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Goliath FF210 Wildland Firefighter Boots - Black Quick View
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Fully water proof liner keeping users feet dry in any condition.

Steel midsole granting protection against punctures up to 1100 newtons.

Secure fit with a Zip up lace up combination.

Conforms to EN ISO 15090.



Tuffking 9684 black rubber fire fighters boots are used by many professional fire fighters.

This fire boot offers excellent protection required for front line fire fighting.

These fire boots can by used for many different fire kit applications.

Made from 65% natural rubber, 30% styrene butadiene rubber and 5% chloroprene rubber.

EN ISO 20345 certified.

Conforms to EN15090 F2IS and A29 UK Home Office specification


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Pioner Weldmaster Mens FR Coverall Welding Arc Sparks Resistant Cotton Overall

Pioner French Navy Arcmaster 7-WLD Coverall is made from 425g/m2 100% Cotton.

Designed specifically for welding work. Elasticated back waist. Two internal breast pockets, 2 side pockets and 2 back pockets.

Folding rule pocket and knee pad pockets. Suitable for industrial laundry and can be washable at 60C.

Pioner French Navy Arcmaster 7 Coverall WLD1043COV conforms to: EN11611, EN11612:2008, EN531, EN533 safety standards.


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Portwest Bizweld Moleskin Flame Retardant Welding & Grinding Coverall BZ40 Navy Quick View
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Portwest BZ40 Bizweld Moleskin Flame Retardant Welding & Grinding Coverall

The Portwest Bizweld Moleskin Coverall gives higher protection than the standard welders FR boilersuits.

Flame retardant coverall made of Bizweld Moleskin fabric, suitabel for wedling, grinding etc.

It has knee pad pockets which makes them very versatile.

The Bizweld Moleskin is a heavyweight (450gm) and gives additional protection against flame-related hazard: such as molten iron splash, static electricity and electric arc.

Fabric: Bizweld Moleskin 450g: 99% cotton/1% carbon (for antistatic).

Portwest Bizweld Moleskin FR Coverall BZ40 conforms to: EN IS0 11612 A1+A2, B2, C1, E3, F1. EN 1149 - 5 (antistatic). EN 61482-1-2 Class1. Static electricity and electric arc protection.



Great protection Work Pant from bulwark with flame resistant properties.

EXCEL FR fabric with great freedom of movement.

Interlined waistband with two slack style front pockets.

Bulwark trousers comes with two set-in hip pockets and left hip pocket with button closure.

PEW2 is suitable for Light Soil Wash and Industrial Wash.

Made from 9 oz. (305 g/m) Twill 100% Cotton and Conforms to Arc rating ATPV 10.6 calories/sq cm


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Portwest Bizweld Flame Retardant Welder Jacket BIZ2

A great choice for welders and any activity that concerns flame exposure hazards.

In this jacket you will feel comfortable and protected.

Features two chest pocket, stud fastening and a mobile phone pocket.

Fabric: Bizweld 330g, 100% cotton with a flame resistant finish.

Portwest Bizweld Flame Retardant Welder Jacket BIZ2 conforms to: EN ISO 11612 A1+A2, B1, C1, E1, FI. EN ISO 11611 Class 1, A1+A2.



Mascot Ternitz Navy FR 09004-142 Flame Retardant Anti Static Pyrovatex Shirt

Great protection Mascot shirts with flame-retardant and anti-static properties.

Pyrovatex treated fabric modern shirt with great freedom of movement.

Hidden press stud fastening and chest pockets with flap and hidden press studs.

Shirt comes with Pen holders and band on arm for e.g. a gas alarm.

Bellows sleeve closure and adjustable cuffs with button adjustment.

Mascot Ternitz 09004-142 Flame Retardant Shirt certified to EN 1149-3, EN 1149-5 and EN 531 (A, B1, C1). EN 533 (index 3/12 x 60C).


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Bulwark Classic Long Sleeve Polo Shirt - SMP2 COOLTOUCH.

It is suitable for Care Home Wash and Industrial Wash.

Great protection Polo Shirt with flame resistant properties.

Bulwark SMP2 shirt features rib knit collar and Raglan sleeve cuffs.

Three button knit collar and rib knit cuffs, one left sleeve utility pocket.

Made with breathable and lightweight 6.25 oz. Cooltouch 2 fabric containing 45% Modacrylic, 35% Lyocell and 20% Para-aramid.

Bulwark SMP2 Long Sleeve Polo Shirt meets Protection: Arc Rating Ebt 8.1 calories/cm HRC 2 NFPA 2112 certifications.


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Orbit International

Orbit MALSP Navy Flame Retardant Polo Shirt

The Orbit Neon Hydra-Flame Polo Shirt has Modacrylic fibres woven into the finished fabric.

This gives the garment the flame protection without the need for treatments or coatings.

Lightweight and comfortable it's ideal for working in places where sparks or flames are near.

Neon Hydra-Flame Polo Shirt with a 3 button placket is workwear featuring MOD acrylic fibres woven into the finished fabric, giving the garment the flame protection.

Orbit MALSP Neon Hydra-Flame Polo Shirt complies to EN340, EN 1149-1, EN1149-5 and EN ISO 11612:2008 safety standards.



Bulwark SMW4HV Hi Vis Flame Retardant Long Sleeve Workwear FR Shirt

Great protection 360 visibility Work Shirts with flame resistant properties.

Flame-resistant 235 g/m fabric with great freedom of movement.

2" Flame-resistant silver reflective striping on front and back.

Two-piece, lined collar and Lined cuff with button closure.

Bulwark SMW4HV shirt comes with sewn-in pencil stall and two chest pockets with button closures.

PEW2 is suitable for Home Wash and Light Soil Wash.

Made from Flame-resistant 7 oz. (235 g/m) 48% Modacrylic / 37% Lyocell / 15% Aramid Fabric.

Conforms to: Arc Rating ATPV 9.0 calories/cm, ANSI 107-2010 Class 2 Level 2 Compliant


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Shelby 5225 FDP Fire Retardant & Heat Resistant Leather Mens Firefighter Gloves

Outer Shell is made from Shelby Abrasion Resistant, Heavy Weight, Fire and Heat Resistant matereal, Pigskin palm & Gold Koala cowhide back.

Thermal Liner includes unique Modacrylic Fleece Laminated to Gore (PTFE) RT7100 Glove Barrier Fabric.

This barrier fabric is combined to the thermal liner, liner system is individually graded and produced in as many sizes as glove sizes.

Wristlet: Nomex 10.5 oz per yard, Double ply, 4 Wristlet. Wristlet sewn to liner, and then sewn separately to the glove shell.

Wristlet sewn to liner, and then sewn separately to the glove shell.

Thread -Sewn with high burst Strength Kevlar (30\5) lock stitch, 8-10 stitches per inch

Wristlet sewn to liner, and then sewn separately to the glove shell.

These Fire Fighting gloves meets the latest NFPA standards - 1971, Standard on Protective Ensemble for Structural Fire Fighting, 2013 Edition.


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These coveralls are designed for welding, grinding or foundry work.

They have coveNavy pockets to ensure that sparks dont enter and burn through the material.

They dont have exposed metal zips this prevents heat from being conducted through to your skin.

These welding coveralls are made of thick cotton drill and designed to withstand use in engineering or heavy metal workshops.

The cotton drill is treated with Proban to make it flame retardant.



These coveralls are designed for welding, grinding or foundry work.

They have covered pockets to ensure that sparks dont enter and burn through the material.

They dont have exposed metal zips this prevents heat from being conducted through to your skin.

These welding coveralls are made of thick cotton drill and designed to withstand use in engineering or heavy metal workshops.

The cotton drill is treated with Proban to make it flame retardant.



These coveralls are designed for welding, grinding or foundry work.

They have coveOrange pockets to ensure that sparks dont enter and burn through the material.

They dont have exposed metal zips this prevents heat from being conducted through to your skin.

These welding coveralls are made of thick cotton drill and designed to withstand use in engineering or heavy metal workshops.

The cotton drill is treated with Proban to make it flame retardant.



Pioner WLD1043COV Arcmaster 7 Flame Retardant Coverall Orange Size 36''

Pioner Arcmaster 7 Coveralls are proven premium quality and high resistance to arc welding sparks. For all types of welding and suitable for industrial laundry.

Elasticated back waist.

Brass swivel buttons

Two internal breast pockets

2 side pockets

2 back pockets

Folding rule pocket

Knee pad pockets.

Fabric: 100% Cotton 245 g/m

Machine washable 60C

Conforms to: EN ISO 11612, ISO 11611

Available in size 36 only



Sioen 3142A Ruapo Men FR Hi Vis Flame Retardant Polo Shirt

Hi Vis Flame Retardant and Antistatic Polo Shirt.

Long sleeve polo shirt in soft and comfortable fabric is resistant to flame exposure and provides exceptional visibility for added safety.

Fabric: 63% modacrylic + 24% viscose + 12% acrylic + 1% AST 280 g/m.

Sioen 3142A Ruapo Men FR Hi Vis Polo Shirt conforms to: EN 531:1995 A B1 C1 EN 533:1997 Index 3 5 x 60C EN 471:2003 Class 3-2 EN 340:2003.


Orbit International

Orbit International Callisto Spruce Green Flame Retardant Coverall

Fire retardant boiler suit with concealed stud front fastening, Comfortable and durable will keep you safe in the workplace.

Triple stitching on the front & back rise.

Orbit International Callisto FR Coverall fabric: 100% FR treated cotton - 320g/m.

Conforms to: EN 340:2003; EN ISO 11612:2008 (A1 B1 C1); EN ISO 11611:2007 (Class 1 A1)


Roots RO14690 Stormbuster FR Fleece Jacket Flame Retardant Reflective Bands Navy Size M Quick View
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Roots RO14690 Stormbuster FR Fleece Flame Retardant Hi Vis Navy Size M

Flame Retardant fleece, a perfect fit for any ROOTS garment.

Keep warm and stay safe.

The inherent flame retardant features resist several washing cycles

Flame retardant retroreflective tape

Central zip

Two front pockets with zip


Fabric: 60% modacrylic / 35% cotton / 4% nylon / 1% antistatic 300g/m

Machine washable 60C

Conforms to: EN 1149-5:2008 EN ISO 11612:2008 A1 B1 C1 D0 E0 F1

EN 340:2003

Available in size M only


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Flame Retardant Workwear | FR

Flame Retardant workwear and FR clothing

Our industry refers to Flame Retardant and Fire Resistant both as “FR” garments.

(This is a little confusing because technically a RETARDANT garment just slows down the spread of flame or fire; a RESISTANT garment kills the fire or flame (self extinguish). A retardant garment is usually a chemically treated material (such as Proban or Pyrovatex); a resistant material is usually inherently resistant – and made with inherently FR fibres such as modacrylics or aramids like Nomex.

Anyway, we supply them all, and all FR garments will protect you! Our FR workwear complies with EN11612 standard of protection against flame spread.

The most popular FR workwear garments are FR coveralls/overalls/boilersuits. Most of these are chemically treated cotton (Pyrovatex) and so are Flame retardant. These FR coveralls are used widely on oil rigs offshore, and by electricity power plants and utilities.

There are more expensive (but permanent, INHERENTLY flame resistant) coveralls, made of Protex, Indura, Aramid or, the best known inherent brand: Nomex. These inherently FR coveralls are made with manmade fabrics to self-extinguish. All of the above comply to the same Flame spread standard: EN 11612.

We also offer ANTISTATIC coveralls, which comply to EN 1149. Anti static (AST) is increasingly desired, as the carbon fibre grid (2%) in the coverall grounds any static charge build up. (You'd also need to wear Antistatic footwear - eg our antistatic footwear). 

If there is a risk of a high voltage electric arc flash (4KA +), we supply garments to ELECTRIC ARC standard EN 61482 and appropriate ear defenders to protect your eardrums from the loud arc flash bang.

For more intense, heavy duty grinding and welding, where there is a real likelihood of molten splashes, we stock welding garments, certified to EN 11611 welding and allied processes standard.

As the leading UK specialists in FR clothing, we have over 40,000 FR garments in stock (yes!), including FR  FR waterproof rainsuits, FR coveralls, FR jackets, FR trousers, FR shirts, FR Sweaters, FR flash hoods and undergarments.

Please do call us with your queries. 


EN533:1997 (is now superseded by EN ISO 14116:2008)

Protection against heat and flame - Limited to flame spread materials and material assemblies.

EN ISO 14116:2008 (successor of EN533:1997)

Protection against heat and flame - Limited to all flame spread materials, material assemblies and clothing.

EN531:1995 (is now superseded by EN ISO 11612:2008)

Protective clothing for workers who are exposed to heat.

EN ISO 11612:2008 (the successor of EN 531:1995)

Protective clothing for protection against heat and flame.

EN ISO 11611:2007 (the successor of EN 470-1:1995)

Protective clothing used in welding and allied processes.


Protective clothing - which includes Electrostatic properties. Part 3: Test methods for measurement of electrostatic decay.


Protective clothing - Electrostatic properties. Part 5: Electrostatic material performance and design requirements.

EN ISO 14116

This standard specifies the performance required for the limited flame spread properties of materials, material assemblies and protective clothing in order to decrease the possibility of the clothing burning and thereby itself constituting a hazard.

EN ISO 14116:2008
  • Limited flame spread
  • Tensile strength resistance
  • Tear strength resistance
  • Seam strength resistance
  • EN ISO 11612

    The performance requirements are applicable to garments which could be worn for a wide range of uses: eg where there is a need for workwear to limit flame spread; or where the user can be close to radiant or convective or contact heat or molten metal splashes.

  • Code A: Limited flame spread
  • Code B: Protects against Convective Heat - 3 levels
  • Code C: Protects against Radiant Heat - 4 levels
  • Code D:Protects against Molten Aluminium Splash - 3 levels
  • Code E: Protects against Molten Iron Splash - 3 levels
  • Code F: Protects against Contact Heat - 3 levels

    EN ISO 11612:2008

  • Dimensional change
  • Limited Flame Spread (A1+A2 specifications)
  • Convective heat B
  • Radiant Heat C
  • Molten Aluminium Splash D
  • Molten Iron Splash E
  • Contact heat F
  • Heat resistance
  • Tensile strength resistance
  • Tear strength resistance
  • Busting strength resistance
  • Seam strength resistance
  • EN IS0 11611

    This safety standard specifies the minimum basic safety requirements and test methods for protective clothing for use in a range of welding and allied processes (excluding hand protection).

    The international safety standard specifies two classes with specific safety requirements.

    Class 1 is protection against less hazardous welding operations which causes lower levels of spatter and radiant heat

    Class 2 is protection against more hazardous welding techniques, which causes high levels of spatter and radiant heat.

    EN ISO 11611:2007

  • Tensile resistance
  • Tear resistance
  • Busting resistance
  • Seam resistance
  • Dimensional change
  • Requirements of leather
  • Limited flame spread (A1+A2 specification)
  • Molten droplets
  • Heat transfer
  • Electrical resistance
  • EN1149:2008

    Is the European standard for protective clothing protection against the danger caused by static electricity discharge. This standard does not apply for the protection against mains voltages.

    EN1149-1:1996: Test measure for conducting fabrics.

    EN1149-3:2004: Charge decay test method for all fabrics.

    EN1149-5:2008: Performance requirements specification.

    EN61482-1-2:2007 (current) - (Identical toIEC 61482- 2:2009 (new)

    This European test method measures the fabrics and garment systems abilities to protect against the thermal effects of an electric arc event.

    The Two protection classes are :

  • Class 1 4kA
  • Class 2 7kA

    An electric ARC or blast as a result of a disruption or short circuit in an electric installation generates a sudden release of intense heat and light which causes serious burns, blindness or even death. This blazing bright electric discharge between two conducting electrodes

  • Lasts for a short time (0.5 sec, 1 sec and rarely >1 sec)
  • Develops a strong radiant heat (7000 C),creates physical forces, a pressure wave and generates pressure shrapnel
  • Generates a splash of molten metal particles or even produces vaporized metal
  • Up to 165 db noise level

    Superceded CLC/TS 50354:2003 (OR ENV 50354)

    EC 61482-2 specific requirements applicable to materials and garments (excluding) protection of head, hands and feet of protective clothing for electrical workers against thermal hazards of an electric arc. The requirements doesn't address electric shock hazards nor the effects of noise, UV emissions, pressure shrapnel or toxic influences.


    ARC in a secure box test according to IEC 61482-1-2. This test generates ARC exposures on low voltage service or maintenance conditions: switching boxes, cable distribution, distribution sub-stations, where the ARC is directed at the front of a worker at chest height. This test is performed on the fabric as well as on the complete garment.

    Two classes have been defined:

  • CLASS 1: short circuit current 4Ka
  • CLASS 2: short circuit current 7Ka
  • EN 13034:2005 + A1:2009

    Protective Clothing against Liquid Chemicals. Performance requirements for chemical protective clothing that offers limited protective performance against liquid chemicals (Type 5 and Type PB 6 equipment).

    This standard has the minimum requirements for the limited use and re-useable of a limited performance chemical protective clothing. Limited chemical protective clothing is intended for the use in cases of a potential exposure to a light spray, liquid aerosols or low volume splashes, against which a liquid permeation barrieris not required.

    This safety standard covers chemical protective suits (Type 6) and partial body protection (TY;e PB [6]). Chemical Protective suits (Type 6) cover and protects at least the trunk and the limbs, e.g. one piece coveralls or two piece suits, with or without hood, or boot covers. Partial body protection of similar limited performance (Type PB [6]) covers and gives protection to specific parts of the body. e.g. coats, aprons, sleeves etc.


    The ATEX Directive defines which equipment is allowed in an environment where an explosive atmosphere may exist. We would recommend using garments that are certified to EN1149 and EN ISO 11611 for added protection in an ATEX environment.

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