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Product Ref: E.A.R. CAP MODEL 200

3M E-A-R Headband E-A-R Caps Earplugs EC-01-000 SNR=23dB


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UPC: 4046719343614

3M E-A-R Headband E-A-RCaps Earplugs EC-01-000 SNR=23dB

The 3Mô E-A-Rô E-A-RCaps Banded Ear Plugs are one of the lightest semi-aural hearing devices on the market.

They provide day long protection for workers exposed to noise and are ideal as disposable protectors for factory visitors.

Round pod plugs that seal the entrance of ear canal thus making them more wearer acceptable

No need to handle the plug tip making them more hygienically acceptable

Low transmission noise through the band

Easily stored around the neck when not in use

Optimum attenuation for many applications

Easy to wash and clean

Pods can be easily replaced

Size: Unisex

Attenuation: SNR=23dB, H=27dB, M=19dB, L=17dB

Conform to: EN352-2

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