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Portwest FA21 Vehicle First Aid Kit

This kit is supplied in a compact soft, zip up case which is suitable for packing away into small spaces.

Conforms to: BS 8599 2



HypaBand Crepe Cotton Bandage 7.5cmx4.5m

HypaBand Crepe Cotton Bandages are ideal for emergency aid treatment of sports and workplace accidents, as well as to secure and immobilise the arm or leg following injuries.

HypaBand woven elasticated bandages can also be used to secure and compress wound dressings so as that they stay in place.

The bandages conform easily to all body parts, even difficult areas.

The loose weave construction allows wound to breath and minimising the risk of infection or skin reactions.

100% natural unbleached cotton.



Size: 7.5cm x 4.5m



Portwest FA12 PW Workplace First Aid Kit 100

This kit is ideal for workplace environments with larger number of employees.

The contents are up to date in accordance with the latest standard and allow employers to demonstrate and comply with safety & legal obligations.

1 x Guidance Leaflet

8 x Medium Sterile Dressing: 2m x 7.5cm, absorbent pad 12cm x 12cm

2 x Large Sterile Dressing: 2m x 10cm, absorbent pad 18cm x 18cm

4 x Triangular Bandage: 90cm x 90cm x 127cm

24 x Safety Pins: Length 2.5cm

4 x Eye Pad Sterile Dressing: looped bandage 1.5m x 5cm, oval pad 7cm x 5cm

100 x Sterile Adhesive Dressings: 7.5cms²

40 x Alcohol Free Moist Cleansing Wipes: 80cm²

1 x Adhesive Tape: 5m x 2.5cm

12 x Nitrile Disposable Gloves: EN455 Size Large

4 x Finger Sterile Dressing : 30cm x 3.5, absorbent pad 3.5cm²

2 x Resuscitation Face Shield with Valve

3 x Foil Blanket: 130cm x 210cm

2 x Burn Dressing: Water-based gel soaked dressing 100cm²

1 x Universal Shears

2 x Conforming Bandage: 4m x 7.5cm


HypaClean K418A Safety Emergency Rescue First Aid Body Fluid Disposal Kit Quick View
Hurry – low stock

HypaClean K418A Safety First Aid Body Fluid Disposal Kit

The HypaClean Body Fluid Disposal Kit in Wallet is a convenient single application body fluid disposal kit supplied in a vinyl wallet.

The kit is compact and easy to transport enabling you to always be prepared in case of an emergency.

The HypaClean Body Fluid Kit in Wallet contains all the necessary to help you effectively clean and disinfect the solid area for maximum hygiene, preventing cross-infection.

All kits contain disinfectant spray, clean-up packs and absorbent granules with deodoriser.

Contents clearly identified on back of case in English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.



HypaGuard Foil Thermal Blanket 210x130cm

HypaGuard Foil Blankets are a vital part of any first aid kit, as they can help not only to protect but even save lives when people are potentially hypothermic.

These first aid foil blankets help to reflect over 90% of all radiated body heat and are ideal in survival, emergency and first aid situations, or just for people suffering from shock.

The blankets are individually wrapped and fold from the size of 210x130cm when opened to the compact size of 10x6cm.

They are not just for first aid situations though, as they can just as well be used for anything from sporting events to outdoor concerts and gigs.

Cost effective insulation for accident victims

Ideal for those in shock or for wrapping around casualties with hypothermia

Radiant heat reflectance over 90%

Unfolded size: 210x130cm

Folded to a compact 10x6cm


Reliance Medical

Reliance Medical 321 Eye Pad Dressing Sterile

Thick, comfortable sterile eye pad dressings attached to continuous stretch bandage.

Eye pad dressing with bandage

Low Adherent



Reliance Medical

Reliance Medical 815 Blunt Medical Scissors

Nurses ‘scissors designed to suit any application

Blunt edges

Rounded tip

Stainless steel



Reliance Medical

Reliance Medical 717 Body Fluid Clean-Up 1 Application Kit

Single-use complete incident pack.

Individually boxed with full requirements.

Clear instructions on pack exterior.

Complete protection for users.


1 Absorbent Granules (10g)

1 Biohazard Bag

1 Disinfectant Spray (8ml)

1 Disinfectant Wipe

2 Dry Wipes

1 Gloves (Pair)

1 Pack Tissues (10)

1 Polythene Apron

1 Scoop Scraper



MediKit 91808 Resusciade Face Shield

The Resusciade Face Shield is a transparent plastic film, which contains a one-way valve.

This one-way valve minimises the risk of contamination with the patient’s body fluids.

Furthermore, the transparent film also acts as a barrier between the patient and the first aider.

It contains an oval shaped mouthpiece which is a good fit within the patients mouth.

Due to the design, the Resusciade Face Shield thereby minimises transmitting communicable diseases such as HIV, Herpes and Hepatitis B.



Qualicare QBC421 Burn Gel Dressing 20x20cm

Qualicare Burn Gel is a water-based hydrogel especially formulated to soothe and cool burns and scalds.

The sterile gel gets to work fast on relieving pain and promoting recovery, whilst keeping the wound hydrated and protected from further infection.

The non-adherent and sterile soft foam dressings are loaded with soothing gel making them suitable for all minor burns and scalds.

Burn gel can be used on patients of all ages and is suitable for use on facial burns and scalds.

Soothes and cools fast

Dressings are non-adherent and sterile

For all minor burns and scalds

Suitable for use by everyone



MediKit Sterile Eye Wash Solution 500ml

Sterile saline eye wash solution for rinsing away foreign bodies from the eye such as dirt, dust etc.

he bottles of sterile eye wash solution and eye pods have a twist off top for quick and easy application.

A topical solution containing Sodium Chloride BP 0.9% in purified Water BP

The 500ml bottles of eye wash solution are used for more serious incidents.

For irrigation only

Not for injection

Also suitable for use as a wound wash



Advacare Low Adherent Dressings Pads

These low adherent pads cushion and protect the wound.

The low-adherent composition prevents prolonged contact with the wound, helping to create a useful barrier that draws any discharge away.

The pads are highly absorbent keeping the wound dry and allowing it to breath helping with the healing process.

The pads shouldn't stick to the wound ensuring that it minimises the risk to damaging the wound on removal.

Individually wrapped & sterile

Can be used on cuts, grazes, burns etc.

Supplied in boxes of 100 individually bagged pads



Portwest FA23 Vehicle First Aid Kit

This kit is supplied in a clearly identifiable package that is always at hand for emergencies.

Packed with essential first aid items that are likely to be needed quickly.

Conforms to: BS 8599 2



Portwest FA10 Workplace First Aid Kit 10 Person

First Aid kit BS complaint is adequate for small or low risk workplaces such as offices or shops.

The wall mountable case contains all the necessary to carry out basic first aid procedures.

All the dressings are sterile and individually wrapped.

Includes wall hanging bracket.

Kit contains:

  • 20 wash proof plasters

  • 2 Eye pads

  • 4 Triangular bandages

  • 8 Safety pins

  • 6 Medium dressing

  • 2 Large dressing

  • 1 Pair single-use gloves

  • 10 Wipes

  • 1 Guidance leaflet

    CE certified: BS 8599 1.

  • FA10GNR


    Portwest FA11 Workplace First Aid Kit 25 Person

    First Aid kit BS complaint is adequate for medium risk workplaces such as offices, warehouses or factories.

    The wall mountable case contains all the necessary to carry out basic first aid procedures.

    All the dressings are sterile and individually wrapped.

    Includes wall hanging bracket.

    Kit contains:

  • 1 guidance Leaflet

  • 6 medium sterile dressings

  • 2 large sterile dressings

  • 3 triangular bandages

  • 12 safety pins

  • 3 sterile eye pad dressings

  • 60 sterile adhesive dressings

  • 30 alcohol free moist cleansing wipes

  • 1 adhesive tape

  • 9 nitrile disposable gloves

  • 3 sterile finger dressings

  • 1 resuscitation face shield

  • 2 Foil blanket

  • 2 burn dressings

  • 1 universal shear

  • 2 conforming bandages

    Portwest FA11 Workplace First Aid Kit CE certified: BS 8599 1.

  • FA11GNR


    Portwest FA21 Vehicle First Aid Kit

    This kit provides for first aid needs on the move. It is designed to treat and manage most minor injuries.

    All the dressings are sterile and individually wrapped.

    Kit contains:

  • 1 guidance Leaflet

  • 1 medium sterile dressings

  • 1 emergency first aid dressing

  • 1 triangular bandages

  • 10 alcohol free moist cleansing wipes

  • 10 sterile adhesive dressings

  • 2 pairs nitrile disposable gloves

  • 1 resuscitation face shield

  • 1 foil blanket

  • 1 adherent dressing

  • 1 burn dressings

  • 1 universal shear

    Portwest FA21 Vehicle First Aid Kit CE certified to: BS 8599 2

  • FA22GNR

    Reliance Medical

    Reliance Medical 443 Relicrepe Crepe Bandage BP Pack of 10

    Superior quality 100% cotton washable bandage with exceptional stretch.

    Most suited for sprains, strains and minor aches.

    Conforming well to the body, it is soft and supple, providing excellent medium to light support.


    BP grade cotton.

    Strong weave and high elasticity.

    Size: 10cm x 4.5m

    Supplied in packs of 10 rolls


    Reliance Medical
    Reliance Medical Aston First Aid Box - Empty Quick View
    Hurry – low stock

    Reliance Medical Aston First Aid Box - Empty

    Larger capacity economy carry case for first aid kits in standard green colour and “First Aid” logo on front.

    Meets HSE storage requirements.

    Tough, dustproof, hygienic, practical.

    Features robust strength and durability.

    Integral handle.

    Constructed from durable polypropylene.

    Dimensions: 21cm (H) x 25.5cm (W) x 6.3cm (D)

    Weight: 322g


    Reliance Medical

    Reliance Medical 413 Calico Triangular Bandage 90cm X 127cm

    Multi-functional bandage used to create slings and ideal for splinting.

    The Calico bandage can be washed and re-used as appropriate.

    Triangular bandages are indispensable an essential first aid bandage.

    Supplied individually wrapped.

    Size: 90cm X 127cm

    Colour: White


    Reliance Medical

    Reliance Medical 434 Reliform Conforming Bandage 15cm X 4m

    Primarily designed for securing dressings, the Reliform bandage conforms easily to body angles and is readily secured with either a safety pin or tape.

    Soft, lightweight, conformable.

    Superb stretch, comfortable to wear.

    Excellent for securing dressings.

    Supplied individually wrapped.

    Size: 15cm X 4m

    Colour: White



    Relitape Zinc Oxide Tape First Aid 5cm X 10m

    A non-stretch tape with high tensile strength, providing rigid support which is useful for immobilising joints. Tears easily.

    Extra strong non-stretch cotton fabric.

    Powerful, long lasting adhesive.

    Excellent for immobilising joints.

    Useful in varied sporting activity.

    Designed to tear by hand.

    Dimensions: 5cm X 10m


    Salvequick Cederroth Fabric Plaster Refill Pack 6 x 40 Quick View
    Hurry – low stock

    Salvequick Cederroth Fabric Plaster Refill

    Salvequick Plasters and the Salvequick Dispenser are a complete, easy to use system.

    The plasters are always available, ready to use.

    Salvequick Fabric Plasters are high-quality flexible plasters.

    The plasters are allergy tested.

    Easy to apply, flexible and convenient to use.

    Each refill holds 40 sterile plasters (24 pcs 72 x 19 mm and 16 pcs 72 x 25 mm).

    Packed in a box of 6.


    Advacare 86960 Low Adherent Wound Dressing Pack of 100 Quick View
    Hurry – low stock

    Advacare 86960 Low Adherent Wound Dressing Pack of 100

    Sterile, viscose blend wound dressing

    Can be used on both sides, preventing incorrect applications

    Low adherent, ensuring easy dressing changes

    High absorbency effectively draws excaudate away from the wound

    Secured with tape or a conforming bandage

    Dimensions: 7.5cm x 7.5cm

    Supplied in boxes of 100 Pads


    Reliance Medical

    Reliance Medical 617 Relitape Microporous Tape

    A non-stretch tape with high tensile strength, providing rigid support which is useful for immobilising joints.

    Low-allergy multi-use paper tape.

    Easily tearable by hand.

    Three convenient widths.

    Individually boxed for hygienic storage.

    Ideal for sensitive skin.

    Colour: White

    Size: 2.5cm x 10m


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    First Aid Kits

    Buy First Aid Kits, North Sea Workwear is your safety partner.

    Our range of first aids kits is designed according to user numbers, depending on the number of employees you have - in line with the HSE policy.

    We also offer specialist first aid kits e.g. for emergencies when there is no access to water (HSA First Aid Box Kit); or handy portable first aid kits (Pocket-size Kit).

    We make up first aid kits in house and so can customise the requirements to your needs.

    Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere - it is important that when minor accidents occur in the workplace, always have a first aid kit nearby.

    First aid kits is crated to protect your workforce in the unfortunate event of something going wrong.

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