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Portwest ST38 BizTex SMS Coverall with Collar White (Pack of 50) Quick View
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The Portwest ST38 Disposable Coverall is anti static with an elasticated waist, cuffs and ankles for a secure and comfortable fit

It allows for ease of movement when worn.

It has a collar and a sealable zip storm flap as well as having a close fit and tear resistant properties.

Conforms to EN ISO 12982 TYPE 5, EN 13034 TYPE 6 and EN 1149-5 safety standards.

Pack of 50

Made using BizTex SMS.



The Portwest ST40 Disposable Coverall offers all over protection with a generous fit so it can be comfortably worn over regular clothing.

It is tough and strong making it perfect for multiple jobs and working environments.

It has an elasticated waist, hood, cuffs and ankles, a two way zip fastening system and a sealable front flap.

Conforms to EN13034 (TYPE 6), EN13982-1 (TYPE 5), EN1149-1 and EN14126 safety standards.

Sold in boxes of 50 units.



The Portwest ST41 BizTex Microporous Coverall provides protection against both liquids and particles.

It is lightweight, and breathable ensuring that the wearer remains comfortable and protected.

This coverall also includes a show cover with slip resistant soles to provide extra safety in the workplace.

Sold in boxes of 50 units.

Complies with EN13034 (Type 6) EN13982-1 EN1149-1 EN14126 safety standards.

Made using BizTex Microporous.



The Portwest ST80 white Biztex disposable overall is flame resistant (FR) and anti static.

It is ideal for use in multiple working environments and conditions.

The coverall is breathable and very comfortable to wear over exsiting clothing for long periods of time.

These FR overalls are resistant to dust and splashes, giving Type 5/6 protection. Made using SMS material and is disposable.

Conforms to EN 13034, EN 13982-1, EN 1149-5 and EN 14116 safety standards.

Sold in boxes of 50 units.



This Portwest coverall is lightweight and made with breathable materials so that is can be comfortably worn over regular clothing.

It can help to protect and keep the user clean.

This disposable product keeps the user keeps cool and the generous fit provides excellent comfort.

It offers protection from non-hazardous grime, dirt and dust.

Sold in boxes of 120 units.

Made from 100% Polypropylene.



The Portwest ST20 is a disposable Biztex jacket and trouser combination,

It is constructed from Biztex Micro material which provides excellent protection whilst ensuring the wearer remains fresh and comfortable.

This is ideal for providing liquid and particulate protection, in a variety of workplaces.

The jacket features a zip front and elasticated cuffs, while the trousers include an elasticated waist with bound seams.

Complies to EN13034 (Type 6 PB).

Made using BizTex microporous fabric .



The Portwest ST35 Biztex Coverall is made from Biztex SMS material which is highly breathable, strong and tough

Provides optimum protection and comfort to the wearer.

This coverall includes a knitted cuffs, elastic waist and ankles to ensure a comfortable fit and freedom of movement.

The material of this coverall also has a low-linting/anti-static treatment.

Sold in boxes of 50 units.

Complies to EN 13982-1 (Type 5) EN 13034 (Type 6) EN1149-5 safety standards.



The Portwest ST60 Coverall is disposable and offers excellent all over protection from chemicals, dusts and biological agents.

It has taped seams, is low linting and is breathable to keep the user cool as well as being extremely comfortable.

Conforms to EN14605, EN 13034, EN 13982-1, EN1149-5, EN 14126 and EN 1073-2 safety standards.

Sold in boxes of 50 units.

Made using BizTex Microporous.



The Portwest ST30 Disposable Coverall is extremely comfortable and can be easily worn over normal work clothes because of its generous fit.

It offers superb protection and has a high tear and abrasion resistance meaning that it is suitable for a wide range of working environments.

This durable garment has an elasticated hood, waist, wrists and ankles.

This product conforms to EN 13982-1, EN 13034 and EN1149-5 safety standards.

Sold in boxes of 50 units.

Made using BizTex SMS.



This Portwest Mob Cap is disposable and is available in white or blue.

It is pleated for easy storage and the elasticated headband provides a secure and comfortable fit.

It is suitable for use in multiple environments including laboratory work, and food handling and processing areas.

It also has double stitching meaning that it is extremely durable.

Made from 100% Polypropylene.



The Portwest Visitors coat is disposable and comes in a range of sizes so there is something for everyone.

It is disposable and is suitable for use in food environments, laboratories and other clean areas.

It features a front poppers fastening and each product is individually wrapped to ensure no contamination.

Sold in boxes of 200 units.

Made from Polypropylene.



This Portwest apron is disposable and can be used in various industries and environments.

It comes in a choice of 2 colours and comes in flat pack for ease of use.

It is a halter neck style and ties around the waist for a secure and comfortable fit.

It is sold in boxes of 2000 units.

Made using Polyethylene.

Size of product is 69 x 107cm.



Portwest BT10 non adhesive Hazard Tape in red and white or yellow and black.

Hazard tape is also known as warning tape, caution tape, barrier tape or perimeter tape: it is used to cordoning off areas in industry and construction. It is also handy for events and temporary restricted areas or operations.

Strong, durable quality tape - made with virgin polyethylene - for excellent tear resistance.

The warning tape has been designed and made to very high standards using top quality components to be used at work in the toughest conditions.

Dimensions of 500m long /75mm wide/30 microns thick. Sold as 18 rolls of zebra print tape per pack.



Portwest ST36 Men Hi Vis Single Shift Coverall Chemical Protection

This SMS coverall features Hi-Vis reflective tape for enhanced visibility at night or in dim lighting conditions.

This trilaminate constructed fabric offers a high tensile strength and toughness.

It provides a fluid and particulate barrier to protect the worker without hindering mobility and comfort.



200 X Portwest ST85 BizTex Disposable FR Boot Covers Type 6PB

The Portwest ST85 Disposable boot cover is flame resistant and offers excellent protection from liquid chemicals.

It is an perfect product for use in multiple work places and to provide protection to personal clothing.

This product conforms to EN13034 and EN14116 safety standards.

Sold in boxes of 200 units.

Made using BizTex SMS FR.

One size fits all.



Portwest ST70 BixTex Microporous Disposable Coverall Type 3/4/5/6

This coverall offers exceptional mechanical strength, liquid and particulate protection.

The durable microporous polypropylene laminate provides an excellent barrier to chemical spray and infective agents.

The fabric’s physical strength and flexibility ensures protection and comfort even in the harshest environments.

Made of BizTex Microporous 82 g/m², a polypropylene substrate with anti-static properties.

The outer layer prevents the passage of liquid molecules inwards yet allows the vapour molecules on the inside to permeate.

This technology keeps the wearer fresh and comfortable.

Portwest ST70 BixTex Microporous Disposable Coverall conforms to: EN 14605 Type 3 EN 14605 Type 4 EN ISO 13982 Type 5 EN 14126 EN 1073-2 EN 13034 Type 6 EN 1149 -5.



Portwest ST42 BizTex Disposable Aprons Polypropylene 60g Anti-Static White

The Portwest ST42 BizTex Microporous Apron is ideal for food preparation and lab work.

This generously sized apron offers limited splash protection for partial body.

Complies with EN13034 and EN1149-1 safety standards.

It also provides anti-static protection.



Portwest ST45 BizTex Boot Cover

The Portwest BizTex Microporous Boot Cover helps to provide shoe protection

It ensures safety in environments where shoes or floors may need protection from contaminates.

They feature an elasticated top for a tight and secure fit.

It conforms to both EN1149-1 & EN14126 safety standards.



The Portwest ST47 is a microporous sleeve cover with knitted cuff for a secure fit

It conforms to EN13034 offering protection against liquid chemicals.

Wrist cuff provides a tight secure fit.

One size fits all



200 X Portwest ST44 BizTex Disposable Shoe Cover Type 6PB Polypropylene

The Portwest BizTex Microporous Shoe Cover helps to provide shoe protection

It ensures safety in environments where shoes or floors may need protection from contaminates.

They feature an elasticated top for a tight and secure fit.

It conforms to both EN1149-1 & EN14126 safety standards.

One size.


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Portwest Disposable Workwear | Food industry

Portwest Disposable Workwear - suitable for food industry

The Portwest range of disposables is primarily for the food, catering, deli and hospitality industries.

Portwest products such as Paper forage hats, sold in volume or the Portwest disposable deli Bib Apron and the Visitors coats offers you a single location to get all your food industry PPE.

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