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MSA Ga3130400000-Ba000 F2 Extreme Fire Helmet

The F2 X-Trem helmet is a multi purposed safety helmet suitable for various applications.

Ideal for firefighters, providing protection against fires especially forest fires.

Manufactured with a strong, ventilated shell for extra user comfort.

Secure fit provided by the ratchet adjustment system. Improved security is gained via the internal chin strap.

On both sides of the helmet users can attach their attachments (Earmuffs, Visors etc).

Conforms to EN 397 & EN12492 Safety Standards.


Was £168.06

MSA V Gard 500 Neon Orange Non Vented Hard Hat Staz-On Suspension Work Helmet

The V-Gard 500 is a high quality helmet that provides superior protection.

Manufactured with a high performance ABS shell. Includes a rain gutter.

30mm slot provides compatibility with MSA V-Gard accessories.

Glaregard® Surface under brim to reduce reflective glare.

MSA Staz-On harness with sweatband.

MSA Staz-On Vgard 500 Orange ABS Shell Helmet conforms to EN397 head protection standards.



MSA Original V-Gard 520 Short peak Safety Helmet with Fas-Trac

The popular V-Gard features a high density polyethylene [HDPE] shell and a textile suspension.



MSA V-Gard Advance Class C Type I Polyethylene HDPE Shell Helmet - White Quick View
Hurry – low stock

MSA V-Gard Protective Helmet

Manufactured with a polyethylene shell for superior imapct resistance.

The seld-adjusting crown straps allows a secure and comfortable fit.

Ideal for using on construction sites, chemical, mining.

MSA V-Gard Protective Cap conforms to: EN397:2012, EN50365:2002 & EN13463-1:2001 safety standards.



MSA F1SF Firefighters Safety Helmet

Specially designed to combat hazards that firefighters may encounter.

The reinforced polyamide shell is impact absorbent providing superior head protection.

Compatible with the SCBA mask and other accessories such as lamps and com systems.

Designed with a fire resistant neck curtain which improves protection against fire.

Conforms to EN443:2008 Safety Standard.


Was £346.29
MSA Gallet F1 XF Fire Helmet Double Visor And Neck Curtain Firefighter's Hard Hat Yellow Quick View
Hurry – low stock

MSA Gallet F1 XF Fire Helmet Double Visor And Neck Curtain Firefighter's Hard Hat Yellow

Developed with firefighters from around the globe, the Gallet F1 XF sets the new standard for structural firefighting helmets.

It enters a new dimension of protection, functionalities integration, comfort of use and modularity.

Optimal fit for all users profiles

Unmatched comfort with no pressure points on the head, and padding designed for ease of care and use

Short range, integrated lighting for optimal visibility in dark or smoky environments

Robust sizing mechanism allowing for user friendly adjustment while on the head

Adjustment of the wearing position for an optimal comfort and balance for all users profiles

Adjustable, high performance ocular visor – optimal fit for all faces to prevent injuries

High performing and comfortable face protection with gold coating

Unmatched thermal and mechanical protection even in extremely hot conditions

Conforms to: EN 443:2008, EN16471 & EN16473, type B, EN166 Optical Class 1



MSA V-Gard 930 Integrated Over-Spectacles Vented Helmet

The MSA V-Gard 930 - modern helmet with a low-profile and integrated eye protection.

Vented industrial hard hat with 6-point Fas-Trac III ratchet suspension with premium washable and replaceable sweatband.

Integrated over spectacles with intelligent adjustment and innovative rubber seal to ensure gap free eye protection on the face, ideal solution where top impact hazards to the head, UV and particles hazards to the eyes exist.

Made of ABS for strength and lateral crushing protection, modern, dynamic with sports styled shell.

Integrated over spectacles fit over most corrective lenses by sliding the suspension, and offer premium anti-fog and anti-scratch properties.

The MSA V-Gard 930 Vented Protective Helmet with Integrated Over Spectacles suitable for use in ATEX areas and certified according to DIN EN 397 (Industrial Protective Helmet), ELECTROSTATIC-INERIS Certificate to EN 13463-1: 2001 for safe use in ATEX areas, and DIN EN 166 (Personal Eye Protection).


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MSA Helmets

MSA Helmets and Head Protection Equipment's

MSA Head Protection – MSA is the leader, worldwide for worker’s head protection. They have been making industrial helmets for well over 50 years.

The MSA V-Gard helmet is now a brand of its own, with its trademark V shell design. Over 100 million V Gard helmets (such as V-Gard 520 and V-Gard 500) have been sold worldwide. Why? - because they offer the best head protection and have 6-point cradle comfort.

MSA also make the renowned Gallet firefighting helmets (as well as jet and chopper pilot helmets, but we don’t do those). MSA gas detectors have evolved from their firefighting experience. And today the Altair and Multi Air are the recognised standard portable, wearable gas detectors.


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