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IKAR Personal Fall Protection

IKAR Personal Fall Protection Systems

The safety of our customers is paramount. For this reason, IKAR is a leading active member of the European Standards Committee for Personal Fall Protection systems.

IKAR GmbH was founded in 1978 in Germany and is still a family run, owner-managed business that only makes premium quality fall arrest equipment. Since the company's beginnings in the owner?s garage, IKAR has developed into a world-leading manufacturer of high-altitude safety equipment.

IKAR fall arrest products are made 100% in Germany, using German components. They are made to the highest standards. The IKAR Products are multi- certified (ie they comply not only with BS and EN standards, but also with the US ANSI standards (which are actually more demanding and detailed than the EN standards for Fall arrest). We offer these Fall Arrest Blocks, IKAR davits, Energy Absorbing Lanyards, Recovery Devices, Safety Harnesses, Restraint Lanyards and IKAR tripods.

Our wide range of products, ranging from Safety Harnesses to Rescue from Height and Confined Space Rescue Equipment, offers our customers the best possible solution. IKAR produces about 10,000 high-altitude safety devices every month, for discerning users in 50 countries worldwide.

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