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Bolle Spider Light & Glare Filtration Safety Glasses - Red Mirror

The Bollé Spider safety spectacles offer a close fit, high contoured design for improved eye protection with distortion-free viewing and superior optical quality.

Featuring impact resistant polycarbonate lens with a reflective coating for light and glare filtration.

Anti-Scratch and anti-fog coating

Non-slip bridge with rubber nosepads

Lower protection

Non-slip TIPGRIP temples

Size: Unisex

Lens Colour: Red Flash

Conforms to: EN172 (UV protection), EN 166 Class 1



Bolle Boa Safety Spectacle

Boa - lightweight safety spectacles from Bolle with optically perfect 8 base curve technology lenses.

Feature a non-slip temple and bridge for long-term wear.

The unique polarized coating eliminates glare, it helps improves colour perception and depth also helps reduces eye strain.

The organic polycarbonate lens is ultra-resistant to impact.


Bollé 504 GM Unisex Safety Glasses Smoke Lens Workplace Protection Quick View
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Bollé 504 GM Unisex Safety Glasses Smoke Lens

Lightweight safety spectacles with side guards.

Classical design.

Upper protection.

Crystal smoke propionate frame.

Close fitting side shields.

UV protection.

Polycarbonate lens.

Weight: 36g.

Conform to: EN 166 - F.



Bolle Viper Safety Spectacles

Bolle Viper Safety Spectacles comes with adjustable temples.

Ultra modern and ultra lightweight spectacules from Bole.

The Bolle Viper wraparound design provides an ultra close fitting with panoramic vision, leaving you not just protected, but looking good.

Fitted with an optical class 1 polycarbonate lens, anti-mist & anti-scratch. With adjustable side arms and integral side shields.



Bolle Sporty Safety Spectacles Rush+

The Rush+ features an ultra sporty design with its co-injected and ultra-flexible temples.

It is 100% customisable - giving you a closer fit & better protection.

Permanent coating on both sides of the lens.

Complies to EN166 safety standards.



Bolle Contour Safety Spectacles

Great glasses from Bolle with real comfort over long periods, combine good design and conforming to requisite levels of protection.

TPE nose bridge and temple grips and incredibly lightweight (21g).

Comfort and protection, market-leading levels of fit.

Integrated side shields with an excellent panoramic field of vision.

Suitable for outdoor and indoor work, lightweight, sports style frame.



Bolle Axis Safety Spectacles

Safety spectacles from Bolle, with plastic wrap-around frame and integrated side shields.

Very comfortable unique soft adjustable nose pads.

The Bolle Axis Safety Glasses feature a high contour (10.5 base curve) anti-scratch and anti-mist dual-lens.

Superior optical quality and 180 degrees of distortionless viewing.

The Axis provides outstanding co-injected temples for improved fit and comfortside.

Safety spectacles with shield protection due to its wrap around fit.



Bolle Tracker II Safety Glasses

Bolle Tracker sports-style, Ultra-comfortable safety spectacles: feature a high contour polycarbonate lens.

This has 180° distortion-free viewing, superior optical quality and 100% UV protection.

The rubberized eye seal provides exceptional protection against dirt, dust and other particles.

The adjustable head-strap improves fit and protection, comes with FREE Bolle Neck cord & Microfibre cleaning pouch.



Bolle Non Slip Platinum Coating IRI-S Safety Spectacles

Ultra-modular, PLATINUM coating safety spectacle from Bolle.

Featuring pivoting and non-slip ergonomic temples.

These safety glasses can adapt to each individuals contours thanks to Bolle's unique B-Flex shape memory bridge and B-Flex nose.

Bolle IRI-S Safety Spectacles complies to EN166 safety standards.



Strong bronze nylon frame and sports temples for extra comfort.

Clear Polycarbonate lens with anti-scratch and anti-mist properties.

Adjustable nose pads enhances users comfort as well as providing a secure fit.

Comes with a microfiber pouch to keep glasses protected.

Conforms to EN 166-1F & EN170-1F



Bolle Silium Safety Glasses

Bolle Silium Safety Spectacles feature a high contour dual lens, close fitting.

Giving excellent eye protection with superior optical quality and distortion-free viewing.

The nickel-free non-conductive frame provides extensive eye coverage, with tip grips and improved fit.

The polycarbonate wraparound anti-scratch lens is grade F impact.

Optical class 1 and it giving 100% UV protection.



Bolle Bandido Wraparound Safety Glasses Clear Lens Safety Glasses

The "Bandido" made by Bolle feature a polycarbonate close fitting and anti-scratch lens.

The sports style wrap-around design ensuring better protection and provides maximum field of vision and comfort for the wearer.

Built-in side protection allowing for an excellent panoramic field of vision.

Bolle Wraparound Safety Spectacles Bandido conforms to EN166 and EN172 Safety Standards.



Bollé Slam Wrap-around Safety Spectacles Clear Lens

Stylish and comfortable, the SLAM model offers excellent protection in its wraparound style, providing superb all-round vision.

Anti-scratch and anti-fog coating

Comfortable straight temples

Polycarbonate Lens optical class symbols 1: Continuous work

Nylon Frame

Colour: Clear Lens

Size: Unisex

Neck cord included

Conforms to: EN170 EN 166 1FT Grade 1F Impact Lens



Bolle Polycarbonate Faceshield Visor for Blast Goggles

Unbeatable comfort and essential modular design.

With this screen accessory the Blast Goggle can be used as a face shield with protection guaranteed.

Chemical protection against liquid droplets or splashes.

Medium energy impact, resists a 6 mm, 0.86 g ball at 120 m/s.

Mechanical risk- High speed particles at extreme temperatures.

Bolle Polycarbonate Visor for Blast Goggles conforms to: EN166 3 BT.



Bolle Blast Safety Goggles Anti-scratch, Anti-fog and Anti-static Eye Protection

The Bolle Blast safety goggles feature a liquid overflow chute.

With the option to fit with a respiratory half mask or visor.

The "Blast" goggles easily fits over prescription spectacles and one-piece lens gives excellent all-round vision.

Like most spectacles made by Bolle it comes with adjustable straps, anti-scratch, anti-fog and anti-static.

Bolle Blast Safety Goggles conform to: EN166 1B3459 CE standards.



Bolle Pilot Safety Goggle

Bolle Pilot safety goggles feature an ultra-flexible frame for adaptability and excellent comfort.

These will easily fit over prescription spectacles, and the adjustable strap will ensure a secure fit.

The interchangeable lens has anti-scratch, anti-fog and anti-static coatings, and will protect against medium energy impacts.



Bolle Attack ATPSI Safety Goggles Polycarbonate Anti-Fog Anti-Scratch Clear Lens

The Attack goggle offers the comfort and protection with ultimate fit.

The unique “comfort zone” cushions the frame of the goggle against the face.

Ventilation, Cristal PVC sealed frame.

These Attack goggles have an adjustable headband, Panoramic vision and feature an optical class 1 anti-scratch/anti-fog polycarbonate lens.

The Bolle Attack goggle provides excellent protection against impact, chemicals, dust and molten metal.


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Bolle Cobra Goggle

The Cobra Goggles from Bolle are ultra-purpose, One Size spectacles without visual interference.

Offering 180° panoramic visual field and perfect optical quality.

These Cobra glasses have an adjustable strap with interchangeable foam for added versatility and comfort.

They have a non-slip nose bridge and are anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-static.


Bolle X90 Safety Goggles Polycarbonate Clear Lens Ventilated Quick View
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Bollé X90 Safety Goggles Polycarbonate Clear Lens Ventilated Work Eye Protection

The X90 model from Bolle are a highly compact, low-profile goggle that offers comfort, protection and style.

Ball-pivot adjustable elasticated strap.

Compatible with other Personal Protective Equipments.

It comes in one size with panoramic field of view.

Like most of Bolle Safety Goggles it's Anti-scratch, anti-mist.

Bolle X90 Polycarbonate Clear Lens Ventilated Safety Goggles conforms to: EN166, EN170, EN172 standards.



Bolle Sphere Clear Polycarbonate Adjustable Face Shield Visor & Browguard EN 166

The Bollé Sphere gives an exceptional 180° field of vision.

Using height and width-adjustable headgear and headband, the Bollé Sphere is simple to fit, adapting to all head shapes for all uses.

This Sphere Brow Guard and Visor Face Shield protects against short circuit electric arcs.

Chemical protection against liquid droplets or splashes.

High energy impact, resists a 6 mm, 0.86 g ball at 190 m/s.

High speed particles at extreme temperatures protection.

Bolle Sphere Visor Face Shield conforms to: EN 166 B 39 T standard.



Bollé B401 B-Clean Lens Cleaning Tissues

Bollé B401 Cleaning Tissues are dry cleaning tissues intended to clean all varieties of glasses, goggles and visors.

Perfect for use alongside other Bollé cleaning products, the tissues are designed to be suitable for anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses.

Certified by the COLTS laboratory, B-Clean, the new Bollé Safety range of cleaning solutions, guarantees perfect cleaning.

Supplied in dispenser of 200 tissues.



Bolle Spray B-Clea

Anti Fogging Spray made by Bolle, is Certified by the COLTS laboratory.

B-Clean, the new Bolle Safety range of cleaning solutions, guarantees perfect cleaning and quality.

This cleaning spray is alcohol and silicone free, the range's water-based formula is suitable for all lenses.



Bolle B200 Spectacles Goggles Glasses Care Anti-fog Cleaning Solution Spray 30ml

The B200 anti-fog cleaning solution from Bolle is alcohol and silicone free.

With 0% alcohol is anti-bacteria, anti-reflective and anti-static.

Certified by COLTS laboratory, this solution can be used on all lens types (except anti-reflective lenses).



Bollé B-Clean B250 Anti-Fog Cleaning Spray

B-Clean by Bollé Safety is a complete and efficient cleaning solutions range.

Alcohol and silicone free, its aqua formula guarantees perfect cleaning and protection for your glasses and goggles.

Weight: 520gB-clean products are certified by COLTS laboratory.


Bolle Lightweight Visiteur CoverSpec Safety Glasses (Pack of 10) Quick View
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Pack of 10 Bolle Lightweight Visiteur CoverSpec Safety Spectacles

The Bolle polycarbonate Visiteur coverspec are designed for wearers of prescription glasses, visitors or occasional users.

Safety Spectacles with upper and side protection.

Lightweight Polycarbonate Frame, only 39 grams, makes it super comfortable.

One Size, but designed to fit over most prescription glasses, available in clear lens colour.

Bolle Lightweight Visiteur CoverSpec Safety Glasses conforms to: EN170, EN166.


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Bolle Safety Glasses

Bolle Safety Glasses - Style, Technology and Comfort in one.

Many of us already know Bolle as the leading sunglasses supplier.

Bolle is also a leader in protective eyewear. The Bolle boffins spend their time measuring material resistances to high speed ballistics - for example - to protect our eyes. Bolle safety eyewear has many advanced technical and comfort features, including removable temples, pivotable temples and grip tips.

Check out the promotional video below to discover the extensive range of Bolle products and applications.

The Bolle Contour is one of the lightest (a mere 21gms!) and most popular safety glasses on the market.

Bolle safety goggles are designed to withstand impact of particles at speed. Eg the Bolle Attack safety goggles.

Bolle also makes a range of protective screens and visors for welding.

Specific safety googles such as the Bolle Blast can be used for welding, along with a compatible face visor, protecting you.

as well as Bolle eyewear cleaning products.

NB North Sea Workwear also supplies Bolle Prescription glasses to businesses: Bolle safety presecription glasses are safe, EN compliant, yet smart looking and with a customised, prescription lens. We can supply virtually any Bolle safety glasses but fitted with your own customised prescription lens, as measured by any Specsavers or Boots or even your own local optician.

Bolle Safety: If you have any questions or specific requirements,just contact us.

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