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Cofra Shield Chainsaw Protective Safety Boot

High S3 safety forestry shoe from Cofra.

Made from Highly smooth, full-grain cowl leather.

Oil resistant PU \ Nitrile sole, heat resistant outer sole up to 300C for 1 minute contact.

Shock Absorbent heel, extremely rugged sole suitable for outdoor work.

Full FELTEC, antistatic, anatomic Footbed, made of felt.

Cofra Shield safety boots are equipped with Kevlar saw protection.

Comparing to the size, it is extremely light chainsaw protective boots.

Provided with steel Toe Cap, confirms to EN 345-1 S3 HRO safety standards.

EN 381-3 Standard, Chainsaw protection class: 2 - Chain Speed 24 (meters per second).


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Cofra Strong Non-Metallic Chainsaw Protection Forestry Boots

Cofra Strong Chainsaw Boots are ideal for protection when using chainsaws.

Featuring a 100% Cambrelle breathable lining that absorbs and releases moisture.

They have Sawtech for protecting against chainsaw cuts.

They have non-metallic APT Plate protection in the fore-part.

This footwear protects against chainsaw cuts - with the additional Metatarsal protection covering the laces.

There is special protection in the forepart: Non metallic APT Plate.

Compliant with EN 381, EN ISO 17249 Chainsaw protection to 28m per second.

Cofra Strong Non-Metallic Chainsaw Protection Forestry Boots 25580 conforms to: EN20345 A E P FO WRU (water repellance) HRO(300 degress heat resistance) SRC (Slip resistance) EN 381 Class 1, 2, 3 (chainsaw protection to 28m per second) En ISO17249


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Cofra ENERGY Goretex Lining S3 Chainsaw Boot A E P FO WRU WR CI HI HRO SRC Quick View
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Cofra ENERGY Chainsaw cut protection boots. Certified to Class 3

Cofra ENERGY Chainsaw Boots are ideal for protection when using chainsaws.

These Chainsaw Boots have Class 3 (28 metres per second) chainsaw cut protection.

Featuring a GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort Footwear internal lining.

Cofra ENERGY boot upper is made with water repellent full grain Italian leather with cut protection.

Sole is fully made of Nitrile rubber and it’s resistant to +300 °C (for 1 minute contact).

There is also a non metallic APT PLATE - Zero Perforation protective midsole, as well as 200 Joule steel toe cap.

METATARSAL SUPPORT footbed is made of soft, antistatic, anatomic, holed polyurethane covered with cloth. For maximum comfort and shock absorption, very good cold and heat insulation.

Cofra ENERGY Chainsaw cut protection boots Conforms to: EN ISO 17249:2013 - S3, FO, WRU, WR, CI, HI, HRO, SRC.


Cofra Power Chainsaw Protection Boots Class 2 Quick View
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Cofra Power Forestry Chainsaw cut protection boots. Certified to Class 2

These Chainsaw Boots have Class 2 (24 metres per second) chainsaw cut protection; there is also an anti perforation textile midsole, as well as as 200 Joule steel toe cap.

Nitrile rubber toe cap protection, stitched soles with sealed stitching.

The upper layer absorbs moisture to keep the foot dry.

Good for cold and heat insulation.

Cofra Power Forestry Chainsaw cut protection boots conforms to: EN345 Class 2 A E P FO WRU HRO SRC and EN 381 Class 2.

To find out more about chainsaw cut protection standards, look at our chainsaw protection blog



Cofra Woodsman BIS Class-1 Chainsaw Protection Boots

Cofra Woodsman Chainsaw Boots are made to protect you from the risk of a chainsaw hitting your foot while operating it up to a speed of 20m/s.

Water repellent printed leather with cut protection Upper.

Footwear with chainsaw cut protection and breathable synthetic external lining.

Safety boots with steel Toe Cap protection and non metallic APT PLATE midsole.

100% polyamide textile fabric internal lining - breathable, absorbs and releases the moisture.

EVA and nitrile special compound Evanit Footbed - antistatic, anatomic, punched and coated with highly breathable fabric.

Chainsaw cut resistant footwear conforms to EN ISO 170249 Level-1 forestry safety standard.

Compliant with EN ISO 20345 - A E P FO WRU SRC safety footwear standard.



Jolly 9055/GA Firefighter & Chainsaw Waterproof Boots GORE-TEX

Jolly chain saw boot composed of cut resistant, light weight, ankle protection, high visiblity and heat insulation.

GoreTex waterproof & breathable. Excellent for various climate conditions and for outdoor activities.

Lightweight and comfortable

Ankle protection and abrasion-resistant rubber overcap

Good stability both for walking and running

Total opening zipper easy and fast to clean

High quality materials for a long lasting boot

High visibility PPE thanks to the red reflecting insert

Padded rear flexors for an increased fitting comfort

Rear leather pull-on loop

Extremely comfortable for long-day usage (breathability is 400% better than EN20345 5.4.6 standard requirement)

The heat insulation (sandbath test) is 30% higher than EN15090 6.3.1 standard requirements

Excellent grip on uneven grounds (the outsole is 40% more durable than EN20345 5.8.3 standard requirement)

The sole bonding strength is 90% higher than EN20345 standard requirements

The energy absorption in the heel area is 90% higher than EN20345 6.2.4 standard requirements

Outsole resistant to fuel oil

Lining: GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort footwear, excellent for various climate conditions and for outdoor activities

Conforms to: EN 15090 (firefighter footwear):2006 F2A HI, CI AN - SRC and EN ISO 17249:2004 Class 2 Category III PPE (chainsaw boots) and EN20345


Was £213.83

The C462241 is a functional and well balanced wellington from Dunlop.

It is hardwearing and durable with steel toe cap and midsole protection for superb underfoot safety.

It is constructed with an insulated waterproof polymer upper which keeps you comfortable and warm.

It is resistant to oils and other chemicals and so is suited to a vast range of industrial environments.

Complies to ISO20345 and EN345 safety standards.


SIP Chainsaw Protection

SIP 3SD7 Forestry Chainsaw Protection Class-3 Wellingtons

SIP Forestry Class 3 Wellingtons 3SD7 with Double rubber reinforcement in heel area, and laces at calf for custom fit.

The excellent sole offers a good grip on muddy terrains, and the 100% vulcanized rubber waterproof Forest-proof provide a class 3 chainsaw protection.

Safety steel Toecap with impact resistance of 200J and compression of 1500 daN.

SIP Forestry Wellingtons 3SD7 conforms to: EN ISO 17249 : 2013 Level 3; FPA KWF PROFI and EN ISO 20345 : 2011 SB E P SRA safety chainsaw protection footwear standards.


Was £89.5
Cofra Force Black \ Red Chainsaw Protection Boot S3 Class 1 Quick View
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Cofra Force Chainsaw Protection S3 Class 1 Black Boot

Manufactured from tough water repellent printed leather.

Designed to be anti-static and anti-shock improving the users experience.

The midsole is constructed from non-metallic plating, but still provides exceptional protection.

Overall a comfortable experience for the user whilst ensuring safety.

Class 1 rated chainsaw boot.

SOFT-BED footbed, made of soft and scented polyurethane, antistatic, anatomic, holed, soft and comfortable. The upper layer absorbs moisture and keeps the foot dry. Cold and heat insulation.

Chainsaw cut resistance: EN ISO 17249:2005, chain speed 20m/s.

Cofra Force Chainsaw Protection S3 Class 1 Black Boot conforms to: EN20345 A E P FO WRU HRO SRC.


Meindl Airstream GTX Forestry Boots Waterproof Cut Resistant Size UK 9.5 Quick View
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Meindl Airstream GTX Forestry Boots Waterproof Cut Resistant Size UK 9.5

Meindl Airstream forestry boots combine 300 years of boot-making expertise with design features that suit the needs and regulations for forestry and chainsaw work.

When you're wearing your boots day in, day out, comfort is a priority, which is where Meindl's Air Revolution and Memory Foam Systems pay off.

The Air Revolution technology offers excellent breathability for an ideal foot climate, whilst the Memory Foam System moulds to the shape of the foot for superior comfort every wear.

Meindl has developed heavy-duty, high grip sole units to enhance performance and make moving around so much easier - both on the ground and in the canopy.

Air Revolution Air-conditioned footwear, the innovation for optimum conditions in the boot and also improved breathability.

Class 1 cut protection to 20 m/sec

Leather lined outer with smooth suede finish.

Memory Foam Vacuum System adjusts perfectly to the foot’s shape

Meindl double density sole unit.

Steel toe cap protection tested to 200 joules impact

Digafix Flexible, pressure-free, diagonal fixing ensures “all-round and more adjustable” lacing.

Gore-Tex Climate comfort for all seasons, waterproof and also breathable

Hand made

Size: UK 9.5

Conform to: EN ISO 20345:2004 SB WRU – Class 1 (20 m/s)


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Chainsaw Boots | Lumberjack boots

Chainsaw boots or lumberjack boots protect your feet from serious cuts and underfoot punctures. Complying with EN 381 standards, chainsaw boots withstand accidental blows from a chainsaw.

Many of our boots in this category are Waterproof: they'll keep your feet dry when doing arboreal and forestry work. The V12 Storm is the perfect example. It is made from top notch leather with a soft and comfortable collar. Durable and Comfortable are both words that easily suit all of our protective chainsaw boots.

Some of our chainsaw boots provide extended lower leg protection, like the Amblers Safety FS992 chainsaw safety wellington boot. This has a shock absorbent heel and chainsaw protection to 24 m/s. This forestry safety wellington comes highly recommended and is very popular.

Most boots like the Cofra Strongconform to many different safety categories such as EN 381, ISO EN 2034 EN ISO 17249 Class 1 up to 20 Meters Per Second.

We also stock the Prabos Linesman safety boots. These are suitable for scaling poles or trees, as their rigid outsole allows you to add spikes. These are usually used by electrical and telecommunications maintenance teams, (as well as forestry workers) who need to climb up wooden pylons.

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