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Product Ref: EAREXPUC

3M E.A.R Express EX-01-002 Reusable Ear Plugs - Pair

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UPC: 4046719477531

3M E.A.R Express Ear Plugs

The Express Ear Plugs combines the benefit of slow recovery foam with the push-in convenience of a premoulded plug - the Express™ ear plug eliminates the need for rolling and touching, any concern of hand to ear contamination is greatly reduced.

Earplugs are reusable, and made from slow recovery foam.

They are quick and easy to fit and do not move or dislodge with jaw movement.

Insertion stem helps eliminate the need to touch the tip when fitting.

3M E.A.R Express EX-01-002 Ear Plugs are tested by INSPEC (9//94) in accordance with EN352-2 Safety Standard.

Sold in Pairs.



  • Easy insertion and removal.
  • Quick and proper fit.
  • Excellent attenuation.
  • SNR=28dB.
  • Not suitable for low frequency noise.
  • The insertion grip makes handling easier.

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