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Howard LeightHoward Leight

Product Ref: DEP25HD

Howard Leight 1006187 Bilsom 303S Uncorded Earplug Refill (Pack of 200 Pairs)


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UPC: 7312550061879

Howard Leight Bilsom 303S Ear Plugs Dispenser Refill Polybag

The right earplug should feel comfortable in the ear canal without compromising protection.

Howard Leight® Bilsom 303 single-use earplug gives the increased comfort that you deserve.

Bilsom® 303's unique foam formulation delivers both in-ear comfort and visibility with the introduction of the Leight Stripe™,

A skilled blend of yellow and white polyurethane foam that feels softer in both your hand and in your ear, but does not feel too tight in your ear canal.

It is easier to roll-down, and once inserted properly, resists the tendency to back out of the ear canal - ensuring a tight seal for optimal protection.

Its smooth, soil-resistant skin prevents the build-up of dirt on the earplug, promoting proper hygiene.

Plus, its distinct yellow end is highly visible outside the ear canal for compliance checks.

Supplied in polybag of 200 pairs (400 units)



  • POLYURETHANE FOAM Soft foam delivers superior long-wearing comfort and solid performance.
  • SOIL-RESISTANT SKIN Prevents dirt or other substances from accumulating on skin or entering ear canal.
  • Single-Use Earplug
  • Attenuation: SNR 33 H - 32 M - 29 L - 29
  • Conform to: EN 352-2:2002

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