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Bollé RUSHDPI Rush Safety Glasses Clear Polycarbonate Lens

RRP: £16.27

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UPC: 3660740000097

Bollé RUSHDPI Rush Safety Glasses Clear Polycarbonate Lens

The panoramic and lightweight RUSH model offers perfect optical quality, permanent comfort and modern design.

Provide upper protection from the frame.

Excellent fitting for both protection and comfort.

The lenses have an anti-scratch, anti-fog coating, and the frame has anti-slip temples.

Resistant to low energy impacts and extreme temperatures.

The BOLRUSHDPI Rush Safety Glasses have clear HD lenses. This is revolutionary coating for exceptional clarity and light transmission.

The HD coating can be used for every type of job except those that require solar protection for industrial use.

Unlike any other lens, wearers forget they are protected by the HD coating. Its visible light transmission rate is 96% compared with 92% for conventional clear lenses.

Featuring a hydrophobic coating as standard, HD is a real polymer barrier and resists water and dirty marks

Weight: 25g

Supplied with an adjustable cord.

Conform to: EN166 1F/EN170-UV 2C-1.2

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