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Shelby 2500 Xtrication Hi Vis Kevlar Reinforced Mens Extraction & Rescue Gloves

A pre-curved and anatomically designed glove body is made of high-tenacity genuine DuPont Cordura nylon.

This Shelby 2500 glove is Super Armor for the hands that offer extra protection and fit in the field of extreme work.

Kevlar reinforced palm & finger reinforcements are at all the high wear stress points.

Hidden cord carabineer loop beneath ribbed donning pull.

This exceptionally lightweight and durable material is reinforced at all areas.

Reflective trim, a brow wipe and elastic snuggle at wrist to repel debris.

Shelby 2500 Durable and Lightweight Rescue Gloves offers resistance up to 270°C. This Shelby 2500 glove is Super Armor for the hands that offer extra protection and fit in the field of extreme work.



Shelby Firewall 5231 Structural Fire Fighting Glove Heat Resistant Fleece Lining

Shelby USA makes premium firefighting gloves: these are no exception:

The distinctive Blue leather outer shell is made from Shelby Fire and Heat Resistant material.

Thermal Liner includes unique and inherently FR Modacrylic Fleece Laminated to Gore (PTFE) RT7100 Glove Barrier Fabric. This ensures it is waterproof, breathable as well as Flame resistant.

Wristlet and Glove Body Thread is sewn with high lock stitch - to ensure a premium quality, long life.

These Shelby Firewall 5231 gloves meets the latest NFPA standards - 1971, Standard on Protective Ensemble for Structural Fire Fighting.


Was £104.73

Shelby 5225 FDP Fire Retardant & Heat Resistant Leather Mens Firefighter Gloves

Outer Shell is made from Shelby Abrasion Resistant, Heavy Weight, Fire and Heat Resistant matereal, Pigskin palm & Gold Koala cowhide back.

Thermal Liner includes unique Modacrylic Fleece Laminated to Gore (PTFE) RT7100 Glove Barrier Fabric.

This barrier fabric is combined to the thermal liner, liner system is individually graded and produced in as many sizes as glove sizes.

Wristlet: Nomex 10.5 oz per yard, Double ply, 4” Wristlet. Wristlet sewn to liner, and then sewn separately to the glove shell.

Wristlet sewn to liner, and then sewn separately to the glove shell.

Thread -Sewn with high burst Strength Kevlar (30\5) lock stitch, 8-10 stitches per inch

Wristlet sewn to liner, and then sewn separately to the glove shell.

These Fire Fighting gloves meets the latest NFPA standards - 1971, Standard on Protective Ensemble for Structural Fire Fighting, 2013 Edition.


Was £46.63

Wenaas Odin 6-6491 Blue Welder+

The Wenaas Odin navy, white leather welding glove. The palm is leather and the back of the glove is split cowhide. Thie is a premiumquality, comfortable welding glove, made by Wenaas of Norway

Comfortable, quality welding glove with cow split back and hide palm.

Full cotton lining and reinforced thumb.

For welding, grinding and general purpose handling.

Size: 8,11

Conforms to: EN388, (ie maximum 4/4 for not tearing)

EN407 4.1.2.x.3.x., (ie maximum 4/4 performance for not burning in high temperatures) Also, EN420, Cat 2



Polyco Hot Heat Resistant Cotton Glove Nitrile Grip Dot Coating Cream

Hot Glove is a heat resistant double layered cotton glove with nitrile grip coating.

Achieving Level 2 for contact heat, it can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C providing a high level of protection against heat.

The double layer of knitted cotton also offers a degree of comfort, flexibility and dexterity not normally associated with such protection levels.

It can be worn on either hand which extends the life of the glove, and is designed to have a generous fit to allow for quick and easy removal when required.

Ambidextrous: Can be worn on either hand, extending the life of the gloves.

Polyco Hot Heat Resistant Cotton Glove conform to standards: EN388, EN407 X2XXXX safety standards.



Marigold Puretough P3000 Cut 3 Resistant Nitrile-PU Coated Wet Grip Work Gloves

Superb tactile handling glove.

Non slip grip along with Water and oil repellent coating.

Made from high performance and high visible fibres, using Techcor® Knitting Technology.

Sensitive grey water based mix synthetic compound palm fit coating.

Water and oil repellent treatment on both liner and coating.

Ideal for use in all mechanical handling applications.

Suitable for use in medium level thermal hazards.

Level 3 cut Resistant standard.

Marigold Puretough P3000 11-423 Glov approved to: BS EN 388:2003 and EN 407:2004. safety standards.


Was £7.95

Arvello 66489 Work Leather Gloves Fleece Lined Driver Style Hand Protection

This is a premium quality rigger, with a durable ox leather.

Is a glove that from the moment you put it on will comfortably fit your hand and will provide great resistance to abrasion, cuts and mechanical hazards in general.

Highly comfortable, durable gloves with sewn-in thumbs and fleece lining.

For mechanical work, general handling, and construction. Typically autumn and winter use.

Arvello 66489 Work Leather Gloves conforms to: EN388 EN420 Cat 2 standards.

Our customers have been using these Arvello navy rigger gloves repeatedly, for over 30 years, and keep coming back for more.



Ironclad KONG Original Impact Gloves

The original Impact glove brand, giving over 70% impact protection.

3-D Thermoplastic Rubber Ribs designed to absorb and dissipate impacts to the back of the hand.

Foam rubber patting placed between fabric layers provides added protection and flexibility.

3-D Thermoplastic Rubber Finger Ribs provide extra protection while offering flexibility.

The original oil and gas industry glove. Co-developed by the Oil and Gas Industry Safety Committee representing ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Halliburton and many other respected industry leaders.

Impregnated PVC dots adhere to the palm of the glove to enhance overall grip.

Raised PVC dots extend the life of the glove by absorbing wear away from the palm fabric.

I.D tag for employee name.

Neoprene Cuff provides added wrist and forearm protection.

Bright orange colouring and yellow ribs helps to track hand placement.

A second layer of long wearing Teflon coated synthetic leather material in the palm.

Reinforced cross stitching to reduce friction caused by multiple layers of fabric rubbing together.

Exclusive Palm Material - 25% more abrasion resistant than normal synthetic leather.

KONG® Metacarpal Protection - 80% impact absorption.

KONG® Knuckle Protection - 90% impact absorption.

KONG® Patent Pending Finger Protection - 76.4% impact absorption offers sidewall and complete fingertip protection.

100% Machine Washable: Hang dry.

BEST USES: Oil & Gas Drilling, Extraction & Refining, Fracking, Tool Pushing, Mining, Demolition, Heavy Construction, Rigging.

Ironclad KONG Original Oil & Gas Industry Impact Hi-Vis Gloves Conforms to EN388 Safety Standards.



Ansell Neptune Kevlar 70-225 Anti Cut Protective Glove

This glove is made from high-tech Kevlar® para-aramid short fibres

Ansell Neptune Glove provides improved sensitivity and fit.

The seamless construction helps avoid irritation and the use of short fibres offer extra comfort.

High cut resistance glove.

Thicker-walled glove provides high shock absorption without losing dexterity.

Reinforced thumb welt increases abrasion resistance.

Approved to BS EN 388:2003 and EN 407:2004.


Was £9.02

Marigold Insulator Kt1 Glove

Manufactured from Thermolite fibre providing thermal insulation.

Non chaffing and soft construction increasing user comfort.

This glove is also ideal to be used as a glove liner.

Ideal for working with or around food.

Conforms to EN388 3.1.3.X.


Was £8.62

Tigmaster MW5 Leather Heat Resistant TIG Welding Gauntlet

Strong thick leather material, Heat Resistant, perfect for welding.

These gauntlet offer great dexterity and excellent lower arm protection, which makes them first choice for welding.

5 inch Cuff provides sufficient forearm protection.

Grey soft grain leather palm and back, split leather cuff.

Choice of material provides flexibility and comfort.

Tigmaster MW5 Heat Resistant Welders TIG Welding Gauntlet conform to: Cat II - EN388 EN407 satndards.



Polyco Tigmaster Welding Gloves Sheepskin Leather Heat Resistant Welder Gauntlet

The Polyco Tigmaster welding safety gauntlet is a comfortable light duty welding glove.

It's fully compliant with European standards EN12477 for Type B welding and EN407 for thermal hazards.

The glove is made of high quality sheepskin that is extremely soft and comfortable.

This glove also includes a heavy duty leather cuff, providing extra protection to the forearm.

Consisting of heavy duty leather, the Tigmaster™ has been specifically designed for Type B welding (Tig welding) and light mechanical handling.

Materials: Sheepskin palm (0.8mm) with heavy duty leather cuff (1.0mm).

Polyco Tigmaster Sheepskin Leather Welding Gloves conforms to: EN388:2003 for Mechanical hazards; EN12477 for Type B welding and EN407 for thermal hazards.



Chrome Ce0120 Welders Red/Grey Mitten Glove

Manufactured from the toughest leather, very resistant material increasing product life.

Protects hands from intense heats during welding or other tasks.

Easy slip on and off design, useful in the case of any accidents or emergencies.

Conforms to EN388 & EN407 Safety Standards.


Was £15.71
Granberg 106.3700K Argon Goatskin Heat Resistant TIG Welding Gloves Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Granberg Argon Goatskin Heat Resistant TIG Welding Work Gauntlets

Designed to provide high touch sensitivity for ideal accuracy during handling.

The Granberg 106.3700K Argon Goatskin Gloves are soft and wear resistant.

Manufactured using kevlar, providing Impact, heat and cut resistance.

Ideal for applications such as welding, Tig Welding etc.

Granberg 106.3700K Goatskin Argon Gloves conforms to EN 420, EN 407 41224X, EN 388 and EN 12477 Type B, CE Cat. II safety standards.



Wenaas Odin 6-6490 Extended Cuffs Welding Tig & Mig Welders Gauntlets

Soft and comfortable welding glove in goat leather with ox split leather cuff.

Suitable for welding tasks when it's required good dexterity.

Suitable for welding that requires finger sensitivity.

A-grade welding glove, extended cuff made of split leather - Tig, Mig and Argon welding glove.

Wenaas Odin 6-6490 Tig & Mig Gauntlet Glove conforms to: EN 420:2003 EN12477 B EN 388:2003 2121 EN 407:2001 Cat.2 safety standards.

Available in size 10 only.



Glove Leather Hide Welder's Aluminised Glove Terk400

Manufactured with a leather hide palm.

Heat resistant making it ideal when welding.

The lining on the inside is 100% wool making these gloves very comfortable.

Glove Leather Hide Welder Glove - Aluminised Terk400 conforms to: EN388 Safety Standards.



Eska 8012 Jupiter III-E Fire Fighters Gloves Waterproof Heat & Flame Protection

These are lightweight black, fire fighting gloves, used typically for road traffic accidents.

The sophisticated design of the all-round model Jupiter III makes it the best fire brigade glove of its kind.

The 8012 Jupiter III - E gloves are equipped with a permanently fixed (ESKA patent) waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex membrane & knit Kevlar lining enhanced with silver fibre.

Coated Kevlar on the palm, fingers & the whole thumb guarantees excellent protection against heat & flames, great piercing & cut resistance as well as maximum wear resistance.

The interior lining is comfortable and anti-bacterial reducing odour build up.

The key parts of the glove (palm, fingertips, thumbs) are reinforced with silicon/carbon kevlar (cut resistant).

Exceptionally secure fit, obtained through the two-strap fastening system.

Eska 8012 Jupiter III-E Fire Fighters Gloves conform to: EN 659: 2003 & EN 659: 2003 + A1: 2008 Safety Standard.


Was £102.81

Honeywell Kevlar Plus Hot Mill North 62/8434 Heat Resistant Level 3 Cut Hand Protection Work Gloves

Manufactured using 100% Kevlar improving the overall durability of the glove.

Elasticated wrist for added product security and comfort,

The ambidextrous design allows both gloves to be worn on either hand.

Designed with a cotton liner for maximum comfort during wear.

Ideal for working with hot and sharp parts, suitable for welding.

Honeywell Kevlar Plus Hot Mill - 62/8434 Heat Resistant Glove conforms to: EN 420 EN 388 : 254X EN 407 : 43432X, Resistant to 350°C non continuous contact.


Was £12.00

Beeswift C2W Click 2000 Welders Gauntlet Glove Lined Red Leather Size 9 (Large)

Manufactured with an outer split leather and a 100% cotton lining.

Heat resistant making these gloves ideal for welding and other jobs involving fire.

14" glove provides sufficient protection during hazardous tasks.

Click 2000 Full Lined Hands & Cuffs Heat Resistant Leather Welder Gauntlet Glove conforms to EN388 & EN407:2004 4.2.3.X.4.X Safety Standards.



Ansell 42-474 Crusader 13"Oven Glove

Manufactured to be a long lasting, this heat resistant gauntlet glove is high quality.

Provides superior heat resistance against temperatures up to 200°C/400°F.

Gives the user exceptional grip in all weather conditions, whilst also maintaining dexterity.

Conforms to EN388:2003 & EN407:2004.



Ansell 43-113 Mercury Heat Resistant Glove

High quality heat resistant gloves suitable for the most exacting hot work applications.

Manufactured from 100% Kevlar® para-aramid fibre with a comfortable cotton liner.

Provides additional protection against abrasion, cuts and tears.

Conforms to EN388 2.5.4 & EN407.

Designed for heat contact of temperatures up to 350°C.

Available in one size, Size : 10 X-Large.


Was £20.74

This Portwest A520 Tig Welding Gauntlet Glove is soft and flexible with Kevlar stitching throughout to make it extremely hard wearing

It is suitable for use by welders and type B (tig welding).

This product conforms to EN420, EN388 and EN12477 safety standards.

Made using goat skin, cow split Leather and Kevlar stitching.

Available in sizes L and XL.


MHS International

MHSLeopard Cs1050018 Oversleeves Welding Cow Spilt Leather 18"

Manufactured from tough chrome leather.

Ideal for using during welding, to protect forearms.

Outside elasticated for added security.

MHS Leopard CS1050018 Cow Spilt Leather 18" Welding Oversleeves conforms to EN340:2003 & BS EN ISO 11611:2007 Class 1 safety standards.


Ansell Kevlar 43-216 Leather Heavy-duty Workguard Welders 16" Glove Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Ansell Kevlar 43-216 Workguard Welders 16" Glove

Heavy-duty special purpose glove offering high levels of molten splash resistance.

Ideal for many different applications requiring thermal protection, it also provides superior durability.

With a soft inner jersey palm lining and a cotton denim cuff is comfortable to wear.

Made of tough-wearing leather, Good protection from cuts, punctures and abrasions.

Seams are made in Kevlar® and are reinforced by pieces of cowhide.

Designed for excellent durability and wear, construction provides superior mechanical protection.

Ansell Kevlar 43-216 Workguard Welders 16" Glove conforms to EN407 413X4X EN388 EN 12477 Type A Category III safety standards.



Ansell 59-416 26" Welders Safe-Knit Guard Oversleeve

This 66cm welder sleeve is made of Kevlar® fabric - combined with an internal cotton layer.

These make the sleeve lightweight and breathable while providing protection from the high heat of flying molten particles and sparks.

The Kevlar® layer offers cut-resistance for light-duty and medium-duty applications.

Ansell 59-416 Para-Aramid 26" Welders Safe-Knit Guard Oversleeve complies to EN388 and EN407 41312X safety standards.


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Welding gauntlets, gloves oversleeves

With names like Tigmaster, Weldmaster, Kilnmaster, our gloves and gauntlets are clearly designed for welding, fabrication and foundry work.

We stock the best brands in welding gloves: Granberg of Sweden, Wenaas of Norway as well as Polyco and the well recognised, Ansell.

We also stock and supply welder gauntlets, such as the ESAB Tig Soft Welders Gauntlet, which is certified to EN12477, the welding protection standard.

When you need welders mittens , we also have you covered with the Chrome CE0120 welding mitt.

Need welders oversleeves? or welders gaiters?

We dispatch your orders same day from our stock, for orders received before 3pm.

These are high quality, heat-resistant welding gloves and gauntlets. They are made from the premium materials (Leather, sheepskin, goatskin, kevlar, cowhide etc) to protect the user from intense heats and temperatures.

Many of the gloves found in this category have extended cuffs such as the Polyco Weldmaster for extended protection whilst working.

We also have heat resistant oversleeves - to protect you against molten metal splash damage.

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