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Honeywell Sperian CB14 Clearways Browguard with Elasticated Headband

Comes with an elastic headband for a tight secure fit.

Conforms to EN 166 B 3. 1002346 Browguard with elasticated headband.



Tusker Cromar Welders Flame Retardant Large Hat

Flame retardant welders hat suitable for any tasks involving flames.

Keeps the user cool and comfortable whilst also shielding their eyes from sun rays.

Can be cleaned (Dry Clean Only) to maintain effectiveness.


Was £8.98

A lightweight safety spectacle, weighing just 25g, with a wraparound 9 base curve polycarbonate lens.

The slim stylish temples have been co-injection moulded with soft rubber to increase grip and provide excellent comfort levels.

All lenses are Optical Class 1 and block 99.9% of ultraviolet radiation.

UVA, UVB and UVC protection. Conforms to EN166.1.F.N.

Tested to resist the impact of a 6mm () steel ball fired at 100mph (160kph) at the lens.



ESAB Welding Glasses 60 X 110mm 8 DIN Shade 8

ESAB box of 25 welding glasses filter lens Shade 8 with excellent UV and IR protection.

Made of solid glass they are intended to be used with polycarbonate backing lens and a glass- or plastic cover lens.

Box of 25 units individuallyt sealed. Conform to: EN169.

Box of 25 Units


Was £97.37

Bolle Polycarbonate Faceshield Visor for Blast Goggles

Unbeatable comfort and essential modular design.

With this screen accessory the Blast Goggle can be used as a face shield with protection guaranteed.

Chemical protection against liquid droplets or splashes.

Medium energy impact, resists a 6 mm, 0.86 g ball at 120 m/s.

Mechanical risk- High speed particles at extreme temperatures.

Bolle Polycarbonate Visor for Blast Goggles conforms to: EN166 3 BT.



Beeswift BBFFWG Welding Goggles Flip Front Eye Safety Polycarbonate Lens Shade 5

Flip front welding goggles.

Soft green PVC frame, flexible and comfortable to wear.

Strong polycarbonate shaded lens.

Beeswift Bbffwg Welding Flip Front Goggle conform to: EN175 :1997 EN166 :2001 Safety standards.


Uvex Welding Flip Goggles 9350 Close Fitting Elastic Headband Quick View
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Uvex 9350 Unisex Welding Flip Goggles Close Fitting Green Shade 5 Safety Eyewear

Welding goggle with flip-up filter mechanism "Welders lens DIN 5".

Welding cover goggles that fits over most prescription spectacles without problems.

The close fitting body is extremely comfortable. Ideal for wearing over prescription spectacles.

Easily adjustable headband and indirect ventilation system.

Uvex Welding Flip Goggles 9350 conform to: 166 3 4 FT G welding shade 5 SCS 1 DIN 01960 CE.



JSP Faceshield with 20cm Polycarbonate Visor

Manufactured with a tough polycarbonate visor for an extended product life.

The elasticated headband allows for a secure fit regardless of headsize.

Conforms to EN 166.1.B.3.9.


3M 523000 Grinding Visor Plate for Speedglas 9100FX Quick View
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3M 523000 Grinding Visor Plate

For Speedglas 9100FX - Clear

This Speedglas 9100FX Visor Plate is designed for use with the 3M Speedglas 9100FX Welding Helmet.


Arvello Browguard with internal harness Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Arvello brow guard & harness

Strong sturdy frame, protects from impact.

Easy to adjust and setup visor.



10 X Pack 3M 426000 Speedglas 9000 Outer Protection Plate Clear Visor Outer Lens

10 pack of replacement outer protection plates/flexible visor screens for 3M Speedglas 9000 series and FlexView Systems.

3m speedglas 9000 outer protection plate.

Outer protection plates/flexible visor screens.


3M 528015 Speedglas 9100FX Inner Protection Plate Pack Of 5 Quick View
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3M Speedglas 9100FX Inner Protection Plate 528015 Standard Clear

The Speedglas inner cover plate 528015 for Speedglas 9100X is designed to protect the inside surface of the filter from spark and spatter.

You need to use this cover plate, because failure to use an inside protection plate with the filter voids the warranty. If spatter or sparks cause damage to the glass your warranty is over.

You need regularly clean cover plate with a soft cloth and replace if any pits or scratches occur.

Pack of 5



3M 527001 Speedglas 9100 Scratch Resistant Outer Lens

Kit of 10 replacement for 3M 9100 screen for when it becomes pitted or too hard to clean.

3M™ Speedglas™ 9100 extra scratch resistant outside protection plate is designed to protect the filter from spark and spatter.

Failure to use an outside protection plate with the filter voids the warranty if spark or spatter contaminates the glass.

Replace anytime the plate becomes deeply pitted, scratched or too dirty to clean with a soft cloth or lens paper.

Protects the filter from damage.

Consumable part for 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmets.

3M 527001 Speedglas 9100 Outer Lens conform to: EN166:BT standards.


3M 776000 Speedglas 100 Outer Protection Plate Standard Set of 10 Quick View
Hurry – low stock

3M 776000 Speedglas 100 Outer Protection Plate Standard Set of 10

The Speedglas 100 outside protection plate is designed to protect the filter from spark and spatter.

Failure to use an outside protection plate with the filter voids the warranty if spark or spatter contaminates the glass.



3M Classic Foam Earplugs PR-01-004

Soft energy absorbing polymer foam ear plug which provide excellent hearing protection and all-day comfort. 200 pairs.

The 3M E-A-R Classic Earplugs are made from a soft energy absorbing polymer foam which provides excellent hearing protection and all day comfort.

Proprietary soft energy absorbing polymer foam, exposed cell surface texture resists movement and helps maintain effective seal.

Ideal for use where noise is a problem, either in work or leisure activities, excellent sound attenuation characteristics: SNR=36dB, H=36dB, M=33dB, L=29dB.

Pack of 200 Pairs.


Howard Leight

Howard Leight LL-1 Laserlites Hi Vis SNR= 35dB Soft Foam Ear Plugs

Vibrant Colours makes protection highly visible.

Laserlite LL-1 un-corded ear plugs are made using Self-adjusting polyurethane foam expands to fit virtually every wearer.

Contoured T-SHAPE design helps in easy insertion, for easy insertion and wear.

Smooth, soil-resistant closed cell-foam skin prevents dirt build-up.

High visibility colors make compliance checks quick and easy.

Each pair of ear plugs is individually wrapped.

Laserlite LL-1 un-corded ear plugs conforms to EN352-2 standards.



3M 9925 FFP2 Valved Respiratory Mask (10 Pack)

The 3M 9925 welding Respirator mask offers protection against fine particles, dusts, mists, metal fume and ozone.

Designed to offer superior respiratory protection during welding operations.

These masks are fully compatible with other 3M Accessories such as eyewear and hearing protective gear.

The dust mask includes the 3M Cool Flow Valve, which reduces heat build-up improving user comfort.

The specially treated outer-shell offers increased flame retardance.



3M 9928 Welding Disposable Masks Respiratory Protection (10 per Box) FFP2 Dust Fumes

Specially designed for welding applications, this respirator protects against oil and water based mists, fine dusts, metal fumes and ozone.

It has a robust cup & shell design, to make it collapse-resistant.

Flame retardant, anti-clog, outer surface minimises the detrimental effects associated with welding splatter.

Carbon layer provides protection against Ozone gas (10x TLV) and nuisance levels organic vapours (below TLV).

Soft inner face-seal ring (9928 only) improves face seal, wearer comfort and allows for hygienic cleaning if used for longer than one shift (use 3M™ 105 Face Seal Cleaner).

4 point adjustable braided headbands help achieve a more secure feel and provide comfort to face, head and neck.

Designed to fit well on most face shapes and sizes.

3M Cool Flow Valve stops heat build up & provides more comfortable, cooler wear.

Pack of 103M 9928 Welding Disposable Masks conforms to EN149:2001 FFP2 NR D Safety Standard.


Eagle Technical Etf6Pbi Fire Retardant Flash Hood Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Eagle Technical ETF6PBI Antistatic Extended Cover Balaclava Fire Retardant Hood

Designed to withstand heat with flame retardant properties.

Extended length for extended protection during welding and other tasks.

Compatible with other PPE accessories such as Helmets, Masks, ear muffs and much more.

Completely flat seams, virtually eliminate pressure points under the helmet.

Highly flexible opening face provides tight fit to the mask, while giving comfort.

Balaclavas design provides unprecedented adhesion and fit.

Excellent durability of the material and resistance to stretching.

Guarantee the safety and security through the use of the best materials.

Eagle Technical Etf6Pbi Flash Hood conforms to: EN 13911, EN ISO 11612 standards.



Eagle Thermal Insulated Kermal Lenzing Three Layer Balaclava

Designed to keep the user warm during periods of cold temperature.

Compatible with other PPE accessories such as Ear muffs and helmets.

Manufactured using Fire Resistant materials for added protection during welding and other tasks.



JSP Invincible® Clear Chin and Browguard Polycarb Visor

The JSP Invincible® is a brow-guard with aluminium edged polycarbonate made for impact protection.

The head harness is wheel ratchet adjustable, and conforms to EN 166.1.B.3.9.


Stratos ST55 Welding Goggles Shade 5 Quick View
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Stratos ST55 Welding Goggles Shade 5

A static shade 5 welding goggle with a contoured shape that fits snug to keep out dirt and light.

Soft PVC frame ensures a comfortable fit.

Shade 5 protection.

Polycarbonate lens.

Conform to: EN 175



Portwest SW33 Welding Hood Head & Neck Tan Leather Welders Protective Workwear

Premium quality hood covers the head, neck and shoulders when welding and is designed to endure the toughest environments.



Proban Fabric Flame Retardant Hood

Flame resistant head protection which covers not only the head but also the neck, nape and shoulders.

One Size FR Hood comes with Velcro closure.

Proban 100% Cotton Fabric With Flame Retardant Treatment, conforms to EN470 and EN531 A B1 C1 standards.


Was £12.95
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Welders Head Gear

Our Welder's Head gear covers the range of respiratory and eye protection (from dust masks to airfed visors).

A quarter of all welding injuries are eye related: so protect your eyes. Most welders will be familiar with "Arc eye" (ultraviolet keratitis caused from exposure to the ultraviolet welding arc).

We feature 3M Speedglas welding helmets and respirators which protects against ultraviolet within a milli second; and JSP autodarkening welding faceshields, as the leading welding headgear.

We stock Uvex welding flip goggles and the world renowned Uvex Ultrasonic Brown welding goggles.

Our welding gear is typically despatched same day; All our welding PPE supplies are certified to the requisite EN standards eg EN 175 and EN 379, EN 166 and EN 12941.

Because so much welding is also done in the bitterly cold outdoors, we also have FR thermal protection such as FR helmet liners.

We also supply a range of different styled welding goggles and welding glasses - to EN 166 standard. These provide exceptional protection during welding. These welding goggles and glasses are lightweight and easily setup. These Bolle Blast Safety Goggles provide an anti-scratch / anti-fog experience.

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