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Sioen SIP Chainsaw Protection Gloves 2SA4 Quick View
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Sioen SIP Chainsaw Protection Gloves 2SA4

Hydrophobic gloves assembled with Kevlar/aramid stitching that provide chainsaw protection on top of both hands and wrists in accordance with EN 381-7 design A.

Leather reinforcement on top of the hands for a higher durability.


Reinforced on top of the hand with leather

Chainsaw protection on top of the wrists

Chainsaw protection on both hands

Strong aramid stitching

Protective inlay from top of the hand up to the lower part of the forearm

Material: 100% hydrophobic full grain cowhide leather 1.2mm

Sioen SIP Chainsaw Protection Gloves conforms to: EN381-7 class 1-20 m/s EN388


SIP Chainsaw Protection

SIP Chainsaw Protection Forestry Gloves 2SA5 Cut Protection Waterproof

Forestry Gloves with Chainsaw protection on both hands. Strong para-aramid stitching.

Hydrophobic treatment. Reinforced in the palm of both hands.

Compliant with EN381 (Chainsaw standard), EN388 (Mechanical properties), EN420 (general glove standards).


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Portwest A290 Oak Chainsaw Glove

Designed to offer maximum protection and comfort whilst performing chainsaw tasks.

Protective material in the left glove only to EN381-7 Class 0, 16m/s.

Portwest A290 Oak Chainsaw glove conforms to: EN 420, EN 388 ( and chainsaw Protective material in the left glove only conforms to EN381-7 Class 0, 16m/s.

Elasticated knitted wrist offer comfortable fit and prevent sawdust and dirt access the glove.

Made using 60% Cow full grain Leather, 25% Polyester, 10% Polyethylene and 5% Elastic.

CE certified.

Low linting construction for minimal contamination.



Husqvarna Comfort Chainsaw Mitten Style Glove 5056416

Genuine Husqvarna comfort mittens with saw protection.

Designed with a shaped and reinforced palm for added comfort and protection.

The exposed areas on the gloves are seamless and reinforced with leather.

Featuring a waterproofed kid leather on the inside and a water-repellent polyester fabric on the back.

Husqvarna Comfort Chainsaw Mitts - Trigger Finger conforms to EN 381-7, EN 420, EN 388.


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SIP 2SB4 Forestry Gloves Class 1 Leather Chainsaw Protection Gauntlets Quick View
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Green Chainsaw Gloves Sip 2Sb4 Class 1

Manufactured from tough leather, top of hand is reinforced for added protection.

SIP Protection Chainsaw Gauntlets suitable for heavy and extended chainsaw use.

Extended cuff, protects lower arm from chainsaws & abrasion. Covers large part of wrist 18cm.

The strong aramid stitching used allows for a stronger more durable product.

Materials: 100% hydrophobic full grain cowhide leather 1.2mm.

Sip 2Sb4 Class 1 Green Chainsaw Gloves conform to: EN 381-7:1999 / Class 1 20m/s EN 388:2003 standards.

Disclaimer: please note the images shown are for illustration purposes only; the colours \ design may be subject to changes by the manufacturer.



Wenaas Odin 6-6283 Yukon Men Work Full Lined Heavy Duty Gloves Pigskin (10 Pairs)

Great all round, general purpose glove, made from A-grade pig grain leather.

Fully cotton fleece lined with rubberised safety cuff.

General purpose winter glove ideal for mechanical industries, brick laying and heavy duty applications.

Conforms to: EN420, EN388:2003 safety standards.

These everyday mechanical risk gloves are CE category 2 rated.

Overall a superb glove for every day heavy duty tasks.

Pack of 10 Pairs


Arbortec Forestwear

Arbortec Forestwear AT950 Pro Chainsaw Gloves Leather Palm

The best arborist glove available with dual hand chainsaw protection and reinforced leather palm combined with maximum comfort.

Expected to become a favourite among the professionals.

Arbortec Forestwear AT950 Pro Chainsaw Gloves conform to: EN381-7 1999 Class 1 (20m/s) and EN388:2003 safety standards.


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Chainsaw Safety Gloves

In this category you can find a great variety of Chainsaw protection gloves, we stock gloves from only the best manufacturers such as SIP, Sion, Husqvarna, Wenaas and many more with our stock constantly growing.

Many of the gloves found here have been manufactured from a tough leather combination like the Wenaas Odin 6-6283 Yukon Gloves, allowing them to endure against impact, punctures, cuts, abrasion, water and even chainsaws.

The special materials used are capable of jamming/clogging the blades on a chainsaw preventing a serious accident. The SIP Leather Chainsaw Protection Gloves 2SA7 is the perfect example of this.

Chainsaw Gloves are ideal for forestry work, along with any other general handling tasks as they are water resistant and durable. Our chainsaw gloves conform to many different safety standards including EN381 Chainsaw Protection, EN388 Mechanical Hazards and EN420 General Requirements .

The SIP Chainsaw Protection Forestry Gloves 2SA5 is one of the many that conforms to all of these standards , achieving the highest levels of protection guaranteeing your safety.

For more information about Chainsaw safety standards have a look at our Chainsaw Safety Standards Blog.

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