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Product Ref: DEP02HD

3M E-A-R One-Touch Earplugs Dispenser

RRP: £53.19

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UPC: 4046719350605

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3M E-A-R One-Touch Earplugs Dispenser

3M One-Touch Dispenser is easy to use with a simple twist motion, the innovative 'no waste funnel' ensures plugs drop directly into the palm.

A permanent dispenser helps as a reminder to wear hearing protection and make 3M Earplugs readily available in noisy areas for full time users and visitors alike.

Unobstructed access from front or either side permits one hand operation by a clockwise or anticlockwise motion

Dispenser is easy to fix to a wall or other permanent position

Built-in catch plate prevents wastage

100% recyclable with all components marked accordingly

Easy to assemble and use

Holds 500 pairs of 3M E-A-R Classic, 3M E-A-Rsoft Neons, 3M E-A-Rsoft Blasts, 3M E-A-R Superfit 33, 3M Classic Soft as well as 3M 1100/1120 and 3M Solar Earplugs

Refill bottle NOT included. Refills available to purchase separately.

Dimensions: 21cm (W) x 28cm (H)

Weight: 800g

Disclaimer: please note the images shown are for illustration purposes only; the colours / logos may be subject to changes by the manufacturer.

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