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This popular coverall offers excellent levels of protection against flame exposure.

High visibility thanks to FR reflective tapes placed on shoulders, sleeves and legs.

Its functionality includes multiple pockets and knee pads pockets.

Made entirely of Bizweld fabric.

Conforms to EN ISO 11612 A1+A2, B1, C1, E1, F1.

EN ISO 11611 Class 1, A1+A2. (welding standard).



Dickies Flame Retardant FR5060 Firechief 350gm Coverall - Various Colours

This flame retardant overall has safety with the benefits of high visibility.

These coveralls provides Class 1 flame protection.

Ideal for workplaces where flames and sparks are near.

It's also reinforced at the key stress points, with elasticated sides.

Conforms to EN11611 & EN11612:2008 Saftey Standards.



Wenaas FR Industry Coverall 350gsm

Wenaas FR Industry Coverall includes a hidden two-way front zipper under flap to keep free from dirt and dust.

Breast pockets and arm pocket with flap. Map pocket, inner pocket with zipper and inner mobile phone pocket all provide ample storage for your items.

We can embroider your custom logo on this garment.

Please email sales@northseaworkwear.com with the logo in jpeg format after placing your order.

Please include any instructions, such as embroidered logo or Heat seal logo - along with the position of your embroidery (left or right breast, left or right sleeve, or across the shoulders on the back)


Wenaas FR Flash Fire Protection-Welding Protection Multinorm Coverall Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Arc flash coverall, antistatic FR and hi viz certified protection!

Concealed two-way zipper opening in front. Breast pockets with phone pocket, ID pocket, pen pocket and flap. We can embroider your custom logo on this garment. Please email sales@northseaworkwear.com with the logo in jpeg format after placing your order. Please include any instructions, such as embroidered logo or Heat seal logo - along with the position of your embroidery (left or right breast, left or right sleeve, or across the shoulders on the back)



This Portwest Moleskin Coverall is made to meet the hazardous demands of heavy welding or similar tough working environments.

It includes heavy duty front stud closure, to provide that extra protection.

This coverall comes with one internal chest pocket and two front pockets.

There are also two large back pockets with flaps and a ruler pocket.

There is also the optional kneepad pockets.

Complies to EN ISO 11611 Class 2, A1+A2, EN 1149-5.



BS80 Harpoon – very comfortable overall from Harveys.

FR coverall made from 3111 pre-shrunk cotton drill flame-retardent fabric

Durable overall with concealed stud front closure and side access.

Multipockets coverall comes with breast pocket with concealed stud flap, two front patch pockets and rule pocket.

Classic jacket available in Royal Blue colour.



The Portwest FR21 Anti-Static Coverall is available in a choice 5 different practical colours.

This product is ideal for the offshore industry.

It includes radio loops, a sleeve pocket, pockets for knee pads, 2 back pockets with flaps and studs closure.

Complies to EN ISO 11612 A1 + A2, B1, C1, F1.

EN ISO 11611 CLASS 1 A1 + A2.


Made from 99% Cotton and 1% Carbon fibres.



The Roots Arcbuster welding overall is made from 100% cotton, treated with FR Pyrovatex.

The RO13310 has a weave so thick and tight - just as a moleskin would - that welding sparks and molten splatter just ‘bounce off the fabric' .

This allows it to meet the new EN ISO 11611 welding standard to class 2 - the highest welding standard.

It also meets EN 11612 FR standard as well as the EN 1149 Antistatic standard.

So, these welding overalls are well proven, technical and neatly designed. As FR overalls they are used widely by fabricators, grinders and welders.

We can embroider your custom logo on this garment. Please email sales@northseaworkwear.com with the logo in jpeg format after placing your order.

Please include any instructions, such as embroidered logo or Heat seal logo - along with the position of your embroidery (left or right breast, left or right sleeve, or across the shoulders on the back)



Beeswift B-Click CFRBS Men Flame Retardant Coverall

A practical and durable boiler suit with flame retardant treatment,

Provides protection against heat and flame and is suitable for use in welding industry.



Wenaas 425gsm (12oz) moleskin welding coverall.

Concealed stud front fastening, to neck, raglan sleeves, with concealed stud fastening at cuffs.

Elasticated waist, two FR swing pockets (No through access)

Internal FR breast pocket, internal knee pockets and over lock stitching.


Was £78.75

These coveralls are designed for welding, grinding or foundry work.

They have covered pockets – to ensure that sparks don’t enter and burn through the material.

They don’t have exposed metal zips – this prevents heat from being conducted through to your skin.

These welding coveralls are made of thick cotton drill and designed to withstand use in engineering or heavy metal workshops.

The cotton drill is treated with Proban to make it flame retardant.



Pioner French Navy Arcmaster 7 Coverall WLD1043COV

Pioner French Navy Arcmaster 7-WLD Coverall is made from 425g/m2 100% Cotton.

Designed specifically for welding work. Elasticated back waist. Two internal breast pockets, 2 side pockets and 2 back pockets.

Folding rule pocket and knee pad pockets. Suitable for industrial laundry and can be washable at 60°C.



Roots Flamebuster Xtreme 310 Coverall is combines quality, comfort and strength.

It includes multi-pocketed with two large zipped breast pockets, two side pockets with trouser access.

Two rear pockets, pen pocket and knee pockets, radio/gas detector loop above left and right breast pocket.

Action back for ease of movement.

FR reflective tape on arms, legs and shoulders provides high visibility in low light areas.

Concealed front zip

Complies to:

EN 340:2003

EN ISO 11612:2008 (A1 B1 C1 D0 E1 F1):50 washes

EN ISO 11611:2007:(Class 1-A1):50 washes

EN 1149-5:2008

IEC 61482-2:2009 (Class 1)

EN 13034:2005+A1:2009 Type 6



The Portwest FR50 Anti-Static Coverall 350gm has reflective tape on the shoulders, arms and legs for added visibility in poor lighting conditions.

Double stitched for long lasting durability.

This product includes a concealed two way zip, triple stitching on seams, velcro adjustable cuffs, two chest pockets with concealed zips.

pockets for knee pads for added protection.

Made from 99% Cotton and 1% Carbon fibre.

Complies to ISO 11612 A1 + A2, B1, C1, D1, E2, & F1.

EN ISO 11611 CLASS 2 A1 + A2.

EN 61482-1-2 CLASS 1.



The Portwest FR52 Padded Winter Anti-Static Coverall is a high visibility overall with reflective tape on the arms, shoulders and legs for added visibility.

Flame resistant and anti static.

It is lined for warmth in colder weathers and has a rule pocket, two back pockets, kneepad pockets.

Two chest pockets, triple stitched seams for strength, adjustable cuffs, radio loops and a two way zip.

This product conforms to EN ISO 11612 A1+A2, B1, C1, F1.

EN ISO 11611 CLASS 2 A1+A2.




Portwest MX28 Coverall offers anti static protection as as well flame resistance, with materials that will self-extinguish should they ignite.

It has double stitched reflective tape on the body, arms and legs to provide the wearer with high visibility

triple stitched seams for all over strength.

It includes multiple pockets for storage such as a rule pocket, back pocket, chest pockets and concealed side access pockets

Knee pad pockets for added protection.

It also includes an action back for comfort, radio loops and adjustable cuffs for a secure fit.

Conforms to: HRC2, combined ATPV rating, EN ISO 11612 A1+ A2, B2, C1, F1,

EN ISO 11611 CLASS 1 A1+ A2.

EN1149-5, EN 61482-1-2 CLASS 1.

ASTM F1959, ATPV= 8.4 cal/cm2 GOST- R CERTIFIED.

Made using Modaflame, 60% Modacrylic, 39% Cotton and 1% Carbon Fibre.



Portwest Bizwel Flame Retardant Trousers BZ30

Portwest BZ30 Flame Retardant trousers are designed for give you comfort all-day round and protect you from accidental exposure to flames.

Featuring Flexi-Fit waistband, multipocket and are entirely made of Bizweld 100% Cotton Drill for maximum protection and durability.

Complies to EN 11612 & EN 11611 safety standards.



Sioen Ekofisk 5806 Men FR Rain Trousers Flame Retardant Anti-static

Multi-norm workpants will keep you dry and comfortable, offer resistance to flames and give extra safety thanks to the reflective FR strips.


Portwest Bizweld Biz2 Flame Retardant Navy Jacket Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Provides the user with all day protection and comfort.

The jacket is flame retardant making it an ideal wear whilst working around flames/Welding.

Secure stud fastening system ensures a snug fit.

Conforms to EN ISO 11612.


Mascot Ternitz Navy FR 09004-142 Flame Retardant Anti Static Pyrovatex Shirt Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Great protection Mascot shirts with flame-retardant and anti-static properties.

Pyrovatex® treated fabric modern shirt with great freedom of movement.

Hidden press stud fastening and chest pockets with flap and hidden press studs.

Shirt comes with Pen holders and band on arm for e.g. a gas alarm.

Bellows sleeve closure and adjustable cuffs with button adjustment.

Certified to EN 1149-3, EN 1149-5 and EN 531 (A, B1, C1). EN 533 (index 3/12 x 60ºC).



Tranemo FR anti static and electric arc resistant shirt.

This is the FR AST shirt electricians, oil tanker drivers, and anybody exposed to the risk of fire or electric arc should be wearing!

Flame retardant shirt suitable for welding.

Manufactured with strong, durable Cantex Pro 145 gm material which is INHERENTLY FLAME RETARDANT.

Concealed front closing, with buttons, two chest pockets.

Certified to EN ISO 11612 (FR standard) & EN1149-5 (Antis static standard) and EN61482 electric arc protection.

This is a highly certified, protective Inherently FR shirt.


Orbit International
FR Sweatshirt Navy Hydra Flame Retardant FR Sweater Argon Masws Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Orbit Hydra flame Argon FR AST sweatshirt, navy sweater.

FR and anti static long sleeve T shirt or sweatshirt undergarment.

Comfortable, soft knitted collar, cuffs & waist.

Flame resistant design, typically worn under work clothes.

Manufactured from Inherently Flame Retardant IFR MOD acrylic fabric, 340gsm.

Certified to EN531 (FR) & EN1149 (Antistatic) Standards


Tranemo Protech Me 9055 Black Belt Fr Flame Retardant Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Tranemo Protech-Me 9055 Black Belt Fr Flame Retardant

Flame retardant belt, with adjustable length.

Can be used during welding to support FR trousers.

Conforms to EN ISO 11612, 11611, 14116.



Impacto 840 Heavy Duty Knee Pads

Co-Polymer foam padding that provides the user with superior knee protection.

Very flexible and comfortable. The knee pads bend with the knee.

The outer texture is ribbed for improved grip preventing any slips.

Lightweight design for comfortable day to day protection.

Single elastic strap holds the knee pads in place.



Portwest SW10 Welding Tan Apron. It is made using a suede, split cowhide leather.

It has handy high front pocket for tools and implements. It has DuPont Kevlar stitching which is super durable, FR and cut resistant. So this means it is extremely hard wearing and fire safe.

This protective, premium quality fire resistant apron is designed for welding, grinding and foundry work. Some users just buy these welder aprons for wearing as a BBQ apron. Whatever the use, the wearer's torso and upper legs are protected at all times.

It has a secure and comfortable fit, as the straps are adjustable. It has a quick release buckle for an easy and quick removal.

The surface area of the apron is 91 x 58cm. One size fits all.

Conforms to: EN ISO 11611 Class 2 (A1)


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Welders Workwear

Welder's workwear is designed to protect you from heat burns and flame, from welding or foundry work.

Excessive heat alone can do far more damage to your body and your life expectancy than a simple flame burn might suggest.

The heaviest Flame Retardant (FR) welding overalls are called Moleskin coveralls. These are typically 450gms thick cotton with a Pyrovatex FR treatment. This density of fabric helps protect your body from flash heat. The heavy, tight knit cotton drill also ensures greater longevity of the coverall. Moleskins typically do not show any external pockets or reflective tape. This is because these are areas when sparks, and hot molten metal can gather and burn through to your skin. The aim of moleskin boilersuits is to ensure that the molten metal rolls off.

(NB FR Coverall or FR Overall or FR Boilersuit are all interchangeable words meaning the same thing).

Industrial Coveralls are typically more lightweight than a moleskin. eg 350gms and with no external pockets or reflective tape.

Arc Welding coveralls look plain enough, but these are the Premium Welding Protection.

The Roots ArcBuster coverall gives you protection from both heat(450gms) and Electric Arc (IEC 61482).

These are multinorm, having Flame retardant (FR) protection, Antistatic features, and 450gms heat protection.

We stock the leading FR brands such as Mascot, Portwest, Tranemo, Roots, Wenaas.

We hold 40,000 FR coveralls in stock and despatch stock orders received by 3pm, same day UK.

Welders and fabricators shoudl be aware of the dangers of wet or sweaty clothing: apart form the discomfort of wet clothes there is a major safety risk. In the event of a flash fire, any moisture against your skin will be boiled. So like the skin burns you get from a steaming kettle, the damp, wet or sweaty clthing can be turned into steaming hot clothing and you risk severe skin burns simply because fo having damp or sweaty clothing.

To reduce the risk of steam induced skin burns, we recommend you use FR undergarments. FR undergarments by Devold such as the FR Snood or the Orbit Hydra FR range including the FR Long sleeve 340gm T shirt and the . FR Poloshirt are suitable for you to wear in comfort beneath an FR overall. NB You get extra heat and flame protection by wearing FR layers (such as these Fr undergarments beneath FR outerwear).

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