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3M SecureFit SF403AF Amber Lens Safety Glasses

The 3M SecureFit 400 Series takes safety and comfort to the next level.

A line of spectacles featuring curved rimless lens, adjustable nose pads for a personalised fit

Fixed length temple arm using the 3M Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology which enhances the comfort and the stability of the glasses.

The shape of the spectacles provides extra side protection.

The amber coloured lens increase the contrast in low light conditions.



3M SecureFit SF200 Series Safety Spectacles

As soon as you put on these SF200 lightweight glasses you'll feel the difference.

Thanks to 3M Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology, these Spectacles automatically self-adjust to provide a secure and comfortable fit each time.

Extremely lightweight - weighs less than 1 ounce! WOW

Polycarbonate lens, which absorbs 99.9% UVA/UVB and Anti-Fog Coating.

Molded nose bridge for more comfort.

3M SecureFit SF200 Series Safety Spectacles conforms to: EN 166:2001 standard.


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3M Fahrenheit 71360-00015 Clear Acetate Lens Non-vented Safety Goggles

Soft PVC crystal frame goggles with a wide support area all around the face to enhance comfort.

Nylon elastic strap which is easily adjustable thanks to a buckle system and to a pivoting strap attachment mechanism.

3M Fahrenheit 71360-00001 Aerodynamic shape with cylindrical lens for 180 of distortion free vision.

The non-vented version also provides protection against gas and fumes.

Model fits well with prescription glasses.

Anti-Scratch coating for increased durability.



3M Peel Off Visor for 3M HT-402 Respiratory Helmet

3M Removable / Peel Off protective film for 3M HT-400 Visor with QSR coupling and 3M vision headgear.

Easy to apply with two self-adesive strips.

Easy to peel off by the side tab.

The Visor Cover fits over the standard visor and protects it from scratching or overspray of paint and chemicals.

This will extend the lifetime of your 3M visor.

3M 4002226-OP made to fit for all HT-400 series with QSR coupling and 3M vision headgear.


3M Peltor V4FK Polycarbonate Visor no Peak Version Clear Quick View
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3M Peltor V4FK Helmet Mounted Polycarbonate No Peak Version Clear Visor Full Kit

The Clear V4FK face shields which provides effective splash protection from the front and side.

The forehead shield and the angle of the visor made for minimize reflections that causes unwanted glare.

Clear visor made with impact and scratch resistance coating.

V4FK is designed to fit 3M Peltor Safety Helmets.

3M Peltor V4FK Polycarbonate Visor conforms to: EN 166 standard, CE Approved.



3M 523000 Grinding Visor Plate

For Speedglas 9100FX - Clear

This Speedglas 9100FX Visor Plate is designed for use with the 3M Speedglas 9100FX Welding Helmet.



3M Versaflo Forehead Comfort Pad M-957\L-115 (1 Pair)

The M-957 / L-115 Comfort Pad can be used on any 3M Versaflo M-Series Headgear, 3M L-Series Headgear, H-Series Hood, and Whitecap Helmets.

It attaches to the headband in the area of the users forehead.


3M Versaflo M-928 Replacement Peel-Off Visor Cover, Box of 10 Quick View
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3M Versaflo M-928 Visor Cover

Replacement Peel-Off Visor Covers M-928 suitable for 3M Versaflo M-Series Visors.

Cover fits over the visor and protects it from scratching or overspray of chemicals or paints.

Self-adhesive visor covers can be easy applied and peel-off.

Box of 10 Visor Cover.



3M Solus 71505-00009 Safety Glasses, Anti-Scratch Blue Mirror Lens

The 3M Solus lens curve has been designed and manufactured to optimise the fitting, field of vision and coverage of the eyes for more protection.

Lightweight glasses, Soft inner padding of the temple for extra comfort.

Anti-scratch and anti-fog coating for improved vision and increased durability.

3M Solus Safety Glasses 71505-00009 blue mirror lens are elegant and lightweight, conforms to: EN 166:2001 standard.

Tinted lenses protect against sun glare in accordance with EN 172:1994.



3M PELTOR LED Light Vision Safety Glasses 11356-00000P

Frame is made from polycarbonate and has rubber temples and rubber nose pads for extra comfort.

Safety spectacle equipped with 2 adjustable ultra-bright LED.

Clear Polycarbonate lens with a hardium+ coating, which has anti-fog properties and protects against UV and impact at extreme temperatures.

Suitable for electrical work, car repair, home-work, mechanical work in a dark environment.

3M PELTOR LED Light Vision Safety Glasses lenses are made from polycarbonate and approved to EN 166-1F.

3M PELTOR LED Light 11356-00000P Safety Glasses conforms to EN166-1F and EN170 Standards.



3M SecureFit SF202AF Gray Lens Safety Glasses

Self-adjusting feature eliminates using of multiple frame sizes, 3M Pressure Diffusion Technology allows temples to naturally adjust to individual head sizes.

Stylish and lightweight design, secure, snug fit keeps eyewear in place without slippage even when the person is in motion.

The snug fit also keeps the glasses securely in place as the wearer looks up and down or side to side.

Polycarbonate lenses absorb 99.9% UVA and UVB up to 380 nm and meet the requirements of EN 166:2001 standard.

Anti-fog coating helps keep lenses free of moisture in hot and humid conditions.



3M 2840 Unisex Safety Spectacles Polycarbonate Clear Lens

Premium safety glasses featuring a unique style and are designed with user comfort and convenience in mind.

The temples are inclinable and adjustable in length enabling individual adjustment and optimal personal fit.

The soft dual moulded padding on the temple offers increased comfort and has an integrated browguard for increased protection.

Strong polycarbonate lens for impact resistance

Lightweight (26g) for maximum comfort all day

Integrated browguard for increased protection

Soft inner padding on temple for increased comfort and stability when worn

Adjustable temple lengths in three positions for optimal comfort and fit

Inclinable lens for easy adjustment and use in combination with other PPE

Suitable for use in extreme temperatures between -5C and +55C

UV protection

Lens coatings provide scratch resistance and anti-fogging

Conform to: EN 166:2001 1FT EN 170:2002



3M 2720 Series Safety Glasses

These safety spectacles are comfortable with a sporty, modern design and are comprised of a rimless lens and fixed-length temple arm.

The wraparound style and integrated side-shield provide full coverage, superior protection, and an unobstructed view.

Extremely light and comfortable safety glasses with a sporty, modern design

Anti-Scratch & Anti-Fog coating for increased durability and improved vision

Polycarbonate lens provides reliable protection against specified levels of hazardous UV radiation

Lightweight and comfortable

Combines well with 3M 9300 Series Respirators.

Weight: 41g

Conform to: EN 166 Optical Class 1 2C-1.2 3M 1 FT


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3M Eye Protection | 3M glasses, goggles & welding

3M Eye protection: safety glasses, safety goggles, visors and face shields

The 3M Tora safety glasses is probably the best value branded safety eyewear on the market, with anti fog features as well as complying with En 166.

The 3M Securefit range of wraparound safety glasses come in a raneg of lenses for bright light, low light and regular daylight - so you have the choice of optimal eye protection from debris as well as UV.

Consider the 3M 2890 series of vented or sealed 3M safety goggles.

The 3M eye protection range extends to visors, face shields and the popular 3M Speedglas 100 welding helmets and the 3M Optrel Twisty welding helmet/red head tops.

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