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Portwest FA21 Vehicle First Aid Kit

This kit is supplied in a compact soft, zip up case which is suitable for packing away into small spaces.

Conforms to: BS 8599 2


Jungle Formula
Jungle Formula M6457 Sting Relief Spray 1 X 50Ml Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Provides relief from bites and stings (Insect & Plant).

Easy to apply to skin, with immediate relief.

50ml is more than enough for most cases.

Relieves and soothes irritated area.



First Aid Emergency Waterjel Burnjel M6786 Burn Shooting Pain Relieving Gel 50ml

Relieves pain of minor burns.

CoolingJel cools the burn, soothes the skin and eases pain upon application.

Draws the heat out of the burn wound and begins dissipating it on contact.

Also provides a protective barrier to guard against contaminants and irritants that may delay healing time.

Disclaimer: please note the image shown is for illustration purposes only; the colours / design may be subject to changes by the manufacturer.



Stylish highly visible wrist band.

Secure fit makes it unlikely to fall off.

Lightweight, wont hinder movment at all.



Elastic Wrist Support Neoprene Thumb Hole Ambidextrous Unisex Fit Velcro Closure

Designed to limit the grinding pain that motion can create.

Features an elastic adjustable compression strap for additional support.

Velcro wrap around strap to provide increased compression around the thumb and wrist.



Portwest FA12 PW Workplace First Aid Kit 100

This kit is ideal for workplace environments with larger number of employees.

The contents are up to date in accordance with the latest standard and allow employers to demonstrate and comply with safety & legal obligations.

1 x Guidance Leaflet

8 x Medium Sterile Dressing: 2m x 7.5cm, absorbent pad 12cm x 12cm

2 x Large Sterile Dressing: 2m x 10cm, absorbent pad 18cm x 18cm

4 x Triangular Bandage: 90cm x 90cm x 127cm

24 x Safety Pins: Length 2.5cm

4 x Eye Pad Sterile Dressing: looped bandage 1.5m x 5cm, oval pad 7cm x 5cm

100 x Sterile Adhesive Dressings: 7.5cms²

40 x Alcohol Free Moist Cleansing Wipes: 80cm²

1 x Adhesive Tape: 5m x 2.5cm

12 x Nitrile Disposable Gloves: EN455 Size Large

4 x Finger Sterile Dressing : 30cm x 3.5, absorbent pad 3.5cm²

2 x Resuscitation Face Shield with Valve

3 x Foil Blanket: 130cm x 210cm

2 x Burn Dressing: Water-based gel soaked dressing 100cm²

1 x Universal Shears

2 x Conforming Bandage: 4m x 7.5cm


QF1625 First Aid Workplace Kit Compliant To HSA Regulations - Up to 25 Employees Quick View
Hurry – low stock

QF1625 First Aid Workplace Kit

QF1625 First Aid Workplace Kit Suitable for work areas with up to 25 employees.

Contains a good selection of first aid equipment to deal with most situations.

QF1625 First Aid Workplace Kit - fully compliant to HSA regulations.

Supplied in our standard first aid box


  • 20 x Cleansing wipes
  • 2 x Crepe bandage
  • 10 x Gloves vinyl (pair)
  • 1 x Guidance notes
  • 2 x HSE eye pad dressing
  • 2 x HSE medium dressing
  • 6 x HSE large dressing
  • 3 x HSE extra large dressing
  • 20 x Plasters assorted
  • 1 x Resuscitation aid
  • 6 x Safety pins
  • 1 x Scissors tuffcut
  • 6 x Triangular bandage



HypaPlast D7010 Safety First Aid Food Contact Approved Metal Detectable Plasters

HypaPlast Detectable Blue Plasters for use within food processing and catering environments.

With a sterile, waterproof design, these catering plasters are also hypoallergenic.

Each box includes 5 of different sizes and types of plasters to cover any cut or graze.

To keep sterile each plaster wrapped individually.

Detectable Blue Plasters are X-ray and ferrous metal detectable.



HypaGuard A501 Face Shield Resuscitation Screen

Protects casualty and first aider during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Resuscitation face shield with mouthpiece.

Offering protection to both rescuer and victim, it helps overcome hesitation to start resuscitation.

Plastic one-way valve reduces risk of cross infection.

Oval shape allows valve to fit shape of the mouth perfectly.

Resuscitation protocols and pictorial instructions for use included on packaging.



QF2120 Medium Full Equipped First Aid Box Kit

A full equipped medical box to supply first aid assistance in areas where up to 20 people can be exposed to injury.

Contains sufficient equipment for a medium sized office or workshop.

Supplied in 1-20 px First Aid Box

Kit Contains:

  • 30 x Alcohol free wipes
  • 2 x Burn Free 10cm x 10cm
  • 2 x Conforming bandage 7.5cm x 4.0m
  • 2 x Foil blanket
  • 3 x Finger dressing 3.5cm x 3.5cm
  • 1 x Guidance Notes
  • 3 x Eye pad dressing
  • 6 x Medium dressing 12cm x 12cm
  • 2 x Large dressing 18cm x 18cm
  • 1 x Microporous tape 2.5cm x 10m
  • 9 x Gloves - Nitrile - Large - Blue
  • 3 x Disposable triangular bandage 30g 90x90x127cm
  • 6 x Washproof assorted (Pack of 10)
  • 1 x Resusciade
  • 12 x Safety Pins
  • 1 x Tuffcut scissors



HypaClean K418A Safety First Aid Body Fluid Disposal Kit

The HypaClean Body Fluid Disposal Kit in Wallet is a convenient single application body fluid disposal kit supplied in a vinyl wallet.

The kit is compact and easy to transport enabling you to always be prepared in case of an emergency.

The HypaClean Body Fluid Kit in Wallet contains all the necessary to help you effectively clean and disinfect the solid area for maximum hygiene, preventing cross-infection.

All kits contain disinfectant spray, clean-up packs and absorbent granules with deodoriser.

Contents clearly identified on back of case in English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.



Roosin Burncare Relieve Burn Gel Dressing

Roosin Burncare Hydrogel Relieve Burn Dressing Pain Relief Scald Care First Aid

Sterile trauma hydrogel burn dressing is an essential component of your first aid kit.

Produces immediate relief of the heat feeling in burn, scald, sunburn and reduces the pain.


First Aid Case For Medical Equipment, Empty - Small 30EPP42 Green Quick View
Hurry – low stock

First Aid Case 30EBPP44 Empty - Small

First Aid Case Empty Small Green First Aid Logo.

A robust plastic first aid case to store all your medical equipment.

Size: Small (17.5cm x 27cm x 9cm).

It can be hooked to the wall with a practical bracket (not included).



Universal 9V Battery and Hardware Included Security Smoke Detector & Fire Alarm

Universal Security Instruments.

Ionization Smoke and Fire Alarm SS-770, Battery-Operated.

SS-770 smoke and fire alarm uses the ionization principle of detection for detecting fast-flaming fires which consume combustible materials rapidly and spread quickly.

It’s created to protect you and your family against deadly threats in the home, garage or other living area.

9-volt battery operated alarm will give you continues protection in the event of a power outage.

With all mounting hardware included it is fast and easy to install and no wiring required.

Comes with a 3 year limited warranty.


Was £11.85

First Aid Case For Medical Equipment, Empty - Large

First Aid Case Empty Large Green First Aid Logo.

A robust plastic first aid case to store all your medical equipment.

Available in Size: Large (24cm x 27cm x 10cm).

It can be hooked to the wall with a practical bracket (not included).


Paramedic Shears \ Scissors 201227 (10 Pack) Quick View
Hurry – low stock

Paramedic Shears - Scissors 201227

Manufactured using high grade stainless steel.

Special edge has a custom cylinder built into it.

Can cut through a cast with ease.

Pack of 10 Medical Grade Scissors.



Buy two CFA20 Full Equipped First Aid Kits and get a Free First Aid Slap Wrist.

First Aid Box

A full equipped medical box to supply first aid assistance in areas where up to 25 people can be exposed to injury.

Contains sufficient equipment for a medium sized office or workshop.

  • 1 x Guidance note.
  • 6 x Non woven triangular bandages.
  • 3 x Large sterile dressing (180 x 180mm).
  • 9 x Medium sterile dressing (120 x 120mm).
  • 4 x Sterile eye pad dressing.
  • 40 x Assorted sterile transparent plasters.
  • 10 x Alcohol free cleansing wipes.
  • 2 x Pair disposable gloves.
  • 12 x Safety pins.

  • Slap Wrist - First Aider

    Stylish highly visible wrist band.

    Secure fit makes it unlikely to fall off.


    Was £29.99
    Bandage Crepe 7.5Cm X 4.5M (20 Pack) Quick View
    Hurry – low stock

    Suitable for dressing any minor wound.

    100% cotton material, comfortable feel.

    20 Pack of Bandages.



    Medicare No.16 Eye Pad Dressing With Fixation Bandage

    Un-medicated Eye Pad Dressing

    Superior protection for the healing of an eye injury

    1 sterile dressing per pack

    Size: 6cm x 7cm

    Medical grade thick absorbent pad and conforming bandage attached to secure it in place


    Water-Jel First Responder Burn Dressing 5x15cm Quick View
    Hurry – low stock

    Water-Jel First Responder Burn Dressing 5x15cm

    Patented Water-Jel sterile dressings are easy to carry, store and use

    Medical grade non-woven dressing soaked in a water-based/soluble, bacteriostatic and biodegradable gel

    Cools the burn and begins to stop the burning progression through the layers of the skin

    Protects against airborne infection

    Non-adherent -doesn't stick to the wound and can be applied directly over clothing

    Sterilised to provide a contamination-free atmosphere for emergency treatment of burns

    No special training needed to give fast and effective emergency burn care

    5-year shelf life from the date of manufacture

    Each dressing has a Total Body Surface Area (TBSA) icon showing approx. total body surface area covered with the use of that dressing



    HypaBand Elasticated Tubular Support Bandage 6.25cm x 1m

    HypaBand Elasticated Tubular Support Bandages are ideal for injured limbs; for adult hand injuries, arms, legs, knees and thighs.

    The larger size bandages are elasticated and are safe and supportive, and are designed to relieve discomfort during rest or when active.

    Relieves discomfort during rest and activity

    Washable cotton/elastic bandages for support of injured limbs

    Bandages are not pre-cut, choose the size needed for your injury

    Available in white

    Size: 6.25cmx1m


    Was £1.99

    HypaCover D4953 Low Adherent Absorbent Dressing 10cm X 10cm

    Low adherent, absorbent wound dressing helps draw exudates away from the wound

    Film surface helps prevent pad from sticking to the wound surface and minimises trauma for casualty upon removal

    Use dressing retention sheets or microporous tape to hold dressing in place

    Individually wrapped and sterile

    Suitable for abrasions, superficial cuts and lightly exuding wounds

    Also suitable for burns treatment


    Medguard Wall Mount First Aid Metal Cabinet with Lock Quick View
    Hurry – low stock

    Medguard Wall Mount First Aid Metal Cabinet with Lock

    Metal first aid cabinet which is wall mountable and lockable

    Each cabinet is supplied with green first aid sticker

    Wall mountable with 2 shelves

    Comes with basic cam locking system

    Dimensions: H50cm x W30cm x D12cm



    HypaClens Eyewash Pods 20ml Emergency Eye Care Sterile Saline Solution

    HypaClens sterile emergency eyewash are ideal for washing and rinsing eyes that have been contaminated with particles, smoke, dust or liquid, providing sensitive moisture replenishment.

    Each 20ml pod contains 0.9% sterile saline solution which is ideal for irrigating eyes and even other general wound washing.

    Emergency eye irrigation for any workplace environment.

    0.9% sterile saline solution is ideal for irrigating minor eye irritations and general wound washing.

    Eyewash pods provide minimal wastage compared to larger eyewash bottles.


    Crest Medical

    Crest Medical HF Antidote Gel Calcium Gluconate 25g pack of 12 Tubes

    H-F Antidote Gel a calcium gluconate gel for treatment of skin burns caused by Hydrofluoric Acid.

    What is H-F Gel used for?

    H-F Antidote Gel is used in the treatment of skin burns caused by Hydrofluoric Acid to prevent the extraction of calcium from the wound reducing burn damage to the bone and deep tissue.

    Who needs H-F Antidote Gel?

    H-F Antidote Gel should be stored wherever Hydrofluoric Acid is in use.

    How does it work?

    When the calcium gluconate gel is applied to the wound it reacts with the Hydrofluoric Acid and neutralises the powerful fluoride ion which, if untreated, could cause a fluoride ion attack resulting in the serious condition: Hypoglycaemia.

    How is it used:

    The affected area should be flushed with water for at least one minute before gently massaging the gel into the wound for approximately 10 minutes.

    IMPORTANT: H-F Antidote Gel should never be using in or around the eye area.

    Supplied in packs of 12 25g tubes


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    First Aid Kits

    Buy First Aid Kits, North Sea Workwear is your safety partner.

    Our range of first aids kits is designed according to user numbers, depending on the number of employees you have - in line with the HSE policy.

    We also offer specialist first aid kits e.g. for emergencies when there is no access to water (HSA First Aid Box Kit); or handy portable first aid kits (Pocket-size Kit).

    We make up first aid kits in house and so can customise the requirements to your needs.

    Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere - it is important that when minor accidents occur in the workplace, always have a first aid kit nearby.

    First aid kits is crated to protect your workforce in the unfortunate event of something going wrong.

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