies rigger boot, it combines all the characteristics of a safety rigger boot, but also with a stylish feminine design, premium leather, and cosy furlining for comfort.

NB Where you require an alternative to the rigger boot, view our side - zip safety boot category.


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