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Deb SwarfegaŽ Heavy Gel Hand Cleanser 15L


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UPC: 5010424137041

Deb SwarfegaŽ Heavy Gel Hand Cleanser 15L

Heavy duty gel formula hand cleanser containing non-abrasive

natural scrubbing granules and added conditioner to quickly remove

deeply ingrained oil and grease soilings and leave the skin feeling

smooth after use.

It contains highly refined hydrocarbon solvent which quickly and effectively dissolves oil and grease and the advanced gel formulation makes it easy to apply and rinse off with no residue

The hand cleaner is made up of non-abrasive micro-polymer granules which act like thousands of tiny scrubbing brushes to remove the toughest of ingrained soiling without damage to the skin

Only a small amount is required, making it very economical.

Supplied in tubs of 15 Litres

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