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Provides user with extra warmth under their helmets.

Liners used are flame resistant & resistant to arc exposure.

Can we laundered up to 50 times before affecting flame resistance.

Ideal for Welding, Confined spaces, Sanding & Grinding.



Centurion AirPro S38 FR Proban Flame Retardant Vented Head Protection Bump Cap

The MPS CENTURION AirPro Baseball Bump Cap is designed for comfort, protection, and hygiene. All of the AirPro components are designed for maximum breathability and maximum coolness, and it is extremely lightweight.

Perforated Side & Mesh Internal Pads Ensure Protection and Comfort and Breathable Components Improve Airflow.

Elastic Strap with Quick Release Buckle.

Prevents Lighter Injuries such as Bruises, Scrapes, and Cuts.

Centurion AirPro S38 FR Bump Cap Meets EN812:2001 European Standard (No ANSI Standard in Effect).


Proban WH2 Navy Flame Retardant Fabric Protective Hood Quick View
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WH2 Proban Fabric Flame Retardant Hood

Flame resistant head protection which covers not only the head but also the neck and part of the shoulders.

One Size FR Hood comes with laces for better adjustment.

Proban 100% Cotton Fabric with Flame Retardant Treatment, conforms to EN470; EN 533 Index-3 and EN531 A B1 C1 standards.



Kepi style navy baseball cap with shoulder flap protection.

Flame Retardant Kepi style navy baseball cap is designed to protect workers in environments where hot sparks are generated from process, such as, automated welding or grinding.

Choose this cap if working with flammable liquids that could burn the head or potentially ignite hair.

Lower risk and more FR protection with shoulder flap protection.

Flame retardancy of the fabric meets the requirements of EN533 Index-3; EN531 PARA 6.2.2 and EN470 Part-1, PARA 6.1.


Orbit International

Orbit International MACOB Uranium Hydra Flame FR Long Johns

A great piece of base-layer solution to keep you warm in low temperature work conditions.

This product features a flame retardant treated fabric.

Orbit International MACOB Uranium Hydra Flame FR Long Johns conform to: EN340:2003; EN 1149-1:2006; EN1149-5 2008 and EN ISO 11612:2008 (CODE LETTERS A1, B1, C1).


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Flame Retardant Accessories

FR / Flame Retardant Accessories

Flame retardant gloves, FR snoods, flash hoods and balaclavas, not to mention FR undergarments and long johns: these are all FR accessories, yet the term Accessory does not do justice to the role these play.

These items of PPE are an integral part in layer-protecting your body from excesive cold, heat, flame and skin burn. By wearing these accessories with an FR coverall or FR jacket and antiflame trousers, you significantly improve your odds of survival, if in a fire.

Bizarrely, none of the EN or ANSI standards attempts to address the issue of SKIN BURN. It is skin burn that kills people. The older you are the more likely that Class 3 skin burn will kill you. Conversely, the more FR layers you wear, the less likely you are to get extreme skin burn. So, you need to look after yourself, in case others do not.

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