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Capital Safety
Capital Safety Protecta AF777 Trigger Adjustable Lanyard 2m Quick View
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Capital Safety Protecta AF777 Trigger Adjust Lanyard

The Trigger adjustment system means the lanyard can be easily adjusted with an exceptional level of ease and control.

By simply pressing the on the control trigger, the extension can be precisely adjusted.

Reducing the lanyard length is just as simple, as you simply have to just pull on the rope.


Capital Safety

Capital Safety Protecta AJ592 Galvanised Steel Fall Arrest Self Locking Karabiner

Double safety carabiner made from galvanised steel.

1/4 turn self locking with an opening of 85mm, weight of 835g, and a breaking strength of >18kN.

Capital Safety Protecta AJ592 Galvanised Steel Self Locking Karabiner conforms to: EN362 standards.


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Capital Safety

Confined Space Winch AT200 with 20 m Cable Lifeline

Confined space winch with 20 m 5mm stainless steel cable lifeline.

Winch for descents or rescue, Quick mount bracket for PRO™ tripod.

Built-in manual safety lock, Disc brake system.

Best used in combination with suspension harness, to be used in combination with tripod.

Corrosion resistant construction and Galvanised cable.

Confined Space Winch AT200 conforms to CE EN 1496 cl B safety standard.


Was £1420.86
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Capital Safety

Capital Safety - Fall Arrest Equipments

Did you know that Capital Safety has more engineers, product innovations and patents than any other Fall Arrest supplier, worldwide?!

Capital is now part of 3M group – so the reliability and safety is better than ever. (When you are suspended on the side of a bridge or off the roof of a building or up a windmast, maybe you want the reliability and research that comes with a multibillion euro expert...).

Capital makes and supplies fall arrest harnesses, lanyards, lifelines, anchor points and karabiners, under the Sala and Protecta brands. As well as full body harnesses, they also now supply fall arrest for tools. 

Take a look at our Fall Arrest Equipment buyers guide

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