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A top quality boot from Honeywell Bacou 783, this boot is one of our most popular brands and one of our biggest sellers.

These boots have fantastic features to keep your feet warm and dry at all times (BAC'RUN SPECIFIC PRO BTP).

Water resistant oiled full grain leather upper, will keep out moisture and water whatever the weather.

The 200J SPACIUM™ injected polymer toe cap, will protect your toes against falling objects.

The composite Toe cap is low in weight providing unhindered movement speed.

Dual density PU foam insole gives great performance for a soft, durable instep.

The dual density polyurethane will offer you brilliant slip resistance on a wide variety of surfaces.

Overall a fantastic boot which will give you great service, also offers great value for money.

This boot is S3 rated , protecting the user from any underfoot spikes like nails.

Complies with EN ISO 20345: 2011 S3 HI CI SRC safety standards.

Conclusion: This is an Excellent boot: it has true Comfort, Stylish and is Lightweightand Flexible.


Was £49.76

Honeywell 6246221 Energic Men Safety Boots

Metal Free Boots with Side Zip

The Energic safety boots have a modern design, resistance to extreme environments and strong adhesion to all types of surfaces, also provide long-lasting comfort.

Dual density PU sole lightweight yet hardwearing and ideal for use in a variety of environments.



Honeywell Bacou Magma 6246151 Black Leather Side Zip S3 SRC Safety Work Boots

Water-resistant, full grain leather upper, lined and reinforced with padding.

Padding to protect the ankle bone against lateral shocks.

Poromax® lining is a breathable, 3D absorbent and quick-dry interior lining.

Large pull-on loops and Lateral zip with built-in leather watertight bellow.

Non-metallic - 50% lighter than steel 200J SPACIUM toe cap in injected polymer.

Flexium anti-puncture midsole: non-metallic, made with high tenacity textile fibres is light and flexible.

Dual density polyurethane Outsole - PU 2D.

High slip resistance (SRC)- due to well defined cleat design, wide, deep and self-cleaning.

Honeywell Bacou Magma Side Zip S3 SRC Safety Boots conforms to: EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 HI CI SRC safety foorwear standards.


Was £68.61

Honeywell 4180130 SPACEL 2000 EBJ Disposable Coverall

The Honeywell Spacel disposable coverall is designed to give the best fit and comfort while remaining tightly sealed and protected.

Elasticated ankles and wrists, and a specially designed hood, make these easy to combine with shoes, gloves, glasses and masks.

Suitable for industrial cleaning, maintenance, medical and pharmaceutical.

Honeywell 4180130 SPACEL 2000 EBJ disposable coverall conforms to EN 465 Cat.1 safety standard.


Honeywell disposable visor-system A114400 Junior B VL Airhood Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Honeywell A114400 Junior B VL Airhood Visor System

Designed for use with powered air respirators, the Junior B VL protects the head, neck, and shoulders.

Made with flexible and lightweight material, it has a unique system of spring loaded clamps for disposable visors.

There is a wide field of vision, and the disposable visor-system allows easy removal during operations and protects the main visor against damage or splashes.

The elastic pull cords ensure a protective overpressure all around the face.



Honeywell 1014301 Duality Safety Glasses Shade 5

Excellent coverage with built-in shields on side, top and bottom of the frame.

Adjustable features such as variable temple length and ratcheting temple angle adjustments allow for a precise fit.

For General use and protection against impact (45m/s)

Used for Gas welding and Oxygen cutting.

Honeywell 1014301 Duality Safety Glasses complies to EN166,ANSI Z87+ (High Impact) standard and EN169 safety standards.



Honeywell Spectacle Retainer Cord Keep Safety Eyewear 1005771 Slide-On

Flexicord Safety Cord for honeywell Spectacles, black.

Practical cord to help keep safety eyewear close by.

Helps prevent loss.

Disclaimer: please note the image shown is for illustration purposes only; the colours / design may be subject to changes by the manufacturer.


Honeywell 1001774 Visor Replacement Polycarbonate DMAK-0021 Airvisor Clear Pack Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Honeywell 1001774 Replacement Polycarbonate Visor

Visor replacement for Dmak-0021 Airvisor and Turbovisor helmets.

Chemical resistant.

Made of Polycarbonate.

Anti-Static coating.

Honeywell 1001774 Replacement Polycarbonate Visor conforms to: EN166.1.B. standard.



Honeywell 1002312 SUPERVIZOR SV9PC

Clear Polycarbonate Visor

Full face protection: optional chinguard versions available for added protectionCreased visor eliminates gaps and visor profile follows contours of the face Visor selection can be tailored to the specific hazard/application: mechanical, chemical, heat etc.SH items are compatible with the complete range of helmet mounted earmuffs including Bilsom communication earmuffs

Conforms to: EN166.1.B



Honeywell 1002309 SUPERVIZOR SV9AC\CG Acetate Visor

A robust, heavy-duty, helmet mounted faceshield with hearing protection compatibility.

Visor fixing method is secure and allows easy visor replacement


Was £18.2

Honeywell 1015112 Visor Replacement

The Bionic Electric Arc Visor is suitable for indoor and outdoor utility work where protection is required from low risk electric arc exposure.

Large superior-quality visor, It provides maximum visibility.

This replacemrnet visor complies with EN166, EN169, EN170 safety standards.


Was £19.95

Honeywell CV84A Clearways Visor

Replacement 200mm Acetate Clear Visor

The Clearways combination offers both strength and durability.

Light weight, it is comfortable enough to wear all day.

Face shield in Acetate for better resistance to chemicals, liquids and scratches.

Conforms to: EN166.1.B

DISCLAIMER: Product images are for illustration purposes only, the actual product you receive may slightly differ due to changes in manufacturing.


Honeywell 1002304 Supervisor Attachment Face-Shield SA66M Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Honeywell 1002304 Supervizor Attachment

Heavy-duty, helmet mounted faceshield with hearing protection compatibility

Compatible with a wide range of helmet designs (size, shape and geometry)

Visor fixing method is secure and allows easy visor replacement

Offers maximum protection, allowing full unrestricted head movement



Honeywell 1011017 XC Replacement Lens TSR Grey FogBan

For use with any Pulsafe XC frame.

9 base-curved high coverage lens.

It gives a total wraparound coverage and assure exceptional peripheral vision along with complete protection.

It protects from the top of the eye to the bottom with no gaps.

They can be changed easily without replacing the entire frame for a longer product life and cost savings.

Honeywell 1011017 XC Replacement Lens conforms to: EC1144 standards.



Honeywell 1011027 XC Blue Frame Clear FogBan Lens

Adjustable temples & lenses with flexible nose-piece provides a comfortable fit.

Extra flexible frame and easily replaceable lenses make for a longer product life and cost savings.

It protects from the top of the eye to the bottom with no gaps.

It will fit a variety of different faces, including both men & women, and feels like made-to-order.

A perfect fit is guaranteed.

Honeywell 1011027 XC Blue Frame complies to EN166,ANSI Z87+ (High Impact) standard and EN170 safety standards.


Honeywell Clarity 656 L Reusable Ear Plugs SNR 22dB Blue in Storage Box Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Honeywell Clarity 656 L Reusable Corded Ear Plugs SNR 22dB Defenders

Clarity 656 multiple-use earplugs use advanced manufacturing technology to deliver a revolutionary combination of all-day comfort and easy handling.

Its FlexiFirm core ensures easy insertion into the ear canal and a superior fit all day long. Clarity's patented SoftFlange design adjusts perfectly to the ear canal to deliver unmatched comfort and superior attenuation.

Patented design blocks low and medium frequencies while higher frequencies (voice, signals, and alarms) can be heard more naturally, with less distortion.

Low attenuation ideal for marginal noise environments of 95 dB or lower, preventing overprotection and improving overall worker safety and compliance.

Patented quadruple SoftFlange design creates comfortable seal in the ear canal for all-day comfort.

Reusable case with hook allows wearers to attach to belt loop, apron, bag or other work tools.

Honeywell Clarity 656 L Reusable Ear Plugs conform to: EN 352-2:1993, EN-24869-1:1993 safety standards.



Honeywell 1001781Spare Fabric cassette DTVS-1510/5 for Airvisor Kits

Replacement fabric cassette DTVS-1510/5 for Airvisor kits

Not suitable for new Airvisor 2 kits.

Pack of 5



Honeywell 1001675 Airvisor Air Supply Tube

Air Supply Tube with Diffuser DAVS-1407

Replacement DAVS-1407 air tube and diffuser for the Sperian by Honeywell Airvisor AVK-0012, DMAK-0201, DMAK-0202, DMAK-0203.


Honeywell 1014807 Miller R7 Wind Full Body Two Points Harness Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Honeywell Miller R7 Wind Full Body Harness 1014807

Honeywell's full body 2 points harness with positioning belt, equipped with a back D pad with integrated fall indicator.

Quick connect belt buckles, leg straps and automatic quick fixing cam buckles for easy fit.

The perfect lifeline harness, lightweight and comfortable to work in.

Honeywell 1014807 Miller R7 Wind Full Body Harness conforms to: EN 361, EN 358 safety standards.



Built-in web load indicator identifies when the unit needs removed from services.

Engineered webbing for greater abrasion resistance and long service life (vectran / polyester webbing).

Lightweight, high-strength, impact-resistant nylon housing for maximum durability.

Compact and lightweight provides 2m working capacity lifeline.

Quick activating Patent Pending Braking System.

Built-in swivel prevents lifeline from twisting.

No annual factory recertification required.

Rated for up to a 100kg user (use in down level).

Rated for up to a 136 kg user.

Conforms to EN361 Safety Standard.



Honeywell 1018013 TurboLite 2m Self Retracting Lifeline Kit Fall Arrest Lanyard

Quick activating patent pending braking system, compact and lightweight, built-in swivel which prevents twisting,and vectran/polyester webbing, engineered for greater abrasion resistance and long service life.

The TurboLite is the first affordable alternative to shock-absorbing lanyards.

It provides a safe alternative requiring less fall clearance.

Housing high impact nylon

Hub shock-absorbing engineered co-polymer

Webbing Vectran core (25.4mm x 1.5mm)

Connectors Carabiners: Twistlock carabiner (opening: 18mm) raw material: stainless steel Scaff Hook (opening: 65mm) raw material: aluminium

Honeywell Miller 1018013 TurboLite Lifeline Kit Fall Arrest Lanyard complies to EN360 safety Standards.


Honeywell Miller Hi-Vis Vest Harness Lightweight Durable Polyester Size: X Large Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Honeywell Miller 1010326 Fall Arrest Safety Hi-Vis 2 Point DuraFlex Vest Harness

Engineered for top performance in all conditions, the Duraflex® stretch vest harness combines all the benefits of a Duraflex® harness in a highly comfortable and practical high-visibility vest.

Teflon treated, extra shoulder padding, easy-fit front zipper with multiple well-positioned pockets and lateral loops and multiple fit adjustments for a perfect fit summer and winter.

Honeywell Miller Hi-Vis Vest Harness 1010326 conforms to: EN 361, EN 471. safety standards.

Size: XL Only



Honeywell Perfect Poly 2400250 Grey PU Palm Coated Gloves

For handling in a dry/dirty environment requiring excellent dexterity and protection against small cuts.

The tight knit gives the glove perfect support, limits the penetration of dirt and offers a good touch.

Ideal gloves for: Assembling and electronic parts (semiconductors, microprocessors), Mounting and assembly of mechanical parts in the automotive industry and subcontracting, Packing, packaging, sorting of small parts.

Honeywell 2400250 Poly Palm Coated Gloves onforms to: EN 420 and EN 388 : 4121 safety standards.

Size 6 - X-Small.



Honeywell 2299500 DeepBlue Winter Thermal Gloves

Honeywell 2299500 DeepBlue Winter Thermal Gloves are perfect for handling of oily or greasy parts in cold environment.

Outdoor handling in wet environment.

Assembly work in greasy/oily environment.

Complies to EN 420 , EN 388 : 4121, EN 511 : X1X safety standards.



Honeywell NorthFlex Oil Grip NFD35X Cut Resistant Glove

Seamless knit shell offers a high level of cut and abrasion protection.

Palm and full finger coating over knuckles helps to prevent liquid penetration.

The ideal combination of high finger sensitivity and extreme cut protection.

Specially formulated nitrile coating has thousands of microscopic pockets that disperse fluids for better surface to hand contact to help prevent slipping.

Honeywell NorthFlex Oil Grip NFD35X Cut Resistant Glove conforms to: EN 420 Cat. II EN 388 standards.


Was £9.44
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Honeywell Safety Boots and PPE

Honeywell - the largest safety supplier worldwide? Probably.

Honeywell owns and supplies many of the leading names in safety: Adaptec eyewear, Bacou Dalloz safety footwear, Howard Leight earplugs, Miller Fall Arrest harnesses, North Safety Gloves, Sperian eyewear, Timberland Pro workwear and

Honeywell safety boots ...

the list goes on, as Honeywell supplies the full range of PPE and safety wear, worldwide.

Searching for arguably the most adaptable/customised fitting safety glasses on the market? Buy the Adaptec safety glasses. They are designed to fit 3 significantly differently shaped heads (Small, Medium and very Large). They are adaptable to your face to fully protect your eyes from particles, yet allow you 20:20 vision. Keep your eyes safe, in total comfort, for all-day wearing.

Talking about safety and comfort, you’ll like the brown nubuck Bacou Bac'Run non metallic safety boot, made with water-resistant premium leather, with a metal free toe cap protection (50% lighter than steel ones) and extra wide fitting for comfort.

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