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Mullion 1MC3 FRC2 Waterproof Anti-Exposure Thermal Suit 70 Newton Flotation Suit

This waterproof sailing suit not only keeps you dry and warm, but gives you a 70 Newton or 7kg buoyancy lift if you fall overboard.

This buoyancy suit is used by rescue crews, coastguard , sailors, and inspection crews, and RIB crews.

This Mullion anti exposure suit is windproof, waterproof, breathable, thermal insulating, buoyant and allows your easy movement.

The Mullion FRC2 Suit includes a lower collar than suits in our other models - to avoid interference when wearing a safety helmet

The flotation suit guarantees great 180º visibility for the wearer.

The hood is extended to fit over a crash helmet.

It has resilient reinforced panels added to the front leg, back leg and seat area.

There is extra foam added on the chest to give optimal buoyancy

Added wind chill resistance - for extreme conditions.

Attachment points on the suit make it possible to securely fit a life jacket on top of it.



Mullion1MJA Orange Weatherproof jacket with 50 Newton buoyancy.

These are generally intended for use in sheltered waters where more bulky or buoyant devices would diminish the user’s activity.

Doesn't impede the user if the the user is a conscious, competent swimmer.

The Mullion 1MJA X6 Flotation Jacket provides excellent protection against the elements.

This suit protects against cold water shock and hypothermia.

Waterproof outer with taped seams offers waterproof protection.

2 Fleece hand-warmer hip pockets- these keep hands warm on those cold winter days.

Zipped Napoleon pocket under the storm flap keeps your items safe and dry.

600 Denier - extra strong reinforced panels on the seat area.

Adjustable inner neoprene wrist seals offer a tight secure fit around the wrist area.

ID pocket on the sleeve - with the facility to add a SOLAS light.

Thermal lined hood - will keep your head warm and dry in cold weather.

Marine whistle included - in case the wearer goes overboard so they can draw attention or call for help.

SOLAS/IMO approved reflective tape on shoulders - this helps with visibility in low light areas.

Left arm pocket that includes a waterproof flap, which protects you belongings.

Certified to EN343 Class 3 safety standards.

Designed for use with the Mullion Aquafloat Superior 1MJA X6 floatation trousers. We can supply these with 5 days - just contact sales@northseaworkwear.com

These re suitable for constant wear, including general deck and crew use.

Top quality jacket made from high grade materials.


Was £164.73

Mullion 1MJL Dockworker Floatation Jacket

This garment provides a degree of thermal protection against cold water shock and delays hypothermia upon immersion.

Fully waterproof.

High-Vis fabric and tape reflectors give maximum visibility on hood, arms and body.

Waterproof hood rolls in the collar for neat storage.

Storm flap and extra protective chin strap with touch and close fastening give a tight secure fit.

Drainage facility on all pockets, hem and at the wrists lets water drain out of the pockets.

Crutch strap and an inner adjustable waist belt give added support.

Perfect for dock side use with the reflective high visibility bands complying with EN471 safety standards.

Mullion 1MJL Dockworker Floatation Jacket conforms to: EN 471 Class 3, EN343, EN393 safety standards.


Was £136.0

Mullion 1MW2 Floater Safety Waistcoat, Size XL

Bodywarmer with inherent buoyancy of 50 Newton.

Waterproof hardwearing yet comfortable fabrics, fleece lined for warmth, heavy duty full length front zip.

Fleece lined hand warmer pockets & inner zip pocket on lining.

Size: XL.

Clolour: Navy/Red.


Was £114.91
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Mullion Flotation Workwear

“The Sea shall not have them”
Mullion’s strapline is such a great, evocative line.

It embodies the Mullion Flotation Suits purpose: to keep you safe from the sea, when you are at sea.

North Sea Workwear has always been a big fan of UK–based Mullion Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs). We admire the Mullion commitment and the high quality standards.

Purchase from our Mullion life jacket range: eg superior (275 Newtons of buoyancy) life jacket, such as the Mullion Mariner 275N and many other products for personal flotation purposes like the Mullion 1MD7, these pfd products are top of the line, premium quality.

We sell PFDs such as the Mullion 1MHA North Sea 1 (one piece suit, designed to protect against hypothermia and cold water shock); Mullion 1MJA X6 Flotation Jacket (Intended for use in sheltered waters where more bulky or buoyant devices would limit the user’s activity or actually endanger the user); or the Mullion 1MC3: This Anti-Exposure Suit 70n is designed to face the worst emergencies at the sea.


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