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Chainsaw clothing and Forestry workwear

Forests and other wooded land cover 35% of the European Union land area. Forests are a valuable resource, but are also dangerous places to work: the incidence of fatal or major injuries is higher than in many other sectors: Chainsaw workers, forest workers, loggers, linesmen, lumberjacks and tree surgeons or arborists using chainsaws to fell trees are at particular risk. Risks include: heavy physical workloads, noise, vibration and exposure to biological hazards and chemicals.

For more information on EN Chainsaw Safety Standards Click Here.

(PPE) Personal protective equipment is usually required to mitigate the hazards and risks. Your chainsaw clothing and forestry workwear should include protection for preventing cuts, hearing protection, eye and face protection, Foot and leg protectors, Chainsaw high-visibility clothing, and respiratory protective equipment (RPE).


Protective clothing against chainsaw injuries The European standard EN 381 complies with protective clothing standards for chainsaw users.

Within the EN 381 standard, there are several paramaters used:

The norm also prescribes 4 classes that correspond to the chain speed with which the tests have been done.

Not all the classes are authorized in each part of the norm

Class 0: 16 m/s

Class 1: 20 m/s

Class 2: 24 m/s

Class 3: 28 m/s

The norm is divided into several different parts (or designs).

Each part treats a specific part of the body:

EN 381-5: Personal Protective Equipment - Leg Protectors: This part specifies the demands for leg protection wear and defines three types of leg protection wear, according to the kind of protection.

The fabrics of type A and B are intended to be used for forestry work by professional lumber jacks who have been trained and informed.

The fabrics of type C are intended to be used, either by people who normally don't work with chainsaws or in exceptional situations.

EN 381-7: requirements for chainsaw protective gloves: This part states the safety specifications for chainsaw protective gloves. It describes 2 designs, A and B.

EN 381-9: requirements for chainsaw protective gaiters.

EN 381-11: requirements for upper part of the body.

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