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DuPont Tychem

DuPont Tychem F Hooded Coverall CHA5.

Available in grey for discretionary needs, includes elasticated face, waist, wrists and ankles.

Thumb loops prevent sleeves from riding up.

Elasticated hood and self-adhesive chin flap for an excellent fit around a full face respirator.

Zipper with self-adhesive double zip flap offering high level of protection and liquid barrier.

Stitched and overtaped seams offering equal barrier as Tychem fabric.

Elasticated on arm and leg closures ensure good fit and closure at critical points.

Elasticated waist for optimum fit to body.

Stretch rubber thumb loop attached to the end of the sleeve.

Tychem Coverall Made from a lightweight and durable fabric (<500g per garment).

Excellent chemical permeation protection, helping to protect personnel against numerous toxic industrial organic chemicals, highly concentrated inorganic chemicals (even under pressure), particulates, biohazards and certain chemical warfare agents.

Material: Non-woven fabric + polymeric coating + barrier film + polymeric coating. Substrate in Tyvek® with laminated film, 120g/m2.

DuPont Tychem F Hooded Coverall conforms to: Category III, Type 3-B, 4-B, 5-B and 6-B EN ISO 1149-5 EN 1073-2 EN 14126.


DuPont Tychem

DuPont Tychem C Hooded Coverall CHA5

Available in bright yellow for high visibility, includes elasticated face, waist, wrists and ankles.

Thumb loops prevent sleeves from riding up.

Tychem Coverall Made from a lightweight and durable fabric (<450g per garment).

Polymeric barrier coating is offering a good permeation barrier protection against a wide range of biological hazards and inorganic chemicals (even under pressure).



DuPont Tychem 2000 C Apron model PA30L0 Chemical Protection Anti-Static

Specially designed for use with Tychem® apparel, Tychem® Accessories can help offer enhanced protection for body parts that are more exposed to hazardous substances.


Neck and waist ties.


Length: 108cm

One size.

Certified according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425

Partial body chemical protective clothing, Category III, Type PB [3-B]

EN 14126 (barrier to infective agents)

Antistatic treatment (EN 1149-1) - on inside



DuPont Tychem® C2 Chemical Resistant Coverall

Combining high mechanical strength and protection against a range of inorganic chemicals and biological hazards.

Tychem® C2 Coveralls feature a coated Tyvek® fabric with higher mechanical strength to provide barrier protection against numerous concentrated inorganic chemicals and biological hazards

Protective seams are stitched and over-taped with barrier-tape to provide barrier performance equal to that of the fabric

Double zipper and double flaps permit limited re-use if not contaminated

Designed to provide a comfortable fit, ease of movement and protection in most working environments

Hooded coverall with elasticated face, wrists, waist and ankles for an optimal fit

Double cuff system for good glove compatibility (recommended that cuffs are taped to gloves for a tight seal)

Antistatic properties; interior of garment is treated to help meet EN1149-1 requirements

Tychem® C2 is used for splash or pressurised splash protection in a variety of demanding industrial environments, including pulp and paper manufacturing, shutdowns, chemical processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing

Weight: 116 g/m˛

Certifications: Type 3-B/4-B/5-B/6-B, EN 1149-5, EN 1073-2, EN 14126, Cat. III.


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DuPont Tychem Disposable Coveralls

Dupont Tychem disposable coveralls

Tychem suits: made by Dupont, for over 30 years.

These are the suit protection you need for chemical, biological and hazmat risks. The range of Tychem options can match and protect against the particular chemical risk you face.

Tychem C suits, like the TyChem CHA5 are designed to meet Chemical protective coveralls, category 3 standard.

They typically have double self-adhesive zipper flaps.

TyChem F standard suits, such as Tychem Model CHA5 give you benzine and hydrocarbon protection.

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