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NightSearcher LifeGuard is an emergency all in one kit

Powerful Led floodlight and Red flashing emergency warning lights.

NightSearcher torch with a recessed razor blade cutter, can cut both driver and passengers if seat belts do not unlatch.

Window Breaker - a stainless steel emergency breaking pin automatically deploys when pressed against car window for glass breaking.

The NightSearcher LifeGuard unit is magnetic so you can stick it to the outside of your car and use the emergency Red flash warning light to get roadside assistance.



Replacement Bulb for PFB Beacon

Must be used for NightSearcher PFB Beacons

26W energy saving fluorescent lamp

Light output equivalent to 150W tungsten light


Nightsearcher Nstrio550Y Led Handlamp Trio 550 Torch C/W Mains And Vehicle Charger Nstrio Quick View
Hurry – low stock

NightSearcher Trio 550 USB Mains Vehicle Rechargeable Torch Handlamp

Trio 550 provides users with a 600 metre beam of light.

A total of 550 lumens of light output, powered by a rechargeable battery.

Designed with 4 different light modes: full, half, strobe & emergency.

Manufactured from water resistant anti-shock materials.



Strong light output with no drawbacks.

Manufactured with robust aluminium casing with a toughened lens.

The Ecostar is IP65 rated (water and rust resistant).

This LED energy efficient Floodlight is fitted with universal ballast and can operate from a 90v-240v power source.



Rechargeable LED Hand lamp Trio 550 Grey

Nightsearcher Trio Rechargeable LED Handlamp

Ultra-bright LEDs produce 600m beam that lasts for 7 hrs per charge.

Four Light modes, Full, Half power, Flashing Emergency.

Complete with mains and vehicle charger and detachable shoulder strap.




The NightSearcher Galaxy Pro LED portable floodlight is ideal for inspection and other tasks where a lightweight portable solution is required.

The Galaxy Pro has two modes (high and low) and will give 3500 lumens on high and 1500 lumens on low.

It is cool to use and features a rotating head to adjust the angle of the head to suit the application.

Can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its IP54 rating.



NightSearcher Galaxy LED AC 5000 is a compact LED mains powered floodlight.

The Galaxy LED AC 5000 offering the best alternative to twin 500w halogen floods.

Folded with the LEDs protected for transit to site.

Very powerful 5000 Lumens Light Output giving wide spread coverage.

They generate no heat, Galaxy LED AC 5000 is constructed using the highest quality materials.

This model can be driven by both 240v/110v and are designed to be operated in all environments.

Folded design for transit, Tough Protective folded case design.



NightSearcher PRO250 rechargeable and cordless Led Inspection Lamp

The PRO250 uses a combination of new LED Technology: optical lens provides wide angle uniform illumination and strip for a powerful (250 lumens) light output.

Magnet for hands free use and multi-positioning for directional lighting, Integrated hanging hook.

A high power LED torch mode and anti-slip comfortable grip, resilient polycarbonate and ABS construction, drop proof up to 1m.

Ultimate control over lighting direction - rotates 180° and 360° ratcheting.

Drop in charging base and Li-ion battery for faster consistent recharging and reliability.



The Galaxy 2000 LED portable rechargeable work light designed to meet IP54, is ideal for inspection and other tasks.

Lightweight and portable solution, fold flat design for compact storage.

It has a 360 movement thanks to the adjustable bracket and two modes (high and low).

2000 lumens on high and will run for 2 hours.

100 lumens on half setting, will run for about 4 hours.

The Galaxy 2000 uses a 7.4V 4800mAh lithium-ion battery.



The SOLARIS LITE is a very compact and lightweight LED Light.

It can be set up and working in a few seconds making it ideal for emergency situations, offering a very high light output up to 16,000 lumens.

It can be very easily carried with the shoulder strap, making it ideal for used in remote areas.

The Li-ion battery gives greater portability with a reduced weight of just 5.6kg.

Maximum height 1.3m or up to 1.7m with the additional stability tripod.

SLA Battery (Supplied As Standard)

Battery: 12V 22Ah SLA.

Weight: 9.5Kg.

Running Time:

  • High (16,000 lumens) - 2 hours.
  • Medium (8000 lumens) - 4 hours.
  • Low (4000 lumens) - 8 hours.
  • Flashing (4000 lumens) - 16 hours.


    NightSearcher SL180 Spotlight

    The NightSearcher SL180, ultra-lightweight spotlight ideal for closer applications and long running times.

    Two different modes of brightness: high will run for 4 hours and low will run for 10 hours.

    The casing is water, shock and drop resistant, SL180 spotlight comes complete with mains and vehicle chargers.



    NightSearcher SL850 LED Long Distance Searchlight

    The NightSearcher SL850 rechargeable LED spotlight torch with an impressive long range and 850 lumen beam.

    Two different modes: high and low, a lower setting is used for longer running time.

    The amber flashlight is for use in an emergency or for signalling.

    The SL850 torch using a high powered CREE LEDs for heavy and inefficient halogen searchlights and switching to LED for greater runtimes.

    The body is shock and water resistant and it comes complete with mains and vehicle chargers.



    NightSearcher TRIGGER PRO Rechargeable LED Searchlight

    The Trigger is a lightweight, rechargeable pistol trigger searchlight with a long distance LED light.

    The unique deep reflector system combined with high intensity Cree® LED provide a spot beam able to cover up to a 1000m.

    This high intensity British-made spotlight gives a super spot beam that can cover a distance of 700 Metre in regular weather conditions.

    Rubberised handle for comfortable grip and Robust polypropylene construction.

    Battery level indicator showing battery level when in use.

    Battery: 3.7V 3600mAh Li-ion - Low 15hrs & High 3.4hrs.

    Supplied with: Wrist strap, Micro USB cable, 12V Vehicle charger and USB Mains adaptor.


    NightSearcher 12V 7A/h Replacement Battery For All Panther & All NS750 Quick View
    Hurry – low stock

    NightSearcher 12V 7A/h Replacement Battery

    Replacement Battery Forl Panther and NS750 models

    High quality replacement battery NightSearcher 12V 7A/h can be used for various NightSearcher products,

    but highly recomended to use for Panther models (CB/MA/BF/LED) and both versions of the NS750 (standard and LED).



    NightSearcher Puma XML Searchlight

    The Puma XML LED version of the popular NightSearcher Puma torch.

    Brighter, more compact and ideal for security and for use in the construction industry or emergency services.

    The LED version offers: superior running time and reflector offering an improved beam.

    800 lumens offers an 800 meters beam on high.

    The Puma XML LED torch is using shock resistant polyethylene plastic casing and it is weatherproof and virtually unbreakable.

    It comes complete with mains charger and detachable shoulder strap.



    Rechargeable LED Hand lamp Trio 550 Yellow

    Trio-550 searchlight is USB Rechargeable Water and shock resistant LED Hand lamp.

    550 Lumens Output - 600 metre light beam, powered by Li-ion battery.

    Rubberised casing and shoulder strap.

    Four Light modes, Full, Half power, Flashing Emergency.

    Runtime 3 -7 hours and includes USB cable and USB car charger, USB Output socket to charge mobile phones.



    The NightSearcher EX325 is an intrinsically safe, right angled LED flashlight.

    EX-325 offering a CREE XP-G LEDs 323 lumen output and it’s ideal for use in the fire or emergency services, utility companies.

    It has a high-vis yellow plastic IP54 rating casing.

    On high setting it will operate for approximately 6.5 hours using a set of 4 x AA batteries (non rechargeable).

    Intrinsically safe LED right angled torch for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas.



    The NightSearcher EX160 is an intrinsically safe LED flashlight Ideal for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas.

    EX160 offering a 160 lumen output despite its compact nature, ideal for use in the utility companies, fire and emergency services.

    It has a high-vis yellow plastic casing along with an IP67 rating.

    Waterproof up to 1m (IP67) making it shock resistant.

    NightSearcher EX160 will operate for approximately 6 hours (on high setting) using a set of 4 x AA non rechargeable batteries.



    The NightSearcher EX-Zoom flashlight offering both - flood and spot beams.

    Ideal for use in the fire or emergency services and utility companies.

    NightSearcher EX-Zoom has a high-vis yellow plastic casing along with an IP67 rating.

    The spot beam will reach over 100 metres and is adjustable from spot to flood beam depending on the application.

    It will operate for approximately 6 hours (spot beam) using a set of 4 x AA batteries (non rechargeable).

    Features an on/off tail switch on the base.

    Ideal for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas.

    Comes complete with wrist strap.



    NightSearcher UV365 uses the latest UV technology to produce a ultra-violet beam.

    UV365 is designed with the forensic sector and crime scene investigation in mind.

    The light comes from a powerful 5 watt UV LED - Class 1M laser lamp and will run for 4 hours before a recharge is needed.

    The robust aluminium casing ensures the NightSearcher UV365 remains water and shock resistant.

    30 beam range is emitted and has no dark sports or rings.

    The UV365 is rechargeable and also features a tail cap switch.

    Comes complete with Rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery, vehicle and main AC charger.



    NightSearcher HT550R LED Head Torch

    The NightSearcher HT550R Rechargeable LED Head Torch offers an impressive 550 lumen output.

    It is ideal for most types of short and long distance inspection work.

    The head torch has 3 modes: spot beam, wide beam and auto when the torch sensor will detect when you are close to object and change the beam accordingly.

    The HT550R is fully rechargeable and weatherproof and features green, red or blue rear warning light.

    It comes complete with lithium-ion battery and no slip head strap.



    NightSearcher HT340R LED Head Torch

    The NightSearcher HT340R is a compact and rechargeable head torch which features a distance dimming sensor.

    The reactive distance sensor can automatically adapt the light from a bright spot beam to a wide flood beam for closer inspection work.

    This LED head torch recharges on a mini USB cable, it offers 340 lumens with a 200 meter beam.

    The head torch has 3 modes: spot beam, wide beam and auto when the torch sensor will detect when you are close to object and change the beam accordingly.

    The NightSearcher HT340R comes complete with adjustable, non-slip head straps.



    NightSearcher UV395 is a compact, lightweight UV flashlight

    UV395 is using Ultra Violet technology to provide the police and forensic teams with a high quality UV light.

    The 1 watt UV LED lamp provides an ultra-violet beam, robust body constructed from durable aluminium.

    Ultra-light due to its aircraft grade aluminium body making it water and shock resistant.

    The UV395 Running Time is 3.5 hours on full power.

    The power is provided from the two CR123A batteries (not included).

    Designed for security applications such as detecting counterfeit money and documents.



    NightSearcher EnduraStar Rechargeable LED Sports Light

    Visibility Multi-purpose Sports Light simple click accessories, converting it to a jogging light, bike light or emergency light.

    Simple click arm band is ideal for Jogging or Hiking - Front white light, and Rear red light.

    Simple click on bike frame and make it ideal for cycling - Front white light, Rear red light.

    Magnetic emergency light, Rechargable via micro USB.

    Drop proof up to 1.5m, Design to meet IPX4.



    The StarBuddy offers a strong construction and compact size.

    180 Lumens COB (chip on board) LED technology, 100% or 50% front light.

    Red flashing emergency light + white light and 4 light modes: HIGH - LOW - TORCH – FLASHING.

    Hanger and 180-degree swivel adjustable Magnetic base stand that allow you to place it anywhere.

    A perfect tool for workshop, camping, automobile and emergency application.

    Runtime: Flood 3hrs, Red Flashing lights 6hrs, Torch 3.5hrs.


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    Nightsearcher Torches | Search lights

    NightSearcher Torches started in England, in 1989 specialising in rechargeable lighting solutions.

    NightSearcher became the lighting brand of choice with the Police, Fire Services and British industrial markets.

    NightSearcher makes all its products in the UK.

    NightSearcher makes high quality and carefully selected torches of all types:-

    Nightsearcher searchlights are typically hand held, rechargeable lights.

    Rechargeable hand-lamps

    Nightsearcher floodlights, for use on sites and

    rechargeable flashlights to Nightsearcher head-torches.

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