Workwear By Profession, Industry

Safety workwear by Profession or Industry from North Sea Workwear

No matter what kind of work you do, all your workwear you will find here.

From: Decorators Workwear or Farmers Workwear to Firefighters or Offshore Workwear.

We can supply all your workwear requirements, ex stock to your doorstep.

We stock about 5m of the highest quality of safety and protective workwear in the UK and Europe.

We strive to keep our prices so competitive that you don't need to look elsewhere. Check around and you'll find our prices are surprisingly keen, and actually available for same day despatch!

We are totally committed to ensuring your protective workwear will arrive to you quickly. When you spend £70 or more, your UK shipping is FREE!

We believe we supply the best and lowest price selection of safety workwear across the UK. Some of our products include: General work and rain gear, hi-visibility, flame retardant protective workwear, wetwear and ladies workwear and clothing.

For more details on our products, phone us on 00441224894000 on workdays between 8.30-4.30pm or visit

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