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Product Ref: DRS09HD

3M 4255 FFA2P3D Half Mask Reusable Respirator

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UPC: 4001895830907

3M 4255 FFA2P3D Half Mask Reusable Respirator

Provides against organic vapours with BP > 65C and water and oil based particulates.

Product limitations : 10 x WEL (Workplace Exposure Limits) or 5000ppm, whichever is the lowest for organic vapours and 20 x WEL for particulates.

Cleverly designed face seal, provides extra face grip preventing slippage.

Products boiling point is at 65C.

Low profile design for better peripheral vision and low resistance parabolic valve to reduce heat build-up.

3M 4255 FFA2P3D Half Mask Respirator approved to EN405: 2002 FFA2P3D standard.



  • Protects against Fine Dusts.
  • Protects against Organic Gasses.
  • Protects against Water Based Mists.
  • Protects against Vapour.
  • 65C Boiling Point.
  • Limitations : gases/vapours: APF-10xOEL or 5000ppm.
  • Non-Slip face Seal.
  • Reusable.

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