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Spanning back over 100 years, Ansellís history began in tyres and rubber and has become an industry leader in household, surgical and industrial gloves. Within PPE their glove range can protect your hands from all types of dangers within the workplace. Ansellís selection of gloves do the trick in secure handling situations, chemical resistance, cut resistance and general use as well as providing thermal solutions, heat resistance and specialist offshore answers.


A very popular glove at the moment is the Hyflex nitrile foam 11-840. The hyflex range is known for its great dexterity whilst providing great protection. The 11-840 provides abrasion level 4 (the highest) and the coating gives a great dry grip. It is very light and breathable - so workers can get on with detailed jobs such as working with small screws without the need to take them off for a break.


Another fan favourite is the Hyflex 11-518. It is a cut level 3 (the standard level used in industries) and is ideal for handling sharp parts. It is made of dyneema, which is a high performance polyethylene, meaning it is tough material with high impact strength. Dyneema has replaced Kevlar as it allows more flexibility for the same strength of product.


Ansell also do an Activarmr range including the 97-321. This lovely orange beauty is ideal for hi-vis workplace environments. If features abrasion level 4 and is made from foam nitrile which has excellent dry and wet grip. This Grip Technology makes a huge difference - as many gloves will not perform in wet situations, reducing the safety of the wearer as they can slip.


The Ansell 97-005 Activarmr Plumbers glove provides heat protection, grip technology from the fingertip and palm coating as well as cut level 3. (Plus, I think itís a really good looking glove, donít you?!) With this glove, workers can get great dexterity and breathability without compromising ability to carry out general tasks. So, Ansell have a glove for practically every situation, (and I hear they are working on some interesting new ideas and technology to keep improving their range) and they are not afraid to put their products through rigorous testing to ensure maximum safety. Check out their full range here: Remember , has lots more Ansell styles available Ė we are adding up to 50 new products to the website each week! So, while we may not show all the styles, we do have much more in stock than we have been able to upload to the site. Please call/email us and ask for any other style that you do not see; odds are, we have a warehouse full of what you are looking for).



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