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Montrose Bags | Offshore kit bags

Montrose Rope and Sail (MRS) was founded in 1789 by a rope and sail maker from Leith, Scotland.

The business served the local fishing industry by making rope and hand sewn sails. Today MRS makes the best tarpaulin bags for mostly offshore use by sailors and oilmen. (Occasionally they allow non-seafaring folk use them…)

A traditional, family run business, Montrose Bags has fully embraced the 21st century: recently they moved to custom built premises and investing in new, state-of-the-art technology.

Montrose bags are water resistant, heavy duty PVC and designed to keep sailors kit dry. These kit bags are built to withstand the abuse of being thrown in to helicopters (the Montrose Shuttle bag) and transferred ships to access North Sea rigs.

So, rest assured: these 18" (40lt) Montrose shuttle kit bags put up with the best you have to throw at them!

Montrose make larger kit bags in 24" and 36" lengths: Montrose Offshore kit bag Medium 24" (54lt) and the Montrose Offshore kit bag Large 36" (81lt).

These are used withing the shipping, sailing and general industry.

The newer designs Montrose ESK kit bag and Northesk bags are built with heavyweight PVC, made for heavy duty, with reinforced stitching.

Montrose Bags are the bag of choice for riggers, roughnecks, sailors and any seafarers who know their bags.

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