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Ecospill C1280020 Spill Kit Chemical 20L Response Kit With Bag

Ideal for cleaning thick oil spills quickly.

The absorbent pads included are high quality ensuring a good result.

Comes with Disposable bags for holding used up materials.

To ensure no further leakage, cable ties are provided to secure the bags.


Was £62.29

Clip Close Carrier 25 Litre Oil Spill Kit - Lubetech 24-1025

Filled with superior grade absorbent products

Easy to follow instructions included in the kit

Supplied in an easy access clip close carrier

Complete spill kit designed for spills up to 25litres

Designed to absorb and retain all oils and fuels.

Kit is small enough to be stored almost anywhere, van and lorry cabs, workbenches, confined storage areas.

Easy to recognise oil colour

Kit includes waste disposal bags and cable ties for an efficient disposal of used product.

Pads white in colour to signify oil

Coverstock gives extra strength for safety

Pads and socks repel water absorb oil

Easily portable kit by hand or in vehicles.



Lubetech Superior Oil Only Spillage Absorbing Socks 77-3000 (6cm X 1.2M)

Lubetech Superior 77-3000 Oil-Only Sock is designed for use with day-to-day oil spills in any environment.

Superb absorbent quality and retention, performance quality Oil only (hydrophobic) absorbent sock.

Oil-only properties sock - the sock will absorb floating oil from the surface of other fluids.

Metal and plastic tag free, double-knitted skin to maximise strength, retention and durability.

Super-fast absorbing, even on heavier oils in any environment.


Was £79.04

Lubetech Superior Oil-Only Absorbent Sock Spillage Equipments 75-3001

Lubetech range, outstanding quality, absorbent sock - Oil only (hydrophobic).

Lubetech Superb absorbent quality and retention.

Double knitted skin to maximise strength, durability and retention.

Oil only properties mean the pad will absorb floating oil from the surface of other fluids, i.e. water, coolant or other.

No detachable items on the sock, plastic and metal tag free.

All-white colour construction indicates easily when oil has been absorbed.

Designed for use in heavy engineering environment, super-fast absorbing, even on heavier oils.


Was £85.06
Lubetech 12-1004 Classic Maintenance Socks, Pack of 20 Quick View
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Lubetech 12-1004 Classic Maintenance Socks

Classic styled Maintenance (general purpose) absorbent sock.

Designed to absorb and retain all industrial liquids, oil, coolant, and solvent based spills.

Impressive absorbent quality and retention due to super absorbent fill.

Low linting sock skin, made from sewn spun bond material.

Pack Quantity: 20 absorbent socks.



Lubetech 31-1048 Polyurethane Laminated Drain Cover

Extra heavy duty construction, Re-usable Lubetech Polyurethane drain cover.

The simplest of all drain covers, unroll it, place it over the drain.

Very easy to deploy over a drain - soft rubber compound moulds itself to the area surrounding the drain.

High visibility colour minimises risk of being driven over.

Resistant to oils, fuels and most spills apart from very aggressive chemicals.


Reliance Medical

Reliance Medical Body Fluid Absorbent Granules 500g

Body fluid absorbent granules for the effective management of body fluid spills.

Large shaker tub ideal for large spills or to refill biohazard spill kits.

Safe, non-toxic and suitable for use on most surfaces.

Granules absorb fluid turning it into a gel within minutes.

Safely absorb body fluid spillages such as blood vomit and urine.

Essential for effective cleaning of body fluid spills.

Does not contain a deodoriser.

500g tub.



Lubetech Bentonite Clay Drain Mat

Lubetech Bentonite clay drain mat is made from a chemically inert clay.

It will not react to or with any chemical Extremely malleable for use on an uneven surface.

Lubetech Bentonite clay drain mat will mould itself to the ground.

Hessian netting runs through the product to afford maximum strength .

Designed for single use and providing maximum chemical resistance.

Supplied poly wrapped to enhance the storage life, suitable to be carried on vehicles as part of an ADR kit.


Was £120.39
Ecospill Sustainable Oil Spillage Management Sock Only 20 Pack Quick View
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Ecospill Sustainable Oil Spillage Management Sock Only 20 Pack

Sustainable Socks are manufactured from sustainable resources with a low carbon footprint.

Ideal for ISO14001 continuous improvement.

Size:7.5cm x 1.2m

Absorbency:5L Per Sock

Absorbs: Oils Only

Supplied in packs of 20 absorbing socks


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Spill Safety | Spill kits

Spill Safety and Spill Kits

Safety spill kits play a major role in keeping your colleagues safe at work.

By tidying up after spills, you help prevent any accidents from occurring.

To combat spills, we stock the highest quality spill kits and accessories. These are designed to make short work of any spillage.

The leading brand of oil absorbents and chemical absorbents is Lubetech . Lubetech is UK based and an integral part of many companies Environmental Management System (EMS), becuase Lubetech absorbents protect your worksite environment from contaminant spills.

Other leading spill response brands (which we stock) include: New Pig, Ecospill, Fentex: these spill safety suppliers have developed site solutions to help absorb oil and chemical spills quickly. ie before they seep into the water table or cause slip accidents or pollution in general.

As part of OSHA 18001 (the ISO equivalent for Health and Safety on site), every Health and Safety Officer (QHSE) should assess the risk of liquid spills and put in place the emergency response absorbent spill kits near the identified risk areas.

Why not make it easy for your team to respond quickly and comprehensively to any accidental oil spills? The speed of your Emergency Response is in direct relation with the closeness of the absorbent Emergency Response kit.

Spill Containment: We stock spill safety products such as bunds and spill trays - on which you can store barrels, 25lt/50lt drums and large liquid containers - safely , knowing that any spill will be contained in the one area. Absorbent Pads: We sell oil maintenance pads - typically used by engineering/automotive workshops and garages where oil and grease leaks are likley - these maintenance pads absorb the oil at the leak point - or can be put over open drains to prevent contamination of the run off water.

Spill Socks: Absorbent spill socks and oil booms are designed to contain/redirect and absorb a spill.

Spill Kits:Of greatest popularity and use is the Site Emergency Response Spill kit: these spill kits hold a variety of the absorbent products. These are absorbent products that you may need - depending on the spill accident involved. These spill kits are handy to have dotted around your work site.

Because spill kits do not go out of date, what you spend today can give you peace of mind for many, many years.

As you can see, at North Sea Workwear we take spillages seriously.

We have many more spill safety kits and products available, which are not listed on our site. So, when you need advice or more supplies, just call us on +441224894000 (Mon - Fri, 8.30-5pm) and ask for Liz, Mary or Maria, or email sales@northseaworkwar.com.

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