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Welding (or fabrication, grinding and foundry work) has risks which you need to control: risks of sparks, electric arcs and splashes of molten metal. Heat and flame burns are the most obvious risks. Get your welding supplies and grinding protective clothing from one single source: www.northseaworkwear.com

Welding head protection is essential: we supply basic welders goggles and eyewear, as well as the Bolle Blast welding goggles and faceshield. We recommend a proper headshield or welding faceshield by 3M Speedglas or JSP.

Our range of 3M welding masks and respirators protects you from dust, vapours as well as airborne particles.

When it comes to FR clothing, we really know what we are talking about. Our welding workwear is thick cotton, treated with longlife, premium Pyrovatex FR and complies with relevant EN safety standards, including EN 1149, EN 11612 and EN 11611 for flame protection:- our Arcbuster FR coverall by Roots, is an industry leader.

The European Norm EN 11611:2007 (successor to EN 470-1:1995) is specifically to ensure the flame retardancy and protection standards for protective clothing used in welding and allied processes - so 11611 is the EN standard you should look out for. Roots Arcbuster 450gm navy FR coverall for welders

This overall gives your body FR protection (EN 531 and EN ISO11612), welding protection (EN11611) AND electric Arc protection (EN1149), which is impressive (not to mention super safe). We also supply 450gm moleskins and 350gm industry coveralls, both of which give you heat and Fr protection.

If your are welding or grinding, the sparks fly and likely to burn through your clothing and footwear. You can avoid exposed laces (and also protect your metatarsals) by wearing our metatarsal protection boots.

Do you Need Tig or Mig welding Gloves and grinding gauntlets or heat resistant gloves? Try our welding gloves by Ansell, Granberg, Polyco, Showa and Wenaas.

Need more FR protection? - layer up with our Devold anti flame FR undergarments: they are comfortable and protect you from skin burn.

The Devold FR undergarments are flame retardant. Equally importantly, they wick away your sweat, leaving you much more comfortable and safer, whether you are welding on the back of a boat, on a rig or in a shipyard. (It is very important not to have wet or sweaty clothes: if you do, and there is a fire, the heat of the fire will BOIL the wet and sweat! This moisture is what boils your skin, giving you severe skin burns).

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