Lighting Solutions

Lighting Solutions from North Sea Workwear

Lighting solutions sounds too general a term: our range of torches, flashlamps, rechargeable lights, flood lights and headlamps, head torches and, headlights, flash lights and spot lights is pretty extensive.

These are long lasting portable lights, mostly using green, environmentally sound LED bulbs (for extra long life and lumen or candela strength, without overheating).

It is not very hard to decide, which kind of torch you need:

If your job or just living environment requires a high quality, strong and bright light - choose NightSearcher - TRIGGER.

If you want a torch, which will fit in your pocket all the time - choose NightSearcher - Explorer Penlight.

Or maybe you are a fisherman, you will need your hands free torch, such as Petzl E69P, DUO LED Headlamp.

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