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Product Ref: A171M22013

MSA 10109261 Fas-TracŪ III Safety Helmet?s Suspension PVC Sweatband


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MSA 10109261 Fas-TracŪ III Safety Helmet’s Suspension PVC Sweatband

For hygienic reason and depending on user inspection, suspensions should be changed regularly.

MSA, the leading provider of protective helmets, has the perfect remedy: the Fas-TracŪ III Suspension.

No more pressure headaches, no more pulled hair, no more falling off, no more sacrificing worker comfort for safety.

Designed with input from hundreds of customers

For use with MSA Helmets, as specified

Flush rear lug attachments eliminate pressure points

Three levels of nape strap adjustment for customized fit

Graspable ratchet with ultra-smooth rotation and steadfast hold

The ratchet comfort pad contours to the back of the head to improve airflow and prevent hair-pulling

Antistatic testing for safe use in ATEX areas: INERIS ELECTROSTATIC testing

Overhead straps made of woven polyester providing high comfort and long term, consistent shock absorption performance

Largest sweatband surface area on the market covers more of the headband and user's forehead for increased comfort

Sewn-in PVC perforated wipeable sweatband

Replaceable foam sweatband can be attached over the existing sweatband without demounting the suspension

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