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Magnum Pro Bunker Fireman Unisex Boot

Magnum Pro Bunker Fireman Unisex Boots with Fire Retardant Leather.

Sympatex® membrane which is fully Waterproof & Highly Breathable.

Outlast® Adaptive Comfort Certified Space Technology regulates the temperature inside the boot for maximum wearer comfort.

Toecap & Penetration Resistant Plate - Fully meets all safety footwear Requirements and provides excellent all-round protection.

Otholite® footbed: to give long lasting comfort and support.

Conform to: EN 15090:2006 Class 1/Type 2 F2IS CI SRA - EN 13287 SRA HI 3.


Was £92.62
Goliath FF210 Wildland Firefighter Boots - Black Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Fully water proof liner keeping users feet dry in any condition.

Steel midsole granting protection against punctures up to 1100 newtons.

Secure fit with a Zip up lace up combination.

Conforms to EN ISO 15090.



Jolly 9005-GA Fireman Goretex Fireproof Pull On Boot

Firefighter boots are made using full grain leather with water-repellent treatement - rubber toecap cover - rear gusset - innovative elastic system for perfect fit - rear pull-on loop - ankle protection.

GORE-TEX® Lining - Performance Comfort Footwear, excellent for various climate conditions and for outdoor activities.

Innovative laminate composite Insole made using antiperforation materials.

Antistatic nitrile rubber Sole, heat and fuel oil resistant, non-slip, wear-resistant, shock absorbing heel.

Extremely light aluminium Safety ToeCap resistant to 200 joules.


Was £146.13

Jolly 9055/GA Firefighter & Chainsaw Waterproof Boots GORE-TEX

Jolly chain saw boot composed of cut resistant, light weight, ankle protection, high visiblity and heat insulation.

GoreTex waterproof & breathable. Excellent for various climate conditions and for outdoor activities.

Lightweight and comfortable

Ankle protection and abrasion-resistant rubber overcap

Good stability both for walking and running

Total opening zipper easy and fast to clean

High quality materials for a long lasting boot

High visibility PPE thanks to the red reflecting insert

Padded rear flexors for an increased fitting comfort

Rear leather pull-on loop

Extremely comfortable for long-day usage (breathability is 400% better than EN20345 5.4.6 standard requirement)

The heat insulation (sandbath test) is 30% higher than EN15090 6.3.1 standard requirements

Excellent grip on uneven grounds (the outsole is 40% more durable than EN20345 5.8.3 standard requirement)

The sole bonding strength is 90% higher than EN20345 standard requirements

The energy absorption in the heel area is 90% higher than EN20345 6.2.4 standard requirements

Outsole resistant to fuel oil

Lining: GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort footwear, excellent for various climate conditions and for outdoor activities

Conforms to: EN 15090 (firefighter footwear):2006 F2A HI, CI AN - SRC and EN ISO 17249:2004 Class 2 Category III PPE (chainsaw boots) and EN20345


Was £168.1

Jolly 6221\GA Rescuer Metal Free Gore-Tex Waterproof Boot

These Metal Fre safety boots are highly breathable, with full-grain leather and black nylon Cordura, and GORE-TEX.

They are excellent for various climate conditions and for outdoor activities, antistatic PU sole, non-slip SRC, fuel oil and wear resistant;

Featuring a composite, anti-perforation insole and shock absorbing PU midsole, these Jollys are fantastic Italian made, waterproof work Boots.

Jolly 6221\GA Rescuer Waterproof Safety Boot conforms to: UNI EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 HRO WR CI HI SRC safety footwear standards.


Was £96.05

Tuffking 9684 black rubber fire fighters boots are used by many professional fire fighters.

This fire boot offers excellent protection required for front line fire fighting.

These fire boots can by used for many different fire kit applications.

Made from 65% natural rubber, 30% styrene butadiene rubber and 5% chloroprene rubber.

EN ISO 20345 certified.

Conforms to EN15090 F2IS and A29 UK Home Office specification


Was £95.97

Roots RO1527 Dungarees Flame Resistant Waterproof Hi Vis Bib & Brace

Roots Full Option FR Dungarees RO1527 Hi Vis Yellow/Navy Two-tone.

Fluorescent Dungarees includes reflective bands.

Taped seams enhancing the users comfort.

Adjustable shoulder straps with short strong elastic and plastic buckles.

Shell: Waterproof Full Option; 99% Polyester / 1% Antistatic + PU film; 250 g / m2.

Lining: Flame Buster liner; 100% cotton; 185 g / m2.

Roots Full Option FR Dungarees RO1527 Hi Vis Bib & Brace conforms to: EN ISO 13688:2013, EN 1149-5:2008, EN ISO 14116:2008 Index 3/50H/40, EN 13034:2005 + A1:2009 Type 6, EN 343:2003 + A1:2007 3/3, EN ISO 20471:2013 Class 2 standards.



Made using the high performance Nomex fabric, and designed to be worn with the Solar FB31 Over trousers.

The Solar FB30 Overcoat offers ideal protection against the risks of exposure associated with fire fighting and related tasks.

It includes a quick release front brass zip, lower front pockets with press stud for holding gloves.

Knitted cuffs with thumb-loops which holds sleeves in place.

Made From PVC.


Eagle Technical

Eagle Technical ETF1202N FR Flame Retardant Anti Static Navy Fleece Jacket

Manufactured from Flame Retardant materials, cotton lined front pockets.

The zip front fastening system is also fire retardant.

Comfortable and secure fit with elasticated cuffs and an adjustable hem.

Fabric: FR Modacrilic Cotton double sided Fleece 310g/m²; FR Cotton lining 185g/m².

Eagle Technical Etf1202N Flame Retardant Anti Static Navy Fleece conforms to: ISO EN11612, EN340:2003, EN1149-1:2004, EN1149-5:2008 Safety Standards.



MSA Ga3130400000-Ba000 F2 Extreme Fire Helmet

The F2 X-Trem helmet is a multi purposed safety helmet suitable for various applications.

Ideal for firefighters, providing protection against fires especially forest fires.

Manufactured with a strong, ventilated shell for extra user comfort.

Secure fit provided by the ratchet adjustment system. Improved security is gained via the internal chin strap.

On both sides of the helmet users can attach their attachments (Earmuffs, Visors etc).

Conforms to EN 397 & EN12492 Safety Standards.


Was £168.06

Bullard Magma® Fire Helmet Platform

The new Magma® helmet system is based on a platform that enables the user to configure his/her individual helmet.

Whether a type A half-shell helmet or type B three-quarter-shell helmet, the construction kit offers it all.

The system allows for customized choices without compromising comfort, safety and functionality.

Bullard Magma® Fire Helmet Platform Yellow compliant to EN 443 standards.


Was £229.33
Wenaas FR Nomex IFR Thermal Balaclava Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Wenaas IFR Nomex Balaclava - inherently flame retardant (IFR) flash hood

Thermal balaclava made from Nomex®.

Brushed inside for extra warmth and comfort. Can be worn beneath a hard hat.

Used by fire fighters, racing car drivers and North Sea electricians and rig operatives to prevent flame spread and skin burn.

One Size Fits All



Uvex I-VO Safety Spectacles 9160

Combines hard and soft components for maximum wearer comfort.

Soft components around the sensitive parts of the face (ears, forehead and nose)

Fully adjustable side arms enables the wearer to achieve an individual fit.

Safety Spectacles 9160 features Anti scratch and anti mist permanent coating on both sides



Shelby Firewall 5231 Structural Fire Fighting Glove Heat Resistant Fleece Lining

Shelby USA makes premium firefighting gloves: these are no exception:

The distinctive Blue leather outer shell is made from Shelby Fire and Heat Resistant material.

Thermal Liner includes unique and inherently FR Modacrylic Fleece Laminated to Gore (PTFE) RT7100 Glove Barrier Fabric. This ensures it is waterproof, breathable as well as Flame resistant.

Wristlet and Glove Body Thread is sewn with high lock stitch - to ensure a premium quality, long life.

These Shelby Firewall 5231 gloves meets the latest NFPA standards - 1971, Standard on Protective Ensemble for Structural Fire Fighting.


Was £104.73

Shelby 5225 FDP Fire Retardant & Heat Resistant Leather Mens Firefighter Gloves

Outer Shell is made from Shelby Abrasion Resistant, Heavy Weight, Fire and Heat Resistant matereal, Pigskin palm & Gold Koala cowhide back.

Thermal Liner includes unique Modacrylic Fleece Laminated to Gore (PTFE) RT7100 Glove Barrier Fabric.

This barrier fabric is combined to the thermal liner, liner system is individually graded and produced in as many sizes as glove sizes.

Wristlet: Nomex 10.5 oz per yard, Double ply, 4” Wristlet. Wristlet sewn to liner, and then sewn separately to the glove shell.

Wristlet sewn to liner, and then sewn separately to the glove shell.

Thread -Sewn with high burst Strength Kevlar (30\5) lock stitch, 8-10 stitches per inch

Wristlet sewn to liner, and then sewn separately to the glove shell.

These Fire Fighting gloves meets the latest NFPA standards - 1971, Standard on Protective Ensemble for Structural Fire Fighting, 2013 Edition.


Was £46.63
Orbit International

Orbit Specialist Zinc FR Fire Retardant Head Protection Hydra Flame Balaclava

Orbit Zinc Balaclava is an excellent garment for keeping wind and rain away from the head area.

Offers excellent flame retardant protection in areas where sparks or flame is used.

Superb insulation properties.

Suitable for work in cold weather environments.

Complies to EN 531 & EN 1149 safety standards.

Flame retardant workwear that will maximise facial protection and minimise vulnerability of burning.



Eska 8012 Jupiter III-E Fire Fighters Gloves Waterproof Heat & Flame Protection

These are lightweight black, fire fighting gloves, used typically for road traffic accidents.

The sophisticated design of the all-round model Jupiter III makes it the best fire brigade glove of its kind.

The 8012 Jupiter III - E gloves are equipped with a permanently fixed (ESKA patent) waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex membrane & knit Kevlar lining enhanced with silver fibre.

Coated Kevlar on the palm, fingers & the whole thumb guarantees excellent protection against heat & flames, great piercing & cut resistance as well as maximum wear resistance.

The interior lining is comfortable and anti-bacterial reducing odour build up.

The key parts of the glove (palm, fingertips, thumbs) are reinforced with silicon/carbon kevlar (cut resistant).

Exceptionally secure fit, obtained through the two-strap fastening system.

Eska 8012 Jupiter III-E Fire Fighters Gloves conform to: EN 659: 2003 & EN 659: 2003 + A1: 2008 Safety Standard.


Was £102.81

Eagle Thermal Insulated Kermal Lenzing Three Layer Balaclava

Designed to keep the user warm during periods of cold temperature.

Compatible with other PPE accessories such as Ear muffs and helmets.

Manufactured using Fire Resistant materials for added protection during welding and other tasks.



The FB40 Over-coat is part of a two piece suit.

It comes with 4 layers of fabrics including a moisture barrier and thermal barrier.

It includes knitted cuffs made from Nomex with thumb-holes hold the sleeve end securely in place when gloves are worn.

The quick release zip helps with speedy removal if required.

Complies to EN469 Level 2 safety standards.



MSA F1SF Firefighters Safety Helmet

Specially designed to combat hazards that firefighters may encounter.

The reinforced polyamide shell is impact absorbent providing superior head protection.

Compatible with the SCBA mask and other accessories such as lamps and com systems.

Designed with a fire resistant neck curtain which improves protection against fire.

Conforms to EN443:2008 Safety Standard.


Was £346.29

Arvello AF4 Firefighters Flame Resistant Steel Toe Cap Footwear Safety Boots

Black Leather fire fighter boot, with padded collar. It has handy, sturdy pull up hoops.

Made in England, from a combination of both synthetic padding and natural leather water resistant Upper - for maximum effectiveness.

The reinforced steel toe cap provides exceptional impact resistance.(200 Joules)

External rubberised scuff toe cap

Designed specifically to resist fire fighting hazards such as heat, water penetration and flames.

These fire riggers are designed with side impact protection from cuts/sharp objects.

The Vibram design rubber sole withstands 300 Degrees Celsius: ladder grips on the outsole.

Ideal as Training Boots for Fire fighters: these Firemans pull on boots are often used by fire fighters for training - because they are so competitively priced.

Flame Retardant Fire Fighters Safety Boot Fb4 conforms to: P9405 UK EN344 & EN345:2 ISO 20345:2011 SB-P HRO WRU Safety Standards.


Was £51.46
MSA Gallet F1 XF Fire Helmet Double Visor And Neck Curtain Firefighter's Hard Hat Yellow Quick View
Hurry – low stock

MSA Gallet F1 XF Fire Helmet Double Visor And Neck Curtain Firefighter's Hard Hat Yellow

Developed with firefighters from around the globe, the Gallet F1 XF sets the new standard for structural firefighting helmets.

It enters a new dimension of protection, functionalities integration, comfort of use and modularity.

Optimal fit for all users profiles

Unmatched comfort with no pressure points on the head, and padding designed for ease of care and use

Short range, integrated lighting for optimal visibility in dark or smoky environments

Robust sizing mechanism allowing for user friendly adjustment while on the head

Adjustment of the wearing position for an optimal comfort and balance for all users profiles

Adjustable, high performance ocular visor – optimal fit for all faces to prevent injuries

High performing and comfortable face protection with gold coating

Unmatched thermal and mechanical protection even in extremely hot conditions

Conforms to: EN 443:2008, EN16471 & EN16473, type B, EN166 Optical Class 1


Bullard Wildfire Flame Resistant Safety Helmet Firefighter's Hard Hat Yellow Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Bullard Wildfire Flame Resistant Firefighter's Safety Helmet

Bullard Wildfire® helmets are specifically engineered to meet the special needs of wildland/forestry firefighters.

Manufactured from heat-resistant thermoplastic for superior impact and penetration protection.

Comfort fit Easy to adjust Flex-Gear® ratchet sizing suspension.

Bullard Wildfire Flame Resistant Firefighter's Safety Helmet conforms to: EN 397 safety standards.



Bullard XTO Wildland Firefighter Goggles

Wildland approved, closed cell foam padded goggle with a single, wraparound Nomex goggle strap with speed clip adjustment and Velcro® helmet tabs, polycarbonate, surgical grade, replaceable anti-scratch lens, full perimeter, ventilated high-impact frame.

These high-performance goggles provide additional eye protection options that can address primary eye protection issues defined in NFPA 1500, OSHA Standards 29 CFR and ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 requirements.

Goggles are designed to surround the eye and offer protection against wind, airborne debris and radiant heat.

Full perimeter filtered ventilation of the goggle frame allows humid air to escape.

This combined with anti-fog lens coating makes the goggle resist fogging better than any other goggle.

Vent filters help keep dust particles and liquids out.

Ergonomic anatomical frame offers superior comfort and a snug, fully enclosed fit.

The tough, impact-resistant frame also fits over most eyeglasses.

Modularity provides for quick replacement of straps and distortion-free lenses in less than 30 seconds.

The speed clip strap adjustment system allows for rapid donning and doffing.


Was £38.42

Ansell K72204430 Nitrile Rubber Firemen's Wellington Boots

Firemen's certified boot with high flame resistance and chemical resistance to a wide range of chemicals as well as biological hazards.

Boots can be fixed to chemical suits with an ergo­nomically designed ring attachment, for simplified boot exchange.

Flame resistant nitrile/chloroprene rubber boot with synthetic inner lining.

Composite toe cap protection tested to 200 joules impact

Penetration resistant composite midsole plate tested to 1,100 Newton

Dual Density Nitrile/Rubber sole: exceptional abrasion resistance and ideal for environments where oils and solvents are used. Heat resistant to 300°C contact

Conform to: EN ISO 20345 type S5 HRO SRC

EN 15090 type 3 HI3 (marked F3A)

EN 13832-3 JPQ

EN 13287 Slip resistant


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Firefighter Clothing | Fireman PPE

Fire Fighter Clothing

We supply firefighter clothing to fire brigades and to firefighters at airports, oil rigs and commercial production plants.

EN 469 is the standard for protective firefighting clothing.

Our range of fire gloves includes gloves from Eagle Technical fire gloves, as well as US Market leader, Shelby Gloves.

Our Firefighter boots includes the Cofra Firefighter Sprinkler Zip and Lace boot with FR laces and Waterproof membrane; the Goliath Wildland lace up boot and the Goliath Firefighter pull on Rigger fire boots for easy access; The Magnum Stealth is used for fire stationwear and training, rather than active duty.

For Structural Firefighting tunics or Wildland Coveralls ex stock and delivered within 24 hours UK, look no further than: the Portwest Wildland FR Coverall.

Our range of PREMIUM EN 469 certified Bristol Uniforms structural fire suits (and wildland suits) is the most popular range of firefighting uniform within the UK. More fire brigades choose Bristol Uniform firefighting clothing in the UK than any other brand. For details specifically on buying quantities of Bristol Uniforms (made to order) fire tunics and fire trousers or salopettes, please contact us directly, sales@northseaworkwear.com

Fire fighting is about protecting your body from the risk of skin burn: skin burn arises from radiant heat and conductive heat: Your own sweat can, under the heat of a burning house, easily be boiled by the radiant heat. Such boiling liquid against your skin will give you serious 2nd/3rd degree skin burns. So, to help avoid sweat you should layer your protective clothing garments, underneath your structural firesuit. Layers of wicking and FR undergarments, such as an Eagle FR Flash hood or Eagle Balaclava or Devold Balaclava will help keep you safe.

Fire helmets - we stock a selection of the best structural fireman's helmets, from the MSA Gallet firefighter helmet in white to the NEW, innovative Bullard Magma fire helmet in red or yellow.

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