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NightSearcher HT550R LED Head Torch

The NightSearcher HT550R Rechargeable LED Head Torch offers an impressive 550 lumen output.

It is ideal for most types of short and long distance inspection work.

The head torch has 3 modes: spot beam, wide beam and auto when the torch sensor will detect when you are close to object and change the beam accordingly.

The HT550R is fully rechargeable and weatherproof and features green, red or blue rear warning light.

It comes complete with lithium-ion battery and no slip head strap.



NightSearcher HT340R LED Head Torch

The NightSearcher HT340R is a compact and rechargeable head torch which features a distance dimming sensor.

The reactive distance sensor can automatically adapt the light from a bright spot beam to a wide flood beam for closer inspection work.

This LED head torch recharges on a mini USB cable, it offers 340 lumens with a 200 meter beam.

The head torch has 3 modes: spot beam, wide beam and auto when the torch sensor will detect when you are close to object and change the beam accordingly.

The NightSearcher HT340R comes complete with adjustable, non-slip head straps.



Petzl Pixa 3 ATEX Waterproof Dual Beam E78CHB Work or Camping Led Head Torch

The PIXA 3 pro headlamp is a durable hazardous environment headlamp designed to survive the rough and tumble of industrial life.

It offers a range of lighting modes to suit all work situations.

The PIXA 3 has three lighting ranges - a short distance beam which lights 15m for 12 hours, a mixed-beam (designed for movement) which lights 30m for six hours, and a long area beam which lights up to 55m away for three hours.

The constant light technology from Petzl ensures you get an even beam of light throughout the battery's life and throughout the lamp's life.

Once full power can no longer be supported, reserve power mode is activated, lighting 15m for at least 10 hours.

The PIXA 3 Headlamp is the most advanced and versatile of the range.

Petzl Pixa 3 headlamp may be removed from their backing plates and inserted directly into the Petzl VERTEX and ALVEO series helmets.

Complies to ATEX: CE0080, Ex II 3 GD, Ex nAnL IIB T4, HAZLOC: Class I Groups C & D div II, Class II Group G div II safety standards.

Operating temperature code T4.



Strong light output with 8 super bright 30 Lumens LED's.

Designed with three functions suitable for all occassions.

Light in weight, with a comfortable elasticated head band.

Head Torchworking life of over 80,000 hours.

The lamp casing is water resistant.



NightSearcher HT180 Non-rechargeable LED Head Torch

The NightSearcher HT180 is a compact non-rechargeable head torch which features a distance dimming sensor.

The reactive distance sensor can automatically adapt the light from a bright spot beam to a wide flood beam for closer inspection work.

This LED head torch offers 180 lumens with a 100 metre beam.

3 Light modes: spot beam, wide beam and auto when the torch sensor will detect when you are close to object and change the beam accordingly.

The NightSearcher HT180 comes complete with adjustable, non-slip head straps.



Streamlight 61052 Septor 7 LED Headlamp Adjustable Strap IPX4 Water Resistant

The Streamlight Septor Headlamp features three lighting levels: it uses 7 ultra-bright white LEDs.

It has adjustable straps for any head size, and a 90-degree tilting mechanism for light direction.

Its water-resistant, durable casing ensures extended use.

The headlamp runs on three "AAA" batteries (included).

Virtually indestructible polymer construction.

Rubber-shielded bezel.

Fully adjustable rubber and elastic straps.

Weighs only 135 g.

Unbreakable polycarbonate lens.

3-Way Lightning:

7 LEDs

3 LEDs

1 LEDs


Was £41.82

NightSearcher Run Smart High Visibility LED Sports Head Torch

If you jog, run or take your dog for a walk at night time, NightSearcher Run Smart will helps you do so safely, making sure you will be seen and safe.

Sports Head Torch providing a directed light that illuminates the ground in front and red flashing rear light.

2016 Award winner Reddot design, prop proof up to 2m.

Light and compact design which can be worn as a headband or around neck.

Light settings: Front light (High), Front light (Low), Rear red flashing lights, Front light + rear red flashing lights.



The NightSearcher DarkStar is a high powered LED head torch.

A unique DarkStar feature: left on standby mode this unit will automatically come on in the dark or switch off in well-lit areas.

NightSearcher DarkStar even smart enough to adjust the light level based on the surroundings.

DarkStar will keep your hands free while lighting the trail, Ideal for jogging, hiking or just looking to walk the dog at night time.

7 modes are available with a long range beam or flood for close up inspections:

  • Long Range High or Low
  • Long Range Low
  • Long Range Light and Flood
  • Close Range White or Red Light
  • Close Range Red Light
  • Long Range Flashing Lights
  • Long Range SOS Lights


    The NightSearcher ATEX EX-HT80 Head torch is widely used by the emergency services.

    EX-HT80 is ideal for use in mining, gas and petrochemical industries.

    This safe Zone 0 LED headlamp features a high powered CREE XP-G2 LED and delivers great performance.

    High output LED head torch delivering 180 lumens with a beam distance of 100 metres.

    Powered by 3x AAA Cell batteries can provide up to 14 hours run-time.

    This NightSearcher LED head lamp is light yet resistant to impacts and drops up to 1m.

    Easily twist on/off bezel switch even while wearing fire gloves.



    NightSearcher EX-HT220 Zone 0-1-2 Atex Head Torch

    The NightSearcher EX-HT220 is an intrinsically safe head torch.

    It has a high-vis yellow plastic casing along with an IP67 rating.

    The beam distance is 100 metre beam on high (High 220lm) mode and 70 metre beam on low (Low 100lm) mode.

    Can be switched on and off easily even when wearing gloves.

    NightSearcher EX-HT220 is ideal for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas, impact resistant and waterproof - up to 1 metre.

    Safe head torch will operate for approximately 2.5 hours using a set of 3 x AAA batteries (non rechargeable).

    Ideal Waterproof head torch for use in mining, emergency services and gas industries.


    Petzl Pixa 2 Led Dual Beam E78Bhb 2 Work Camping Hands Free Head Torch Quick View
    Hurry low stock

    Petzl Pixa 2 Led Head Torch Dual Beam Hands Free Lamp 80 lumens ATEX

    The PIXA is a tough, durable and all-around range of three headlamps.

    ATEX approved for use in Zone 2 (gas) and Zone 22 (dust) surroundings.

    The constant lighting technology of these headtorches ensures the headlamp wil keep it's light on even when the batteries are drained.

    The PIXA headlamp can be worn on the head, mounted on the helmet, or located on the ground depending on the need.

    Complies with CE0080, HAZLOC standard: Class I Div 2 Groups C & D, Class II Div 2 Group G safety standards.



    Peli HeadsUp LED Lite 2690 Flashlight

    Peli's 2690Z0 HeadsUp Lite has 60 lumens of LED light, 10 hours of battery burn time and weighs in at just 117 grams (4.1 ounces).

    It is the brightest, most efficient, compact and lightest headlamp in its class.

    The rotary bezel switch is simple to use, even if wearing bulky gloves.

    The HeadsUp Lite is made of impact and chemical resistant ABS.

    It's water resistant - for use in all weather types.

    It features an adjustable and comfortable cloth strap, as well as a heavy duty rubber helmet strap.

    ATEX approved.



    Petzl E69P DUO LED/Alogen Hybrid Waterproof Headlamp Hand Free Lighting Solution

    Petzl E69P headlamp: Waterproof to 5 meters underwater and sturdily made, the DUO LED 5 headlamp is an ideal choice for wet activities.

    The hybrid light source can be directed to change from: long-range lighting, halogen for focusable, and to LED for long-duration proximity lighting.

    Adjustable and comfortable elastic headband On/Off switch can be locked - to prevent accidental operation.

    It even has space for spare halogen bulb in the light body of the headlamp.

    Only 300gm weight. Come with FREE spare halogen bulb.


    Was £86.29

    Portwest PA50 Headlamp

    8 LED 40 Lumens Headlamp

    Head light with tilt control to aim the light beam where is needed.

    Great hands-free lighting solution, reliable and comfortable to wear.



    Portwest PA56 24 LED Inspection Torch

    Hand held inspection torch very useful for maintenance tasks and in particular when in confined spaces or difficult to access. It also comes in handy when travelling or camping, it can be operated hands free thanks to the integrated folding hook and the magnetic base.



    Portwest B029 Unisex Beanie Hat LED Head Light

    USB Rechargeable LED Head Light.

    Innovative hat that will keep you warm and provide you with hands-free headlamp.

    The LED head light can be easily recharged in a USB port.



    Portwest PA63 Dual Power Head Light 100 Lumens LED

    This durable and reliable headlight is a great hands-free lighting solution; lightweight and comfortable to wear, utilises innovative technology to give you a brighter and consistent light source.



    Portwest PA64 Ultra Power Head Light LED

    The Ultra Power Head Light uses cutting edge design and technology to give you excellent performance and reliability.


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    For the tasks that require both hands, these cleverly crafted torches provide exceptional light whilst also being very convenient.

    Manufactured from lightweight materials, making it easiyier for the user to move around with headtorches.

    Ideal for working in dark conditions.

    For more Lights check our most powerful Spotlights and Floodlights or the smallest - Pocket Flashlights.

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