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Centurion 1125 Classic General Purpose Well Balanced Safety Helmet Quick View
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Centurion 1125 Classic Unisex Safety Helmet HDPE Six Points Suspension Hard Hat

Approved to EN397 440V a.c - Market leading Classic helmet from Centurion.

1125 Helmets is designed for comfort and assured extra performance.

It comes with a 6-Point Sewn Terylene cradle and brushed nylon sweatband.

Centurion 1125 helmets are made from high density polyethylene shell.

Centurion 1125 Classic Unisex Safety Helmet complies with: ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 Type 1 Class E | EN 397 | Electrical Resistance to 440V a.c. and Temperature to -30C



Centurion 1100 General Purpose With 6-point Cadle S01 Classic Safety Helmet

The 1100 comes complete with a lightweight plastic cradle and the precision moulded shells guard against impact while being extremely comfortable.

S01 Centurion's range of general purpose helmets - well balanced and extremely comfortable protection at work.

1100 Safety Helmets are fully compatible with the Centurion Connect range of Accessories "ConnectA".

Centurion S01 1100 Classic Safety Helmet conforms to European standard - EN 397 safety standard.



Centurion S09 Helmet is designed to take the weight off your shoulders for more comfort at your work.

The Concept Roofer Hardhat incorporates an incredibly strong and surprisingly lightweight shell.

Staz-on attachment for quick, accurate and easy adjustment for optimal comfort.

Internal Card Holder for Identification or Medical Information.



Centurion S08 Concept Roofer Safety Helmet Reduced Peak Secure Fit

Centurion S08 Helmet is designed to take the weight off your shoulders providing better comfort at your working place.

The Concept Roofer Hardhat incorporates an incredibly strong and surprisingly lightweight shell, made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

Comfortable Headband allows quick, accurate and easy adjustment for optimal comfort.

Centurion S08 Concept Roofer Safety Helmet conforms to European standard - EN 397:1995+A1 | EN 397:2012+A1:2012 | EN 50365 standards.


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Both comfortable and fashionable the cool cap is the perfect cap.

Fitted over an ABS liner, providing light head protection.

Ideal for applications where you may encounter minor bumps or scrapes to the head.

Sleek three panel design with enhanced ventilation.


Centurion CAP 2000 S18K Baseball Bump Cap EN 812 Quick View
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Centurion CAP 2000 S18K Baseball Bump Cap - Conforms to EN 812

Baseball Bump CAP 2000 from Centurion - Fashionable head protection where there is a risk of minor bumps or scrapes at you work place.

Bump Cap cant be used as an industry safety helmet.

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) shell within a cotton baseball cap.

Fully adjustable velcro strap, air vents, internal comfort pad and a molded peak.

The Centurion CAP 2000 caps are machine washable at 30C.



Centurion S18 2000 Cotton ABS Shell Head Protection Red Bump Cap

The Centurion Baseball Bump Cap S18 provides lightweight head protection, fashionable, comfortable piece of workwear.

The look of the Baseball Bump Cap is more acceptable for employees to wear, compared to the plastic cap.

A stylish cotton baseball cap with ABS protective shell ensure that the CAP 2000 fits comfortably and securely.

The added features of this Centurion Baseball Bump Cap S18 model include a high level of ventilation, to supply increased airflow.

The Bump Cap peak is also moulded to enable you to shape it to your personal preference.

We have provided a rear Velcro strap for easy user adjustment.

Centurion S18 CAP 2000 Baseball Bump Cap conforms to EN 812:2012 safety head protection standards.



Centurion S580 Clear Polycarbonate Replacement Visor Face Shield Eye Protection

General purpose face screen available in Polycarbonate for maximum impact protection.

Visor offers full face protection.

Can be attached to S54 visor carrier and S89 brow guard- not included.

170mm Polycarbonate visor lens only.

Centurion S580 Faceshield Clear Polycarbonate Visor conforms to: EN 166 1 B 9 3 standards.



Centurion S598 face protection visor provides effective protection against a wide range of general workplace hazards.

This Centurion general purpose face screens is made from Clear Triacetate resistance to high speed particles at extremes of temperature, Protection against liquid droplets/splashes.

Non adherence of molten metal and resistance to penetration of hot solids


Centurion S08BL Safety Helmet Concept Linesman Reduced Peak Blue Quick View
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Centurion S08BL Safety Helmet Concept Linesman

Concept Linesman is light, strong and comfortable helmet complete with quick realease Slip Ratchet.

6 point sewn durable and hardwearing Terylene webbing.

Safety helmet comes with Dry-Tech 4mm foam Sweatband.

The Concept SecurePlus helmet is made using ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) material.

Internal card holder for identification or medical information.

Approved To: EN 397: 1000V a.c, LD, MM, -40C ; EN 50365 and ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 Type 1 Class E.



Centurion S20 Vision Safety Helmet with Retractable Visor

Fully certified safety hard hat with integrated over spectacles to deliver grade B medium energy EN 166 impact protection.

Suitable for wearers of prescription eyewear.

Eyewear provides extra lateral and bottom coverage and provides extra protection against particles.

Anti-scratch and anti-mist coating on eyewear provides improved durability and visibility.

Soft nose-bridge for enhanced wearer comfort.

Full adjustment built in to ensure the user can obtain a perfect fit.

Safety Helmet material: Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS).

Centurion S20 Vision Safety Helmet conforms to: EN 397 head protection standard.


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Centurion Aegean S42V Ear Muffs Helmet Mounted SNR=30dB Quick View
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Centurion Aegean S42V Helmet Kit Hearing Protection SNR30dB Ear Muffs Defenders

Clip on Ear Defenders kit to be attached to the Centurion Vision helmet.

Fully adjustable action ensures excellent fit for all head sizes.

Can be parked in stand-by position ready for use or swivelled on helmet.

High-comfort ergonomic cushions for long-term comfort.

No exposed metal parts.

Cup: ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene).

Foam: Moulded closed cell foam.

Cushion: Foam filled PVC.

Attenuation: SNR = 30dB, H = 34dB, M = 27dB, L = 20dB.

Centurion Aegean S42V Helmet Mounted Ear Muffs conform to: EN 352-3:2002.


Centurion S50UFL Universal Helmet Fleece Liner Black Quick View
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Centurion S50UFL Universal Helmet Fleece Liner

Fits between cradle and helmet shell for full integration.

Fleece liner CE approved to fit all Centurion helmets.

Keeps head, ears and neck warm, tested in laboratory to -40C according to EN 397.



Centurion AirPro S38HVO Standard Peak Baseball Bump Cap

Centurion AirPro S38HVO bump cap are designed for maximum breathability and increased coolness.

Water-resistant materials and Teflon coated cap cover.

Non removable perforated side pads provide up to 40% more shock absorbency compared to a standard ABS liner.

Centurion AirPro S38HVO Standard Peak Baseball Bump Cap conforms to: EN 812: 2012 and High visibility colours meet the material specification of EN 471.



Centurion Vision S10 Safety Helmet with Integrated Visor

Head protection system with moulded integrated eye protection uniquely certified to grade A high impact levels.

Extended nape providing increased neck protection.

Anti-scratch and anti-mist coating for improved durability and visibility.

Internal Features: 6 point sewn, durable and hardwearing Terylene webbing Cradle, complete with Dry-Tech Sweatband.


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Centurion S36 High Temperature Aluminised Neck Cape

Complementing the Vulcan high temperature Helmet, this Aluminium Neck Cape ensures maximum heat dissipation from the wearer.

Can be fitted to Centurion Safety Helmets to provide additional neck protection - especially suitable in high temperature environments

Twin layered composite organic needlefelt with a dark green Panox/Aramid working

surface and a light green integral lining of FR Rayon.

Aluminised on one side with a highly reflective film.

Thickness of material 3.50mm

Weight 650g/m2

Material approved to EN 532:1995 (flammability) and Thermal tests (EN 407:2004) and against Molten Metal splash.



Centurion Concept Linesman Safety Helmet Reduced Peak Chin Strap White

High safety with low weight. Reassuring strength with feel-good comfort.

Manufactured from high quality, strong ABS material, the Concept is 20% lighter than most other helmets

Unique design, provides an extended nape, ensuring increased neck protection

Dry-Tech Sweatband for maximum comfort, for extended periods of use

Reduced peak and 4-point chinstrap for working at heights.

Quick release chin strap


Material: Shell: Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS)

Peak Type: Reduced (20mm)

Weight: 315g

Conforms to: EN 397, 1000V a.c - unvented shells only, LD, MM, -40C, EN 50365



Centurion S33\3 Head Harness for Safety Helmet

Genuine Centurion cradle suspension to replace broken or worn out helmet suspension systems.

6-Point cradle suspension.

Brushed nylon sweatband.

Available in size L only.


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Centurion Safety | Helmets, Bump Cap

Centurion Safety - 1879 it was known as The Patent Pulp Manufacturing Company, manufactured a variety of pulp ware items ranging from household goods such as trays and washing bowls to pith safety helmets and water bottles for the army.

The 1950s increased use of plastics such as Polypropylene and Polythene. The company changed production to fiberglass and plastics, continued as an important manufacturer of Safety Helmets.

In these days, Centurion is one of the biggest manufactures of the Bump Caps and Safety Helmets, such as 1125 Classic Safety Helmet and the Concept Roofer safety helmet S09


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