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Scott Safety

Scott Safety PF251/2 Filter Cartridges for Tornado Respiratory System

High efficiency particulate filters for use with Tornado powered respirators

Easy to mount

Maintenance free

Conform to: EN12941/2

Supplied in boxes of 20 cartridges


Scott Safety

Stylish lightweight safety helmet.

Vent system allows air to flow around users head increasing comfort.

30 mm accessory slot.

Compatible with other Protector accessories.

Replaceable sweatband prevents perspiration build up.

Size 50 cm to 66 cm.

Conforms to EN397.


Scott Safety
Scott Safety Protector Style HC300 Non-Vented Safety Helmet With Sweatband Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Scott Protector Style HC300 Yellow safety helmet

Stylish and comfortable Hard Hat, lightweight just 310 g.

Manufactured from high-density polyethylene.

The Protector HC300 helmet has an eight point polyethylene head gear comes with a sweat band.

Very well balanced helmet, maximising both comfort and protection for the wearer, design also provides a rain gutter, making it well suited for heavy engineering and construction applications in exposed environments.



Unique combination of safety, styling, and comfort.

Ventilated to provide a comfortable environment for the user.

Compatible with protective hearing gear and spectacles.

Added ribs for strength without fatigue.

Universal slots accepts 25mm and 30mm.

Long lasting, with a replaceable Terry Towel Sweatband.

Conforms to : EN397.


Scott Safety

Scott Safety HC600V Protector Vented ABS Head Protection Safety Helmet

Scott Safety HC600V Protector Safety Helmet Vented ABS Yellow

The Protector HC600 series helmet have an innovative design to combine style with the highest protection in the most demanding work environments.

Fully compatible with Protector hearing protection, Protector safety spectacles and Protector safety goggles.

Scott Safety HC600V Protector Vented ABS Safety Helmet CE Certified to EN397 safety standards.


Was £12.66

Lightweight Bump Cap fabric and high levels of ventilation reduces heat stress and improves wearer comfort.

Side mesh enhances air circulation.

Traditional look and appeal, unique full shell design.

Scott Safety Bump Cap is designed to maximise comfort and user appeal.

Flexible shell design, manufactured from durable ABS plastic.

Semi-elastic size adjustment improves the security of the cap on the head.



Lightweight Bump Cap fabric - waterproof, breathable and high levels of ventilation reduces heat stress and improves wearer comfort.

High visibility cap with 360 degree reflective band.

Traditional look and appeal, unique full shell design.

Scott Safety Bump Cap is designed to maximise comfort and keeps workers visible and dry.

Flexible shell design, manufactured from durable ABS plastic.

Semi-elastic size adjustment improves the security of the cap on the head.


Scott Safety

Scott Safety HC22 First Base Unisex Bump Cap Shock & Sun Protection ABS Shell

Designed to maximize comfort and user appeal.

Scott Safety First Base, safety baseball cap is the result of over five years product development.

Safety with Style - designed to provide the wearer with bump protection.

Its a bump cap that people will want to wear.

The First Base cap protects the wearer from the sun as well as the occasional bump or scrape.

Closed cell soft foam pad, with wide and absorbent terry towelling sweatband.

Size adjustment allows one size to fit most people.

Patented flexible shell design, manufactured from durable ABS plastic.

Lightweight internal moulded/padded shell with foam insert for extra comfort.

Enhanced ventilation reduces heat stress and improves comfort.

Unique semi-elastic size adjustment improves the security of the cap on the head.

Scott Safety Hc22 Bump Cap certified to EN 812 standard.



Scott Safety Thermal Helmet Liner Zero Hoods help maximise worker efficiency and safety in wet and cold weather conditions by protecting against heat loss.

Ensuring alertness in safety critical environments where the use of head worn PPE is a pre-requisite.

Velcro strap attachment system provides better stability


Scott Safety

Scott Safety PRO˛ Twin Filter Cartridges P3

Scott Safety's Pro˛ P3 Particle Filters have a safe bayonet fit locking system and unique covers to provide protection from splashes, sparks and contaminants.

Suitable for use on Profile˛ and Profile60 Half Masks and Promask˛ twin filter Full Face Mask.

Low breathing resistance for efficient and comfortable operation

Low profile and unobtrusive

Provide excellent balance on the facepiece

Conforms to: EN143:2000/A1 and EN 14387

Supplied in pack of 2 filter cartridges


Scott Safety

Scott Safety Proflow 2 SC 160 Powered Air Respirator

Proflow 2 SC 160 represents the next generation of powered air respirators. Intelligent and easy to use the Proflow 2 SC 160 has a number of advanced refinements over the original Proflow concept.

Lightweight and compact Proflow SC’s ergonomic design incorporates a curved backplate, which ensures user comfort for long periods of use.

An extensive choice of headtops meets the widest range of applications.

160 l/min flow rate for increased comfort and protection.

Electronic control compensates for higher filter resistance to ensure correct flow is maintained.

Lightweight NiMH battery provides full shift operation.

On board chip data logs all usage which is downloadable to provide full service and maintenance information.

Scott Safety Proflow 2 SC 160 Powered Air Respirator conforms to EN12941 and EN12942 safety standards.


Was £761.67
Scott Safety

Scott Safety FXVP30 Helmet Posts Attachments for Visor (pair)

Designed for Scott Safety's Style 300, Style 600 and Tuffmaster II helmets

Material: Nylon


Was £3.95
Scott Safety

Scott - 5512795 Promask HARD Coated Polycarbonate Replacement Visor

Replacement HARD Coated visor for the Scott PROMASK full face mask respirator.

The Hard Coating provides greater resistance to chemicals and solvents.

The materials are durable with good chemical resistance.


Was £49.19
Scott Safety

AVIVA 40 Asbestos & Dust Ready-Pak PF10 P2 Filter and Pre-Filter

The new AVIVA 40 single filter half mask from Scott Safety is the next step forward in half mask technology.

With user comfort and protection in mind - respiratory mask comes with innovative design elements such as a hybrid reflex face seal, an easy-to-use leak check mechanism.

AVIVA 40 is suitable for a variety of applications including paint spraying, asbestos removal, chemicals, construction and manufacturing.

The AVIVA half mask respirator meets EN 140:1998 standards.

Scott Safety AVIVA 40 Single Filter Half Mask Respirator Kit with a P2 PF10 filter and pre-filter.


Scott Safety

Scott Safety Pro2000 Filter CF 22 K2-P3 R

Ammonia and organic ammonia derivates, solid and liquid particles, radioactive and toxic particles and micro-organisms.

Scott Safety’s Pro2000 filters are suitable for use with the Scott Safety Promask Single and M98 full face respirators and a selected number are approved for use with Scott Safety Powered Respirators.

Scott Safety Pro2000 filters/canisters have a 40 mm thread connection.

PROTECTS AGAINST : K - Ammonia and Organic Ammonia derivatives.

PROTECTS AGAINST : P3 Solid & liquid, radioactive & toxic particles & mircoorganisms eg, bacteria, viruses & enzymes.

Test gas concentration: Negative pressure respirators: Gas Filter Class 2: 0.5 vol.-% (5000 ppm).

Scott Safety Pro2000 (CF 22 K2-P3 R) Reusable Filter conforms to: EN14387.


Was £214.3

Scott Safety Zone 1 Headband complete with Polycarbonate visor.

Offers a lightweight and comfortable solution for use in low to medium noise level work environments, such as general industry, DIY and food processing.

Scott Safety Zone 1 Headband with Polycarbonate Visor combination is suitable for long term use in low noise level environments or shorter term use in medium level noise environments.

Scott Safety Z1FVMCPC Zone 1 Headband Earmuff with Polycarbonate Visor conforms to EN 352-1:2002 Safety Standard.


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Scott Safety | Half masks | Helmets

Scott Safety

Scott Safety - one of the oldest, best-established manufacturers of high performance respiratory protection, sensor equipment and other protective solutions for the fire services, construction, petroleum, chemical, industrial and emergency services.

Scott Safety was founded in 1932 by Earl M, Scott, In 2004-2005 all brands are then assembled under Scott Health and Safety.

Today, Scott Safety continues to be a leader in innovation of PPE products, with more than 34 best products developed in the last five years.

Scott safety is known for Scott Profile half mask respirators and Scott First Base bump caps.

Scott bump caps comply with EN 812 standard (Bump caps differ to safety helmets in that safety helmets are design to protect you from falling objects, whereas bump caps are to protect you from walking into eg a low hanging pipe/object. Engineers, mechanics and surveyors who may be accessing confined spaces or awkward machinery should wear bump caps for their own safety.

Bump caps are synomymous with Scott First Base, because Scott is the market leader. The Scott First Base H22 bump cap is EN 812 certified, and available in black, navy or royal blue with a standard 7.7cm baseball cap style peak.

The Scott First Base HC23 bump cap is the sportier looking bump cap with mesh air vents on either side.

Scott also supplies safety helmets: we stock the Scott Protector Elite 300 and the Scott Protector Elite 600 safety helmets, for same day despatch. These are best worn over the Scott thermal zero hood - this helmet liner keeps you warm and dry when on site.

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