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3M Peltor Forestry Package G3000 Helmet, Visor, Earmuffs & Rain Protection

Peltor's Forestry Package G3000 The package comprises helmet, visor, hearing protector and rain protector.

It weighs only 660 grams and has been tested and certified according to EN397.

3M Peltor Forestry Package G3000 conforms to: EN397, EN352-3, EN166, EN1731 safety standards.



3M Peltor G2000CUV Solaris Safety Helmet

This hard hat / helmet has an adjustable headband slider and sweatband. The G2000 CUV has a relatively low back - for comfort when you look up.,/p>

It is made of ABS and so only weighs 340gm.

With deep-drawn neck part and relatively flat profile, it impresses with its high level of comfort.

The "Uvicator" sensor measures the received UV radiation (from the sun): The red dot indicator then fades over with time and slowly turns white.

If the Uvicator sensor is completely turned white, then this indicates that helmet has received the highest tolerable radiation: so it is time to replace the helmet.

Certified to EN 397, suitable for use in very low temperatures (-30C). It exceeeds the EN norms for Lateral Deformations (LD) and for molten metal spalsh.



3M V43 Visor Peak Frame for V4 Visors

Visor Carrier / Brim V43 900 for V4 Series visors for 3M V4F System.


3M 527001 Speedglas 9100 Scratch Resistant Outer Lens (Pack of 10) Quick View
Hurry – low stock

3M 527001 Speedglas 9100 Scratch Resistant Outer Lens

Kit of 10 replacement for 3M 9100 screen for when it becomes pitted or too hard to clean.

3M™ Speedglas™ 9100 extra scratch resistant outside protection plate is designed to protect the filter from spark and spatter.

Failure to use an outside protection plate with the filter voids the warranty if spark or spatter contaminates the glass.

Replace anytime the plate becomes deeply pitted, scratched or too dirty to clean with a soft cloth or lens paper.

Protects the filter from damage.

Consumable part for 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmets.

3M 527001 Speedglas 9100 Outer Lens conform to: EN166:BT standards.



3M Hygiene Kit HYX3 For PELTOR X3 Ear Muff

Mufflers Replacement and Sealing Rings for PELTOR X3 Ear Muff

HYX3 Hygiene Kit contains replacement sealing rings and muffler pads.

Hygiene Kit for the 3M Peltor X3 Ear Muffs can be replaced in a few easy steps for quick and easy installation.

Avoid wearing uncomfortable earmuffs, it is good practice to inspect and maintain your ear defenders at least twice a year.

Pack of 10.



3M Breath Tube Cover QRS

3M quality Breath Tube Cover for respiratory systems.

You can extend the service life of the breathing tube by using a QRS tube cover.

Single Cover



3M 453-09-25P2X6 Combination Filters A2BEK1P for Use with 3M Jupiter Turbo Unit

Genuine 3M Filters - Easy to Fit to Jupiter Turbo Unit - Approved to EN12941 class.

(A2) organic gases and vapours with a boiling point above 65°C

(B) inorganic gases and vapours.

(E) acid gases.

(K1) ammonia and its derivatives.

(P3) particulates.

One Pair



3M 6885/07142(AAD) Faceshield Cover Respiratory Protection

The 3M 6885 is a disposable lens cover for the 3M 6000 series full face respirators.

Made of crystal clear mylar, it attaches to the lens with peel off adhesive tabs on each end.

Useful in protecting the relatively expensive lens from scratches or overspray from painting.

When you feel that the lens cover is used up, it may be peeled off and disposed of.

Putting a fresh cover on will keep your lens clean and clear.



3M 008-00-42P3 Polyurethane Quick Release Bayonet Light Weight Breathing Tube

3M 008-00-42P3 Light Weight Breathing Tube.

Tube made from Polyurethane with Quick Release Bayonet.

Polyurethane breathing tube for respirators Versaflo & Jupiter.

It is extremely easy to attach and detach.

In addition it swivels to avoid loops and kinks in the hose.


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3M Helmets

3M Helmets and hardhats

3M helmets are certified to EN 397 safety standard. The clever, distinguishing feature of all 3M Peltor helmets (including the best selling 3M G3000) is the "uvicator" which changes colour when the helmet has been exposed to too mcuh sun (which can age/damage the shell). This lets you know to replace your helmet before it becomes structurally weak.

The 3M Peltor G3000 Solaris Forestry helmet kit has been designed with forestry in mind, having the screen mesh adn ear defenders attached to the G3000 helmet. It is certified to En 397, En 166 and En 1731.

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