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Product Ref: DHW13MS

100 X Bungee Ties Flexities Elasticated Shock Cords 30cm-12" Scaffold Cover


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UPC: 7044112657908

Bungee Ties Flexities Elasticated Shock Cord Ties 30cm-12"

Multi Strand elasticated cords, with a high tenacity polyester cover.

These cable ties are suitable for short term usage in areas where the scaffold and sheeting isnt exposed to strong winds.

Designed to break at high wind speeds detaching the sheeting preventing potential dangerous risks.

Very economical choice, suitable for short term projects like jobs revolving around demolition.

Weather resistant, designed to endure against rain, winds and cold winter conditions.

The practical design means that its very easy to attach, due to its elasticated design and resistant piercing toggle.

Complies with the minimum requirement demands of the BS7955.



  • Multi strand Elasticated cords.
  • High Tenacity polyester cover.
  • Suitable for short term jobs.
  • Weather Resistant.
  • Practical Design.
  • Complies with BS7955.

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