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Product Ref: B050628

Deb Universal Protect Pre Work Cream 100ML

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UPC: 0943592301622

Deb Protect Plus helps protect skin against contact with water and non-water based contaminants such as: engine oils, lubricating oils, grease, paints and inks, dilute acids and alkalis.

Makes skin easier to clean and helps to prevent dermatitis.

Quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving a non-greasy after feel.

Kaolin ‘fills-in’ skin pores to help prevent ingression by oil based substances.

Xanthan Gum helps the skin to repel aqueous based substances.

Silicone free formula for safe use in paintshops.

Glycerine moisturises to help prevent skin dryness.

Fragrance-free for maximum user acceptability.

Wheatgerm extracts help leave the skin soft and supple.

Mild formula reduces the risk of any possible irritation.

Dermatologically tested.

Compatible for use with natural rubber (latex) and nitrile gloves.

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