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Howard Leight

Howard Leight 1005980 PerCap Banded Earplug Replacement Pods Box of 10

For workers who are exposed to intermittent or low levels of noise, Howard Leight's PerCap banded ear plugs offer an alternative to earplugs and earmuffs.

Soft replacement plugs for stylish banded hearing protector.

Innovative flexible band for optimum fit and superior comfort

Unique rotational flexure offers optimal positioning and easy manipulation.

Howard Leight 1005980 PerCap Banded Earplugs conforms to: EN 352-2:1993


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Howard Leight

Howard Light Hygiene Kits extend the performance and lifetime of your earmuffs.

Each package includes one pair of replacement ear cushions and one pair of foam inserts.

Snap-in ear cushions are standard on all Howard Light earmuffs.

Recommended replacement every 6 months with general use, more frequently with heavy use.

These are for Howard Light Lightning L2FHV noise-blocking earmuffs.


Howard Leight

Howard Leight LL-1 Laserlites Hi Vis SNR= 35dB Soft Foam Ear Plugs

Vibrant Colours makes protection highly visible.

Laserlite LL-1 un-corded ear plugs are made using Self-adjusting polyurethane foam expands to fit virtually every wearer.

Contoured T-SHAPE design helps in easy insertion, for easy insertion and wear.

Smooth, soil-resistant closed cell-foam skin prevents dirt build-up.

High visibility colors make compliance checks quick and easy.

Each pair of ear plugs is individually wrapped.

Laserlite LL-1 un-corded ear plugs conforms to EN352-2 standards.


Howard Leight

Howard Leight Bilsom 303L Uncorded Earplug 1005073

The right earplug should feel comfortable in the ear canal without compromising protection.

Howard Leight® Bilsom 303 single-use earplug gives the increased comfort that you deserve.

Bilsom® 303's unique foam formulation delivers both in-ear comfort and visibility with the introduction of the Leight Stripe™, a skilled blend of yellow and white polyurethane foam that feels softer in both your hand and in your ear, but does not feel too tight in your ear canal.

It is easier to roll-down, and once inserted properly, resists the tendency to back out of the ear canal - ensuring a tight seal for optimal protection.

Its smooth, soil-resistant skin prevents the build-up of dirt on the earplug, promoting proper hygiene.

Plus, its distinct yellow end is highly visible outside the ear canal for compliance checks.


Howard Leight

Howard Leight Laser Lite Uncorded Earplugs Ear Defenders LL-1-D Refill

The bright idea in hearing protection, Laser Lite’s low-pressure polyurethane foam expands gently inside the ear canal for comfortable long-term wear, while its contoured T-shape delivers easy handling.

Its high-visibility magenta and yellow colours make compliance checks quick and easy.

Plus, Laser Lite is available with special packaging and dispenser options, ideal for process industries with low tolerances for packaging waste.

Howard Leight LL-1-D Laser Lite Uncorded Earplugs conforms to: EN 352-2:1993, EN-24869-1:1993.



Howard Leight 1010925 Bilsom Viking V1 Ear Defenders SNR=30dB

The rotating headband allows the user to select position over the head, behind the neck or under the chin.

Air Flow Control ™ technology patented by Bilsom delivers optimal attenuation across all frequencies, without increasing the size or weight of the cups.

Alternative to headphones helmet mounted - possibility of wearing the headset with helmets, face shields, respirators and other protective equipment.

Snap-in ear cushions make replacement quick and easy.

Support clamp provided, to ensure the stability of the headset when the headband is rotated behind the neck or under the chin.

Dielectric headphones suitable for all work environments, also in the presence of electricity.


Attenuation: H=32dB M=28dB L=21dB SNR=30dB

Conform to: EN352-1



Howard Clarity C1H Helmet Mounted Earmuff

Clarity Series earmuffs improve worker safety by blocking noise, while voice and signal frequencies can be heard more naturally.

Clarity earmuffs provide uniform attenuation that allows speech frequencies to be heard with less distortion - combating worker isolation and overprotection on the job.

Plus, Clarity's robust non-deforming dielectric design withstands use and abuse while protecting workers in electrical environments.



Honeywell 1015689 Protege Black Frame Spectacle

Smart Style and Design Stylish sunglass, Looks great when worn, Lightweight design.

Spring temples, Flexible temples to fit your ears.

A superior feature found in RX frames or sunglass spectacles.

High Protection Wrap-around 7-base polycarbonate lenses.

More comfort with soft nose bridge to prevent slippage and to fit your nose.

Honeywell 1015689 Protege provides excellent coverage and protection.

Well suited for applications such as utilities, light manufacturing, ship building and construction.


Howard Leight

Howard Leight Bilsom Viking V3 Ear Defenders

Bilsom Viking V3 multiple-position earmuffs from Howard Leight offers the flexibility to wear their earmuffs over the head behind the head or under-the-chin, it can be worn with other PPE, including hard hats, face shields, welding shields and respirators.

Robust non-deforming dielectric construction withstands use and abuse while protecting your workers in electrical environments.

The unique Viking patented Air Flow Control technology for optimal attenuation across all frequencies, breathes easier in warm/humid climates.

Bilsom Viking V3 snap-in ear cushions - make replacement quick and easy.

Howard Leight Bilsom Viking V3 Ear Defenders approved to EN352-1, H:33 M:30 L:24. SNR:32.


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Howard Leight Earplugs

Howard Leight ear plugs: in-ear protection.

Honeywell–owned Howard Leight is long recognised as the brand leader in in-ear hearing protection. (That is "ear plugs" to you and me).

And as the leader in innovation, only Howard Leight continually develops new designs, materials and technologies that take comfort and protection to the next level.

The red bell-shaped Max is the world's most used Polyurethane (PU) ear plug!

The green T bell shaped Max Lite is ideal for smaller users.

The rhubarb and custard coloured T bell Laser Lite ear plugs expands to fit most ears.

The yellow orange Multi Max earplugs can be inserted in 2 ways into the ear canal - offering differing fitting.

Howard Leight, as hearing protection leaders, also offer an extensive range of over-ear hearing protection. (Ear muffs and ear defenders as we would know them). The Howard Leight Bilsom Thunder is a 36SNR ear defender.

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