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Howard Leight

Howard Light Hygiene Kits extend the performance and lifetime of your earmuffs.

Each package includes one pair of replacement ear cushions and one pair of foam inserts.

Snap-in ear cushions are standard on all Howard Light earmuffs.

Recommended replacement every 6 months with general use, more frequently with heavy use.

These are for Howard Light Lightning L2FHV noise-blocking earmuffs.


Howard Leight

Howard Leight Max Lite Earplug LPF-1 Uncorded

Ideal for workers with smaller ear canals, Max Lite's low-pressure polyurethane foam expands gently inside the ear canal for comfortable long-term wear, while its contoured T-shape delivers ease of handling.

Smooth, soil-resistant closed cell-foam skin prevents dirt build-up.

Bulk refills for Leight Source 500 Earplug Dispensers save time, waste and space.

Disclaimer: please note the image shown is for illustration purposes only; the colours / design may be subject to changes by the manufacturer.


Howard Leight

Howard Leight 3301130 Max Disposable Corded Ear Plugs SNR=37dB Protection

Howard Leight MAX offers superior noise-blocking performance in a single-shift disposable earplug.

The Howard Leight 3301130 Max by Honeywell uses soft foam to give long-wearing comfort and performance.

The smooth soil-resistant skin offers excellent protection from dirt, and the bell shaped design makes insertion and removal quick and simple.

Howard Leight 3301130 Max enhanced contoured shape is easier to insert and resists backing out of the ear canal.

Howard Leight 3301130 Max Disposable Corded Ear Plugs conforms to: EN 352-2:1993, EN-24869-1:1993

Disclaimer: please note the image shown is for illustration purposes only; the colours / design may be subject to changes by the manufacturer.

100 Pairs Box


Howard Leight

Howard Leight Max1 Uncorded Ear Protection PU Foam Disposable Earplugs 3301161

The world's most popular polyurethane foam earplug, MAX offers superior noise-blocking performance in a single-use disposable earplug.

MAX's enhanced contoured shape is easier to insert and resists backing out of the ear canal, while its softer foam delivers superior long-wearing comfort - delivering solid performance that your workers can depend on.

Howard Leight Max-1 Single-Use Earplugs conforms to: EN352-2 standards.

Pack of 200 Pairs.


Howard Leight
Leightning series' steel-wire construction provides high performance and robust durability. Leightning stands up to daily use and abuse without compromising comfort. Howard Leight has optimized the Leightning series to deliver the highest level of comfort available, featuring an exclusive padded foam headband and super-soft ear cushions that eliminate that "squeezing” pressure on the head. The Leightning series also features Bilsom® Technology's patented Air Flow Control technology for optimal attenuation across all frequencies and snap-in ear cushions for easy maintenance.


Howard Leight

Howard Leight Bilsom 304L Corded Ear Plugs SNR=33dB Hearing Protection

Polyurethane Foam - Soft foam delivers superior long-wearing comfort and solid performance.

Yellow and white colour delivers high degree of comfort and visibility when worn.

Patented polyurethane foam expands gently in the ear canal, reduces tendency to back out of the ear canal.

Prevents dirt or other substances from accumulating on skin or entering ear canal.

Less expansion pressure creates a more comfortable seal, wears more comfortably than other foam earplugs over long periods of time.

Tapered bullet-shape design easier to roll-down and insert, adapts more evenly to shape of the ear canal.

Howard Leight 1000106 Bilsom 304L Corded Earplugs conform to: EN 352-2:2002; SNR (dB):33 - H (dB): 32 - M (dB):29 - L (dB):29 standards.


Howard Leight

Howard Leight Bilsom 303L Uncorded Earplug 1005073

The right earplug should feel comfortable in the ear canal without compromising protection.

Howard Leight® Bilsom 303 single-use earplug gives the increased comfort that you deserve.

Bilsom® 303's unique foam formulation delivers both in-ear comfort and visibility with the introduction of the Leight Stripe™, a skilled blend of yellow and white polyurethane foam that feels softer in both your hand and in your ear, but does not feel too tight in your ear canal.

It is easier to roll-down, and once inserted properly, resists the tendency to back out of the ear canal - ensuring a tight seal for optimal protection.

Its smooth, soil-resistant skin prevents the build-up of dirt on the earplug, promoting proper hygiene.

Plus, its distinct yellow end is highly visible outside the ear canal for compliance checks.



Howard Leight 3301183 Replacement Pods

Replacement Pods for QB3HYG Banded Earplugs.

Extends lifetime and performance of QB3HYG Banded Earplugs.

Pods should be replaced every 2-4 weeks as recommended by the manufacturer

Price refers to the single pair


Was £163.83
Howard Leight

Howard Leight Clarity 656 L Reusable Corded Earplugs SNR=22dB Box Of 10

Clarity 656 multiple-use earplugs use advanced manufacturing technology to deliver a revolutionary combination of all-day comfort and easy handling.

Its FlexiFirm™ core ensures easy insertion into the ear canal and a superior fit all day long.

Clarity’s patented SoftFlange™ design adjusts perfectly to the ear canal to deliver unmatched comfort and superior attenuation, while its soft braided fabric detachable cord system adapts to any application.

Multimaterial fused design: Combines TPE firm core for easy handling and TPE soft flanges for comfort and fit.

Quadruple softflange design: Provides all day comfort and superb attenuation.

Flexifirm core: Easy to grasp, aids in insertion.

Detachable cord system: Soft braided fabric cord adapts to worker preference or application.

Hearpack storage case: Easy to stow on a break, store between shifts or keep right at hand.

Attenuation: H=24dB, M=19dB, L=17db, SNR=22dB

Conform to: EN 352-2:2002

Supplied in boxes of 10 pairs



Howard Clarity C1H Helmet Mounted Earmuff

Clarity Series earmuffs improve worker safety by blocking noise, while voice and signal frequencies can be heard more naturally.

Clarity earmuffs provide uniform attenuation that allows speech frequencies to be heard with less distortion - combating worker isolation and overprotection on the job.

Plus, Clarity's robust non-deforming dielectric design withstands use and abuse while protecting workers in electrical environments.


Howard Leight 1012522 Detectable Multi-Use Corded Earplug - Pack of 50 Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Howard Leight SmartFit Detectable Multiple-Use Corded Earplug 1012522

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) adapts plug to the contours of the ear canal.

Conforming Material Technology SmartFit Detectable uses body heat to adapt to the shape of the ear canal.

SmartFit user-friendly design for a more personalized fit, feels better the longer you wear it.

Detectable ring on stem and attached metalized cord detectable by automated equipment, while blue color aids in visual detection.

It’s the ultra-smart choice for today’s diverse workplace.

Conforms to SNR (dB) 30: H (dB) 32, M (dB) 27, L (dB) 23.



Honeywell 1015689 Protege Black Frame Spectacle

Smart Style and Design Stylish sunglass, Looks great when worn, Lightweight design.

Spring temples, Flexible temples to fit your ears.

A superior feature found in RX frames or sunglass spectacles.

High Protection Wrap-around 7-base polycarbonate lenses.

More comfort with soft nose bridge to prevent slippage and to fit your nose.

Honeywell 1015689 Protege provides excellent coverage and protection.

Well suited for applications such as utilities, light manufacturing, ship building and construction.


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Howard Leight Earplugs

Howard Leight ear plugs: in-ear protection.

Honeywell–owned Howard Leight is long recognised as the brand leader in in-ear hearing protection. (That is "ear plugs" to you and me).

And as the leader in innovation, only Howard Leight continually develops new designs, materials and technologies that take comfort and protection to the next level.

The red bell-shaped Max is the world's most used Polyurethane (PU) ear plug!

The green T bell shaped Max Lite is ideal for smaller users.

The rhubarb and custard coloured T bell Laser Lite ear plugs expands to fit most ears.

The yellow orange Multi Max earplugs can be inserted in 2 ways into the ear canal - offering differing fitting.

Howard Leight, as hearing protection leaders, also offer an extensive range of over-ear hearing protection. (Ear muffs and ear defenders as we would know them). The Howard Leight Bilsom Thunder is a 36SNR ear defender.

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