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Ecospill C1280020 Spill Kit Chemical 20L Response Kit With Bag

Ideal for cleaning thick oil spills quickly.

The absorbent pads included are high quality ensuring a good result.

Comes with Disposable bags for holding used up materials.

To ensure no further leakage, cable ties are provided to secure the bags.


Was £62.29

Lubetech 77-5000 Medium Duty Maintenance Pad 52Cm X 42Cm (100 Pack)

Strong construction manufactured from very absorbent materials.

Absorbs and retains all liquids preventing any slippages.

Cleverly designed combining performance and endurance.


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Chemical Spill Kits

Here you can find various spill kits that can be used to clean up chemical spillages. The materials used to do so are very absorbent, allowing for rapid cleaning.

Chemical spills are rarely expected, but because of the damage they can do it pays to prepare today - to ensure you have the wherewithall to decontaminate an area and remove the chemicals quickly, safely and thoroughly.

Ideally, place chemical spill kits in areas where chemical spills may occur such as beisde a chemical storage facility, or near an oil tank on a construction site or near a paint/stpray room in a factory.

We offer the option to buy in bulk; or you can settle with a larger kit like the Ecospill C1220120.

Many of our kits like the Ecospill C1280020 come with chemical resistant waste bags to put the remains of the cleaning products.

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