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Product Ref: DGL128GL

Polyco Electrician Latex Insulating Gloves Class 3 RE3360 White


1 - Pairs


6 to 20 Pairs


21 to 50 Pairs


51+ Pairs


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Polyco Electricians Gloves are insulating gloves manufactured from non-conductive natural rubber.

Combining high dielectric and physical strength to offers excellent electrical resistance.

Class 3 mark is suitable for for maximum working AC voltage of 26,500V.

The Polyco Electricians Gloves are compliant to EN60903 safety standards.

they do need testing every 6 months.

The tests should include air inflation to check for leaks, a visual inspection while pressurised

Dielectric test in accordance with EN60903 standards to ensure these gloves meet the highest of safety standards.



  • Excellent electrical resistance
  • EN60903 live working gloves of insulating material
  • Anatomically designed to fit the hand
  • Polyco electricians insulating latex gloves of classes 1,2,3 and 4 must be tested every six months
  • Suitable for use in indoor and outdoor work
  • High level of grip and medium level of dexterity
  • Gloves should be stored in dry conditions

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