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Deb InstantFOAM Hand Sanitiser Cartridge 1 Litre With Foaming Valve Quick View
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Deb InstantFOAM Hand Sanitiser 1 Litre Cartridge

In a busy working environment these germs and bacteria can quickly and easily spread.

With an increasing number of employees choosing to self-medicate and continue working, harmful germs and bacteria in the workplace present a worrying problem for employers.

Illnesses not only lower staff morale, but also have a harmful effect on productivity - making your staff and your business suffer.

Deb InstantFOAM hand sanitiser killing 99.999% of many common germs and bacteria that cause illnesses.

Deb InstantFOAM is tested and proven effective against the Avian Flu strain H3N8.

Pump Sanitiser spreads rapidly to cover the hands quickly.

No water required, can be used anywhere, no gelling agents or polymers that leave a sticky residue on hands.

Built-in skin conditioners leave hands feeling soft and smooth, hypoallergenic - minimises the risk of allergic reactions.



Deb Protect Plus helps protect skin against contact with water and non-water based contaminants such as: engine oils, lubricating oils, grease, paints and inks, dilute acids and alkalis.

Makes skin easier to clean and helps to prevent dermatitis.

Quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving a non-greasy after feel.

Kaolin ‘fills-in’ skin pores to help prevent ingression by oil based substances.

Xanthan Gum helps the skin to repel aqueous based substances.

Silicone free formula for safe use in paintshops.

Glycerine moisturises to help prevent skin dryness.

Fragrance-free for maximum user acceptability.

Wheatgerm extracts help leave the skin soft and supple.

Mild formula reduces the risk of any possible irritation.

Dermatologically tested.

Compatible for use with natural rubber (latex) and nitrile gloves.


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Deb Group has been designing and developing skin care products for all types of workplace and public environments, commercial, healthcare and food sectors for over 65 years.

Deb products are sold in over 100 countries and 40 million people use Deb skincare products every single day.

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