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Uvex 9197.078 Skyper SX2 Safety Glasses Brown Lens Spectacles

The Uvex Skyper 9197 are extremely lightweight, with excellent field of vision and exceptional adaptability.

Individually adjustable side arms - 5 different side arm positions and precise lens inclination.

They give maximum UV protection, are CE approved to EN166, EN170, EN 172 standards.

It has scratch-resistant and anti-fog lenses.

Sporty design with contoured lens.

Fits all facial shapes including those with narrower faces.

Contoured lens shape for higher cheekbones and narrower faces.



Uvex Skylite Grey Safety Spectacles

Ergonomically designed Ultradura Coating grey lens Safety Glasses.

Integrated brow and cheek guards for increased wearer protection.

Protects against liquid droplets and splashes, large dust particles.

Flexible, closed-pore soft components of frame adapt to individual face contours.

Easy cleaning process due to separate lens and frame concept.

5-stage side arm length adjustment ensures optimum fit.

Uvex Skylite grey lens safety spectacle manufactured to EN166 protection standards.



Uvex I-VO Safety Spectacles 9160.068

Combines hard and soft components for maximum wearer comfort.

Soft components around the sensitive parts of the face (ears, forehead and nose)

Fully adjustable side arms enables the wearer to achieve an individual fit.

Safety Spectacles 9160.068 features Anti scratch and anti mist permanent coating on both sides



Uvex Skyper Safety Spectacles

Extremely lightweight with outstanding field of vision, lens inclination and temple length adjustment.

Frosted side shields aid glare protection, maximum UV protection with an optical class 1 lens.

The modern, fashionable design of the uvex Skpyer safety spectacle makes it ideal for everyday wear in the industrial workplace.

These safety glasses have highly innovative technology: the core component is the duo-spherical lens.



Uvex Skyper SX2 Safety Spectacles 9197

Extremely lightweight. The Skyper has an outstanding field of vision, lens inclination and temple length adjustment.

Frosted side shields aid glare protection. They have maximum UV protection with an optical class 1 lens.

The modern, fashionable design of the uvex Skpyer safety spectacle makes it ideal for everyday wear in the industrial workplace.

The core component is the duo-spherical lens, which offers a wide field of vision.

It is extremely scratch-resistant on the outside and permanently anti-fog on the inside: thanks to uvex's unique supravision lens coating technology.



Uvex Pheos 9192 Wraparound Safety Glasses

Safety glasses with wrap-around styled anti-fog, anti-scratch lens and panoramic field of vision.

100% Metal-Free.

Compliant with EN 166 (and tinted version compliant with EN170, EN172 standards).

Available in clear, grey, and amber lens.



Uvex X-Trend 9177-281 Safety Spectacle Warparound Polycarbonate Grey Lens

The Uvex X-Trend 9177 features a lightweight wrap around style.

It has straight arms with extra ventilation, no metal parts, and a 20% larger lens for extra protection.

Conforms to EN166 Safety Standards.


Ultra light safety spectacle with hinged side arms. High-flexible frame made of high-tech polymers. Extra slim wrap-around supravision performance lens.



Uvex Safety Spectacles Skylite

Ergonomical design. Integrated brow and cheek guards for increased wearer protection.

Good field of vision. Lens inclination adjustment for the best individual fit.

Clear lens with Ultradura coating.

Easy, hygienic cleaning due to separate lens and frame concept, 5-stage side arm lenght adjustment ensures optimum fit



Uvex 9168 Astrospec Safety Spectacles Eye Protection Work Glasses EN166 Clear

Lightweight safety spectacle with single polycarbonate lens with integral brow guard.

Perfect fit through 3 position lens inclination and 4 position temple length adjustment. Duo-flex comfort temple pads.

Optidur 4C Plus coated single polycarbonate lens.

The most traditional, widely used safety glasses on the market.

Demanded by workers on the job due to its contemporary styling, comfortable fit and economical lens replacement system.



Uvex Winner 9159.118 Safety Glasses Smoke Lens EN166

Frameless and robust metal safety spectacles with sporty influence.

High-quality robust sprung side arms to suit all faces and large lenses provide excellent field of vision as well as protection for the whole eye area.

Lens coating is permenent anti-fog, scratch resistant and anti-static.

Uvex Optudur 4C PLUS lens coating -permanent anti-fog, scratch resistant and anti-static.


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Uvex Visitor Clear Lens Over Glasses 9161 Quick View
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Uvex 9161 Visitor Safety Over Spectacles Polycarbonate Clear Lens

Very comfortable cover spectacles with unrestricted lateral vision fits over most prescription glasses.

Exceptional pressure-free fit, thanks to uvex duoflex temples.

Effective indirect ventilation due to special temples designed with large side shields.

Individual adjustable temple length settings with four different positions.

Unbreakable polycarbonate lens with maximum ultra-violet (UV) protection and frosted brow guard to block overhead glare.


Uvex 9167-566 Astromax Safety Glasses Glasses Polycarbonate Clear Lens En166 Quick View
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Uvex 9167-566 Astromax Polycarbonate Safety Over Spectacles Protective Glasses

Overs spectacles protection for prescription wearers with a superior scratch resistant coating.

Provides a customised fit with lens inclination.

Fits over most prescription glasses.

Wide field of vision.

Integrated brow guard & side protection.

3 point lens inclination for individual fit.

4 point length adjustable side arms with soft temple ends.

Superior scratch resistance Optidur™ lens coating.

Uvex 9167-566 Astromax Safety Over Glasses conforms to: EN166.

Disclaimer: please note the images shown are for illustration purposes only; the colours / design may be subject to changes by the manufacturer.



Uvex Winner 9159-105 Safety Spectacles Clear Lens Protective Glasses EN166 Eye Protection

Frameless and robust metal safety spectacles with sporty influence.

High-quality robust sprung side arms to suit all faces and large lenses provide excellent field of vision as well as protection for the whole eye area.

Uvex optudur 4C PLUS lens coating -permenent anti-fog, scratch resistant and anti-static.

Uvex Winner 9159-105 Clear Lens Safety Glasses conforms to: EN166, EN170.


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Uvex Cybric Safety Spectacles Polycarbonate Anti-Static Clear Glasses 9188.175

Sporty design safety spectacle from Uvex with head strap included for the ultimate secure fit.

Wraparound lens offers excellent field of vision for improved safety.

Uvex Quattroflex four foam pads of the temple in the sensitive ear region ensure a comfortable, pressure-free fit.

Fully adjustable side arms enable the wear to achieve the optimal fit.

Straight side arms grip the side of the head not behind the ears for a secure, comfortable, but firm grip.

Uvex permanent Optidur NCH lens coating - scratch resistant on both sides of the lens.

Clear and unique made UV 2-1,2 optidur 4C plus lenses providing maximum UV protection.

Uvex Cybric Safety Spectacles 9188.175 conform to: EN166, EN170, EN172 saety standards.



Uvex Pheos Wraparound Safety SMALL Spectacles

Safety spectacles with wrap-around styled anti-fog, anti-scratch lens with panoramic field of vision.

Frameless design allows for additional coverage, low profile side arms and ventilation.

Sports style frame with rubber-tipped temples.

Frameless design with integral brow guard and good 'field of vision'.

Permanent lens coatings that won't wash off during cleaning. 100% metal free.

Uvex Pheos Wraparound Small Safety Spectacles 9192.720 conforms to: EN166, EN170, EN172 standards.



Uvex Skyguard NT 9175 Protective Glasses Anti Fog Clear Safety Spectacles

The Uvex Skyguard offers excellent protection from large dust particles, splashes, and liquid droplets.

The injection moulded frame is designed to significantly increase wearer protection.

Simple and highly hygienic cleaning due to the separate frame and lens concept.

Uvex Skyguard NT Safety Glasses 9175 conforms to: EN166, EN170 safety standards.



Uvex Gravity Zero Warparound Polycarbonate Clear Lens Safety Spectacle

The unique temple-arm design folds inside the lens and has multiple lens inclination adjustment options to suit different face shapes.

The folds on the frame allow for good ventilation for wearer comfort and combine with the z-folds in the side-arms to offer a secure and firm fit.

The Optical Class 1, duo-spherical, polycarbonate lens provides excellent all-round vision and protection.

Uvex Gravity Zero Safety Glasses 9191 complies to EN166 safety standards.



Uvex Carbonvision Safety Goggles 9307 Clear Lens Anti-Mist Wide-Vision

Low profile with wraparound design and Extremely lightweight (46 gms ) innovative frame.

Adjustable high quality strap for comfort fitting.

Excellent anti-fog performance with excellent seal around the eyes and Soft seal protects against dust, splashes and mechanical hazards.

Uvex Carbonvision Superlightweight Safety Goggles 9307 conforms to: EN166.



Uvex 9301 Ultravision Clear Lens Eye Protection AntiScratch Safety Goggles

Comfortable, ergonomically designed full vision safety goggle with unrestricted side visibility provided by 180 degrees panorama lens.

Clear lens optically corrected to avoid distorted view.

Profiled to allow use of respirators.

Unisex size, fits over most prescription glasses.

Uvex Ultravision 9301.105 Safety Goggles conforms to: EN166 class 1 standard.



Uvex Ultravision Safety Goggles Gas-Tight 9301

A comfortable safety goggle from Uvex with a fully adjustable headband and High-tech ventilation system and anti-fogging glass.

Especially made for fire-fighting from Fireproof material PVC.

Frosted glass can protect from the reflection and strong light.

The outer flank is wearable and the inboard is anti-fogging.



Uvex Ultravision Safety Goggles Work Anti-Fog Anti-Scratch Eye Protection

Uvex 9301 comfortable safety goggle with a fully adjustable headband.

It has a flame resistant PVC frame, indirect ventilation system and panoramic field of vision.

Providing maximum UV protection.

Protects against liquid and chemical splash, large dust particles, solids and molten metals.

Uvex Ultravision Safety Goggles 9301.605 conforms to EN166 and EN170; UV 2-1.2 standards.



The design of these Uvex Ultrasonic 9302 safety goggles has evolved from the sporty, aerodynamic shape of ski goggles.

These are a Wide-vision, panoramic goggle.

The indirect ventilation gives excellent wearer comfort.

These Ultrasonic 9302 goggles use Uvex Supravision lens coating technology: an anti-fog coating on the inside, and scratch resistant on the outside.

These are able to be worn over most prescription glasses.

They have a high quality, fully adjustable head strap, offering a pressure-free fit.

The combination of hard and soft components adapt to the wearer's face, creating a soft, effective seal around the eyes.

Uvex Codes: 9302245 for the Orange goggle and 9302285 for the Grey/Black goggle.

Certified to EN 116 (moving particle protection) and EN 170 (UV filter protection) and EN 172 (Sunglare protection).

NB we also have the Welding version of this Ultrasonic goggle available: 9302 247.



Uvex 155 Anti-Scratch Anti Fog Replacement Lens For Astrolite Glasses

Uvex optudur 4C PLUS lens coating - permanent anti-fog.

Scratch resistant and anti-static on both sides of the lens.

UV protection.

Uvex optudur 4C PLUS lens coating.

Material: Polycarbonate.

Uvex Astrolite Replacement Lens conforms to: EN 166-168, EN 170 safety standards.



Uvex Visor Ultrashield Face Shield Protection Clear Polycarbonate Ventilated

For use with Uvex Ultravision safety goggles.

Unique lower face polycarbonate shield that attaches to the Ultravision goggle providing increased protection to the wearer.

The Uvex Ultrashield is a polycarbonate, lower face shield that attaches to Uvex Ultravision Safety Goggles

It provides increased facial protection for the user.

The face shield offers general protection against over-spray, not designed for medium energy impact protection.

Uvex 9301.317 Ultrashield Face Protection certified to: EN166 B.


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Uvex Safety Glasses | Uvex Goggles

Uvex safety glasses and goggles are the original UV safety eyewear: protectiong you from UV EXposure.

Apart from the UV protection that ALL Uvex glasses and goggles provide, they also protect your eyes from moving particles - in line with their EN 166 certification.

Uvex makes such well known and popular safety glasses such as the Uvex Skyper range - available in 5 different lens shades.

Uvex Goggles are well known beyond the safety industry: the vast majority of goggles seen on the ski slopes are Uvex goggles. Newer Uvex Ultrasonic safety goggles reflect the innovative Uvex ethos: These sporty, aerodynamic styled safety goggles ensure you get a good wide panoramic view, whilst protecting your eyes.

Uvex glasses and goggles all make use of the patented Uvex Supravision lens technology: the Supravision coating ensures anti fog coating on the lens whilst also giving EN170 and En172 UV filter protection to your eyes.

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