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3M 4565 Disposable Protective Coverall Hooded Type 4\5\6 White\Red

The 3M 4565 is designed to offer a very good barrier to hazardous particles and limited liquid splash and spray.

It features taped seams and a soft, lightweight material. Supplied in vacuum packaging.Type 4/5/6.

Typical applications may include: Paint Spraying, industrial and pharmaceutical manufacturing, asbestos inspection and handling, and Healthcare.

3M 4565 Disposable Protective Hooded Coverall conforms to: CE Category III. EN340 Type 4/5/6. EN530. EN863. EN1149-1:1995.EN1073. EN13274-4. EN22610. safety standards.



3M 4515 Disposable Lab Overall Boiler Suit Protective Coverall Hooded Type 5/6

The 3M Protective Coverall 4515, ideal choice, If you are looking for a balance of durability, protection,quality and additional comfort.

Made of lightweight and breathable polypropylene and does not contain any components made from natural rubber latex to prevent reactions with latex sensitivities or restrictions.

Elastic ankles, waist and wrists for convenience and freedom of movement

2-way zipper with storm flap for added an extra protection.

3M Disposable Protective Hooded Coverall 4515 Type 5/6 conforms to: EN 1073-2 Particulate Radioactive Contamination, EN 13034:2005+A1:2009 Type 6 Liquid Splash, CE Category III, EN ISO 13982-1:2004 Type 5 Hazardous Dusts.



3M 4530 Disposable Protective Coverall Type 5/6

The Protective Coverall 4530 is a PPE Directive, CE Category III and Conforms to Type 5/6 protective garment.

Coverall is made using breathable SMMS material technology and a host of comfort features additional special protective treatments.

The 3M protective coverall 4530 is an excellent barrier from dry particles and certain limited liquid chemical splash, 4530 coverall has a limited "flame-spread-resistance" (FSR) treatment.

2-way zipper with storm flap for extra protection.

Knitted cuffs with elasticated ankles and waist for increased comfort and freedom of movement.



3M Protective Chemical Protective Coverall 4520

Type 5/6 coverall made from 43gsm SMMMS lightweight and breathable material - Spunbond, which acts as the smooth strength and splash protection, while the Meltblown layers provide an intricate multilayered web of microfibres that filter out dry particulates. Material designed to offer protection against hazardous dusts and limited liquid splashes and sprays, effective release of body heat and moisture and reduced heat stress.

Three panel hood, two-way zip and storm flap with elasticated back and ankles to reduce the risk of skin exposure.

3M Protective Coverall 4520 can be used for protection against dirt, splashes and toxic dusts and nuclear particles.

Soft knitted cuffs for secure comfortable arm placement and a 2-way zip, waist and ankles ensure easy removal.

It meets a variety of standards for chemical protective clothing including EN 1149 Antistatic protection, EN 1073-2 Nuclear particulate resistance, EN ISO 13688, Type 6 Liquid Splash EN 13034 and Type 5 Dust EN ISO 13982-1.



3M 446 Disposable Laminate Protective Hood White

This over-hood provides a general barrier to non-hazardous substances, with drapes over the shoulders for extended protection.

Anti-static treated

Drapes over the shoulders offering excellent coverage

The over-hood has elastic around the face with four thread over lock to help protect the worker and ensure a secure fit.

Material: PE laminate 47 g/mē

One size


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3M Disposable Suits

3M disposable suits are designed to give you Type 5/6 protection from splashes and particles

Use our Buyers guide to choose your most suitabel disposable suit, coverall of coat.

The Type 5/6 protection for varies in terms of protective suits that do/dont have a hood or that are FR resistant compared to most which are not.

Disposable coveralls or suits are available with Antistatic features and great breathability on the back, such as the 3M4540, and also in white or blue, with taped seams. 3M disposable suits are most closely compared with Dupont Tyvek type 5/6 suits.

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