Wenaas Flame Retardant Workwear

Wenaas is the leading brand of Flame retardant (FR) cotton coveralls and FR workwear.

Lars Wenaas set up Wenaas in Norway 80 years ago. Wenaas's great success and expertise in the North Sea has encouraged it to develop new products for oil and heavy industry.

Wenaas offers cutting-edge,premium safety personal protective equipment and heavy industry workwear. Wenaas products safeguard users from head-to-toe, without compromising on functionality, comfort and durability.

Today Wenaas is part of Kwintet, the largest workwear supplier in Europe. With Kwintet muscle, Wenaas has been able to develop truly premium, innovative safety gloves - they have about 30 gloves types which are well proven and sought after - becuase of the reliable, premium quality of their gloves.

Similarly, with safety boots the Wenaas name is highly regarded, esepcailly for the Wenaas Oilmaster boot which is renowned within oil industry (and far beyond), as one of the best side zip safety boots on the market.

But Wenaas is best know for the Wenaas coveralls: FR coveralls, in particular. Wenaas is synonymous with flame retardant coveralls

Over 1 million of our Wenaas FR Pyrovatex 100% cotton coveralls have been sold across the North Sea in the oil and gas industry.

The Wenaas Ambassador Fr overall is probably the best known Wenaas coveralls: The Wenaas Ambassador is available in 4 colourways, and 3 weights (including the thermal insulated coverall).

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