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3M 8822 FFP2 Valved Respiratory Mask (10 Pack)

The 3M 8822 P2 Valved dust/mist respirator offers protection when exposed to fine respirable dusts, fibres and water/oil mists.

The mask decreases heat build up with it's 3M cool flow valve, making it suitable for working in humid and hot conditions.

This lightweight respirator mask can comfortably fit a great variety of facial shapes and sizes.

The twin straps are made of natural rubber and materials used in the mask includes a steel nose clip and polyurethane nose foam.

Conforms to EN149:2001 safety standard.



3M 5925 P2 Particulate Filters Pads for 6000 & 7000 Series Dust Masks

The 3M particulate filter 5925, can be used in industries where excess levels of particulates are present.

3M Particulate Filter offering P2 R protection against solid and liquid particles.

Designed for use in combination with 3M Gas and Vapour Filters 6000 Series using the 3M Filter Retainer 501 or used separately using a 3M 603 Filter Platform and a 3M Filter Retainer 501.

Particulate filter can be used in conjunction with 6000 Series Cartridge Filters

These filters are versatile, compatible with 6000, 7000 & 7500 series.

Filters can be used on all 3M Half and Full Face Masks fitted with a bayonet connections system.

3M 5925 P2 Particulate Filters conforms to EN 143:2001 Safety Standard.

Price per pair.



3M 6057 Twin Pack Cartridges ABE1 - Gas and Vapour Protection For 6000/7000 Masks

The 3M 6057 ABE1 Filters protect against organic vapours, inorganic vapours and acid gases.

Filters are specially designed to enable excellent field of vision and balance.

For use with all 6000, 7000 and 7500 Series half masks and full face masks.

Can be used in combination with the 3M 5000 particulate filters to provide combined particulate and vapour protection.

2 replacement filters per pack.



3M 6099 A2B2E2K2P3 Respirator mask filters (Pair)

Provides exceptional protection against Gasses, vapour and fine particles.

Compatible with 3M 6000 & 7907 Series Half Face and Full Face Masks.

The unique shape allows for perfect unobstructed vision.

Bayonet fitting system ensures precise and secure locking.

3M 6099 A2B2E2K2P3 Respirator mask filters conforms to EN14387:2004 + A1:2008 Safety Standard.

Supplied in a pack of 2 Cartridges.



3M 2138 P3R Particulate Disk Filters

Particulate 3M Filters 2138 protect against solids and liquid particles P3R.

With extra protection against acid and organic gases, vapours under limit, as well as ozone up to 10 x TLV.

Unique "Bayonet" fitting system ensures precise and safe locking.

3M 2138 P3R Particulate Disk Filters conforms to: EN143 : 2000, CE Approved.

Pack of 2 Disk Filters



3M 462-05-00P10 Dustmaster PAPR Systems Pre Filters

This Pre Filters is a component that fits into the 3M Dustmaster powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) Systems.

Pre Filters helps filter contaminants before they reach the filter.

Suitable for construction, welding, manufacturing, food processing and woodworking applications.

Pack of 10



3M Versaflo TR-3710E Particulate Filter P3

Very simple setup, the filter can be easily changed and by hand.

Conforms to EN12941 Safety Standard.

The TR-3710E is a high efficiency particulate (P3) filter for use with the 3M Versaflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR), Series TR-300 Series.



3M Pre-Filters Pads for 3M Jupiter Turbo Unit

461-00-02P24 Pre-Filters to be used for 3M Jupiter Turbo Unit.

A Pre Filter can extend the life of the Powered Air Respirator.

Pre-Filters Pads capturing large particles that would otherwise clog the filter.

Pack of 12 Pairs of Pre-Filters



3M 501 Filter Retainers (Pair)

Used for clamping particle pre-filters onto vapur and gas filters.

Compatible with 3M 5000 Series respirator, 6000 series cartridges & 3M 603 Filter adapter.

Measures 10.2cm (high) x 21.5cm (Long) x 11.4cm (Wide).

CE Approved.



3M 5935 P3 Dust & Mist Filters 1 Pair

The 3M particulate filter 5935, P3 can be used in industries where excess levels of particulates are present in the workplace atmosphere where gas / vapour protection is also required.

For use with a 3M 6000 filters to provide combined particulate and gas/vapour protection.

When used in this way, 3M 501 retainer covers are also required.

Conforms to EN 143 Safety Standards.


3M BLT-15 Belt Clip For Jupiter Powered Air Respirator


Was £18.62

3M 7000 Series Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator

Top range 3M Half Mask 7000 Series made of extra soft caoutchouc with structured face protector designed for the extended use, greater comfort and kind to sensitive skin.

With replaceable parts

Twin filter design provides low breathing resistance

Textured nose cup reduces face piece slippage and skin irritation caused by perspiration build-up

Unique 3M bayonet filter fixing system

With cradle head harness and easy to fasten neck strap

Conforms to: EN 140



3M Versaflo M-935 Standard Faceseal

Ensures full protection when fitted with headtop respirator systems.

Replacement faceseal

Easy to fit in headtop

For use with M-100 and M-300 Series Headtop

Price refers to single unit



3M 7907 Silicone 3M Bayonet System Full Face Respirator

Full face respirator from 3M, with a large lens offering a wide field of vision.

Double face sealing gasket ensures a good fit for different face sizes.

The soft, pliable hypo-allergenic material keeps the wearer comfortable, while filters and an air supply can be easily managed.

This is a low maintenance, lightweight & well balanced respirator.

Speech diaphragm improves communication.

3M 7907 Silicone Full Face Respirator conforms to EN 136 Class 2 for protection during more aggressive tasks.


3M Versaflo S-607 Replacement Hood with Inner Shroud Quick View
Hurry low stock

3M Versaflo S-607 Replacement Hood with Inner Shroud

With a S 950 Premium Head Suspension installed inside, the S 607 hood is approved for use with certain 3M Powered Air Purifying and Supplied Air Respirator Systems.

The S 607 is the replacement hood for the S 657 Hood Assembly.

Standard Size

White colour clear visor

Assigned Protection Factor - 1000

Requires use of S-950 premium Head Suspension

Material: Polypropylene coated non-woven Polypropylene

Price refers to the single piece


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3M Respiratory Protection | Face masks

3M Respiratory Protection: face masks, half masks and full face respirators.

3M Disposable respirators or face masks are the most widely used. 3M is the market leader - selling more face masks in the Uk than any other supplier.

3M 8835 face mask or respirator is the most popular. But whether you choose Valved (comfort) or Unvalved (cheaper), always be sure that you meeting the required protection level, as denoted by FFp1 or FFp2 etc.

Please use our Respiratory Buyers Guide to help select the correct face masks.

We stock a full range (with same day dispatch) of 3M Reusable Half Masks and the requisite Vapour filters and Particulate filters, by 3M.

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